Sunday, July 19, 2015

A walk around our house...

Nothing interesting to post today, so I thought I'd take a walk around the house...

(Rose)  "Please let me nap..."
(Ghost) "What DO you want??"
(Julie)  "my mouse..."
(Molly in sock drawer) "How'd you find me?"
(Tux) "oh, she's good..."

My friend and I in New Orleans email each other fairly often. Lately we've begun sending silly "Selfies"... and believe me, at our age.... they're pretty silly... silly seventy selfies. People who do these things generally have too much time on their hands. Well, we do have time on our hands.... but I doubt if it's *too much*.

Here's the one I just sent her:

whoops! Did I take that?

Have any silly selfies you'd like to share?


  1. Haha! Rian, that's funny. She will enjoy that, I'm sure. Nice to see Molly enjoying her day. And that Ghost makes me laugh. Deb

  2. A walk around your house would make me smile. Your pics just did! So did your selfie, it's fun!

  3. As soon as I grow my hair as long as yours, I'll take selfies, too.

  4. Your kitties do look very content. I was glad to see Molly in the drawer. And I love your selfie. Made me smile. :-)

  5. Aw. Time for all good grannies to get into the selfie craze. That's adorable.

  6. Took my very first selfie the other day with my granddaughter at the movies. I got a new phone and this is the first time I've had the option for a rear facing camera. I'm not posting selfies until I figure out how to take a good one!

  7. Yep. Way too much time. But, we have earned each and every minute ...

  8. Great pics! I don't take selfies often because I'm afraid of breaking the camera. :)

  9. Have to say here that I don't think "Selfies" ever turn out *good*... but they do turn out *funny*. And Rosaria, you are right - we have earned each and every minute!


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