Saturday, March 23, 2024

Bare with me...

Just to warn you, I'm in a strange place... (not geographically - which by the way apparently isn't taught in school anymore?... at least my granddaughter says she's not familiar with 'geography').

My monkey mind is jumping all over the place today. But it's good (I think).

Anyway, first, I want to share this comic with you:

I burst out laughing when I saw this as I've done this with DH... especially if he's snoring loudly and suddenly stops. And recently he admitted to doing the same with me... (ha!)

Now I have to share this product with you that my daughter discovered and sent the info to me. I finally found it and have to say that it is pretty great. I'm not an ice-cream fanatic (DH is) and I do like Dark Chocolate Dove Bars, but this may surpass them. It's called Salted Caramel Truffle Gelato by Talenti. Try it! I did... now I'm hooked. (Warning:$$$)

And Friday morning DH and I went to the Senior Center to walk. After walking, we went to the library and he perused puzzles while I picked up 2 books to take home. Then we headed over to the cafeteria for coffee. 

While there, one lady passed by and asked me if the book (which was laying on the table) was good. Told her I hadn't read it yet... just picked it up... so I didn't know. Then another couple came by as we were leaving and said hello and asked if they could sit there. Told them we were just leaving as we were only having coffee and the people coming in for lunch might need the table. We talked a minute and then left. None of this is that interesting, I realize, but it's one of the few encounters we've had. Everyone seems friendly enough, we've just not spent a lot of time there.

And lastly, I'm adding pics of my trug garden (which did awful last year). But so far this spring, it's doing well. 

From left to right: Kale, Romaine, and Collard Greens

And yes, I 'talk' to these plants also. I think they like it (but not sure about the dog behind the fence as he barks when he hears me).  But we took a taste test yesterday of these and decided they would do well in our salads. (I love salads - but only eat them at home - as once at a restaurant years ago I found a sliver of glass in my salad).

Enough! As I said at the start of this post, my monkey mind is jumping all over the place these days. Maybe it has to do with my recent B-12 injection? I usually get them every month, but this time I let it go 2 months (just forgot) and realized it when I began to feel extremely tired. Anyway, that was 2 days ago. Now I seem to be in high gear - and I'm a very low gear person normally. 

Still... if you're still with me, thanks for reading. It's Saturday so hope you have a lovely weekend! 

Hugs (virtually),


Monday, March 18, 2024

celebrating a bloom...


Cactus bloom - from 2 angles

This is the first 'home' bloom my Thanksgiving Cactus has given us. For the first few months after I bought her, I thought she hated me. She had many blooms on her when purchased, but once in my window lost all of them. 

She was put in the same window as my Hatch Pepper and Maidenhair fern and they seem happy. 

Then I was told that this type of cactus doesn't like attention.! I talk to my plants, wiggle their leaves, etc. Now I was being told not to even have eye contact with her. Really???  OK, I tried this... and nothing

Next I was told to put it in a dark place (like a closet) for several days. I did this, but felt very guilty. If this cactus didn't hate me before, surely she would hate me now. But I did it.... nothing. 

Also told that this cactus (still un-named) doesn't like much watering... and prefers to be watered from the bottom. Tried this... nothing.

But - just a few days ago I saw one tiny red spot on one of the leaves. This red spot started to get bigger. I took a chance and put her back in the closet for 2 days (hate doing this, but if this is what she needs?). 

When I took her out (and profusely apologized), put her back in the South window (this time one apart from the other plants and doesn't get as much light), her single bloom started to grow!

It has continued to develop until now I believe this is the mature bloom! I'm amazed, but don't know what to think. Is one single bloom telling me that she doesn't hate me (completely)?

What do you think? And BTW, I need a name for her. Any suggestions?

Hugs (virtual),


*And any advice concerning her care would be appreciated. 

Thursday, March 14, 2024

our young 'miracle cat'....

this is our miracle cat
looking in front window

This is the young cat that we thought we would lose over the winter. It's amazing how she's rallied. We'll never know for sure what happened to her as for a while she was all skin and bone and slept the days away. But I guess good food and a warm place to sleep helped  as she's looking good again. And the thing is... she seems to know that she's safe here as she sticks around pretty close.

There's another feral that came recently that looks a big ragged. He's older (but not an old cat) very thin, has wounds, and moves slowly. He comes to eat and hangs around the backyard a lot. The others don't seem to mind. I don't think they consider him a threat.

Next is just a picture I came across and thought was adorable:

Love this!

and a new picture for our bathroom:

... and I'll close today with the "No Soliciting" Sign we have by our front door.  Kay from Musings was talking about people ignoring No Soliciting signs - so I mentioned this one. It covers most of the bases and between it... and the Nest camera, we don't get a lot of people ringing our doorbell. So just thought I'd mention it.

The only thing I'm not too sure about on this sign is the "have a blessed day"... and the reason for that is that in the South, SOMETIMES words like "Bless your heart" don't really mean that.

But I do thank you for reading and really like sharing my not exactly thrilling but what the heck retirement life with you. ; )

Hugs (virtual),


Sunday, March 10, 2024

Need to talk to a real person...

the dreaded DMV

Just a short rant: There are times when automative responses just don't work! My TDL is due for renewal this summer. So I got a letter saying that since I will be 79 this summer, I cannot renew online anymore.  You have to show up at the DMV with your old license and/or other forms of ID. This is no problem, but what I need to know is : Can I do this now or do I have to wait until it's closer to the expiration date. Every number you call is automated. Do they answer this question? No. 

And since I no longer drive... and haven't driven in the last 3 years, does it matter if I get my TDL renewed or just get an ID? All I want to do is have someone answer this question before I make an appointment, wait at the DMV, and then be told I have to come back when the expiration date is closer.

Maybe one of you know the answer?


I have nothing else to post except this old pic I came across recently that DH took years ago of me sleeping on the sofa with Gigi, one of our cats back then. She was a sweetheart. 

Hope you're having a good weekend! And if you know the answer to my TDL dilemma, please advise.

Hugs (virtual),


Thursday, March 7, 2024

Retiring doctors... and more food/garden pics

Those of us who have reached retirement age are aware that many of the doctors that we've had for the last 30 + years are also at retirement age. So far my Oncologist and my Breast Specialist from my BC days have both retired. Our PCP and my OB/GYN are certainly at retirement age... but will hopefully stay around for a few more years.

I know that new young doctors are well versed in the latest treatments, etc. but it's nice to have doctors that have known you for years. And although my PCP is a man (as is my Cardiologist), most of my doctors are women. And I won't make this a generality, but speaking from my own experience, women 'listen'.

I did/do have a man doctor (Spinal Specialist) that I've only been to see once several years ago that did 'listen well'. In fact he met me in the exam room and greeted me with words something like,  "I want you to tell me in your own words what is going on and what you think the problem is..." And then he sat there and listened. I really liked him.

Do you like your doctors? Is there one that you especially trust? Is there one that always calls you back or checks up on you? 


DH made stuffed peppers yesterday. They were really good. He stuffs red and green bell peppers with ground meat, Italian sausage, rice, toasted pecans, and seasonings. 

and I made wild blueberry mini-muffins:

And lastly, I planted my trug for the Spring. There's Kale, Romaine lettuce, and Collard Greens. Last year it got so hot so fast here in Texas that not very much grew. I did get a few tomatoes and green peppers, but very little. Hoping to do better this year.

March 2024 plantings

Oh, and my Hatch Pepper plant (inside) has 10 flowers on it. Hoping that will mean 10 little Hatch Peppers!

Wishing you all a good week. Spring does seem to be here. The Red Buds and Bradford Pears are in full bloom! 

And for those who are interested, our young 'miracle' cat seems to have recovered well. She is no longer bone skinny and listless... but seems to have perked up considerably. We are so pleased.

Hugs (virtual),

Saturday, March 2, 2024

a new recipe... and a cat pic!

Actually I 'revamped' an old recipe, but it turned out to be a keeper. There 's a story here. I had recently seen a frozen chicken pie at Central Market. It looked good, but was a bit expensive for a home dinner ($15).  Now I know this isn't bad at all if 3 of you are 'eating out' for dinner, but my daily home dinners for the 3 of us just don't cost that much (unless it's a special occasion). 

Anyway, I decided that I could make a chicken pie by simply using my sour cream chicken enchilada recipe (which we all love) and simply add some peas and corn... and put it in a pie shell instead of tortillas. And guess what? It worked well. Here's a pic:

I won't say we liked it better than the enchiladas... but it was a good runner up, and I will use it again. 

While I'm at it, I thought I'd also mention breakfast at our house (I may have mentioned it before, and if so, sorry for the repeat). But breakfast around here is almost always the same. Here's a pic:

granola, sourdough bread, and oatmeal

I make a small bowl of oatmeal with milk and add a handful of granola to it. Then I toast a slice of sourdough bread and lather it with real butter. This is our breakfast almost daily... although occasionally I do the egg and soldiers thing or pecan pancakes.

However, the other day I found this item at the store and thought DH and grandson would like it, so brought it home to try (not gluten-free so not for me). 

These were a big hit with the guys...

And have to close with a pic of one of the ferals in the backyard. This is the one we call Shadow:

He is a handsome sweet boy - and although always close by, he won't let us get too close.  But he's also shy with the other ferals. He will wait out back until the others have all eaten before coming up on the back porch to get his food. However, he isn't shy with the younger cats/kittens and will let them lie next to him in the yard.

That's my news for today. Nothing earth-shattering - just life as I know it. The weather went from 90 F one day to cold and windy the next, now it's 81 F and pretty outside. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Hugs (virtual),

Friday, March 1, 2024