Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Just a few pics...

Nothing really to say today, so thought I'd share some of the pics and posters I like: 

in the blink of an eye...

cute grandparents cottage


sourdough bread and half a pecan pie
bought at Wholefoods

My favorite Mayo

New Orleans Blue Plate Mayo

I'm not a big fan of mayo, prefer unsalted butter on bread... but some recipes call for it (like chicken salad). And I do like Blue Plate Mayo... the New Orleans brand.  We can find it at Krogers, but not many other places here in Texas. I've heard that Duke's is close to the same, but haven't tried it. 

No much of a post here, but thought I should check in for the week. The only excitement we've had recently was a few days ago when DH had a fall. He tripped over something outside and hit his head on a large plastic container we have out back.  Luckily he has a hard head and outside of a red spot in the center of his forehead and down his nose, he was fine (did scare me though).

And I've been experiencing those same symptoms this week that I've had off and on over the years - lightheaded,  headachy, and fast heartbeat in the morning and extremely tired/no energy. But I'm beginning to realize that it probably means my B-12 is low again (at least that's what I think it means). So I've made an appointment to get my bloodwork checked and start those B12 injections again.

That's about it my friends. Thanks for bearing with me here. Hoping you're staying out of the heat and finding ways to enjoy the summer. 
A happy surprise: found Gluten free Madeleines this morning at Central Market! (haven't tasted them yet... but have high hopes)

Hugs (virtual),

*Oh, I forgot this pic:

Isn't this adorable?

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Wondering... what makes YOU happy?

Lately I've had friends who are my age (and older) with 'issues' that have caused them to be anxious and unhappy. I want to help, but as hard as I try, can't seem to find the magic 'fix'. 

Sometimes they seem sad, sometimes angry... and I know it's normal and to be expected, but it bothers me. I guess we all want our kids to be happy. But I want my friends to be happy too.

So I got to thinking... "What makes me happy?" Everyone is different, yet in some ways, we're all the same. Anyway, I decided to just print out a stream of consciousness list. This is what came out... and although these are true, they are not necessarily in any order of importance.

What makes me happy?

As a child - fishing with my dad

When young - College days

Now -

Coffee on a lava beach

The sound and smell of the ocean

Children and Grandchildren

Dove bars


Tea and toast

Foot rubs

Coffee with friends


Interesting comments from blog friends

What makes you happy? 

Closing with a kitten video:

This is little "Hans Solo" (DH named him) playing in the back with his mama. (Remember to click twice and then click on the small square on the right to enlarge video)

Hugs (virtual),


Wednesday, July 12, 2023

everyone has a story...

I've been thinking lately about 'stories' we could tell... things we remember from our past that for whatever reason stayed with us as time went on... little things, not necessarily big things. We've all heard the saying that 'everyone has a story'. And of course we do... some more interesting than others. Mine is passable.

old college pic

I didn't go to college planning to be a Veterinarian. But I loved animals and when the head of the Animal Science Department came and spoke to our class, I knew then what I wanted to do. 

Didn't happen... although I got close. Life happened.

I was one of 3 girls in Animal Science at the time (1964). Back then, it was considered a man's field. But it was fascinating and I loved it. However, it did have it's moments.

One was when we were being taught to castrate cattle.  We were divided into groups and the guys thought it funny to hand me the knife when the instructor gave each group a knife. I remember looking at them and thinking, 'they don't think I can do it'. So I did it easily (and did a better job of it - neater - than some of them).

Then there was Slaughter class where we were taught how to slay farm animals and then cut the meat into the retail cuts. It was the one course that I dreaded. Anyway, the same thing happened in that class. The guys thought it funny to hand me the knife that had already been given to another boy. I refused. There was no way I was going to use that knife on an animal (which by the way was a hog). Didn't matter to me if I failed the course, it wasn't going to happen. And it didn't. I said, "He gave the knife to you... not me" and handed it over.

We were also expected to work with both a steer and a horse (in Large Animal class) - get them ready to show. For a city girl like myself who had never been around cattle or done more than ride at a local stables, this was an experience. The steer I had was a black Angus. He was very temperamental... kicked a lot! By show time, my legs were full of bruises.  But the Quarter Horse filly I showed was a sweetheart...

Here are a few pics:

I did graduate with a BS in Animal Science. LSUBR didn't have a Vet School back then. They do now. DH was in Engineering and we married 2 days before my graduation (did go back for graduation - really short honeymoon). He had one semester left, so we stayed in the married student apartments for that semester. But... 6 weeks after our wedding I found out I was pregnant with our first, 9 months after that, our second. So Vet School became out of the question.

After our 3rd, our local Veterinarian recommended I go for an Animal Medical Tech degree (2 yr Associate degree) that was being offered at a local community college. He said that at least this way I could 'work in the field'. So, I did (youngest was in pre-school by then). After that I worked with Veterinarians for 15 plus years - most of that with a feline specialty practice.

Anyway, in short, that's my story - for what it's worth. What's yours?

Hugs (virtual),


Sunday, July 9, 2023

and the beat goes on...

just really like this cat poster...

My cousin and I zoomed Monday and Wednesday this week. She lives in New Orleans and was trying to figure out how to do something with a split screen for the ESL class she teaches online. I was to be one of her Guinea pigs. No problem. It was good to see her and talk to her as I haven't been back there since 2017. Hopefully I will get down there sometime this year or next. Wish there was an easier way to go then flying. I don't mind flying actually... just don't care for airports these days.

Also DH and I visited the Senior Center Monday. We're just getting the feel of it right now so we only walked the walking path and then ate lunch in the cafeteria. They have a pretty good daily menu, but since it was the day before the 4th, they were only serving chili dogs and hamburgers, chips, and 4th of July cupcakes. DH had a chili dog, chips, and a lemonade (I wouldn't eat that even if it was gluten free). I had bottled water. Anyway, it was a nice outing.

On the 4th we had our usual 4th of July parade in our neighborhood. It runs through the neighborhood, then ends up over at the women's center where they have a picnic set up with drinks, food,  and games for the kids. We stood outside and watched the parade with our granddaughter, but didn't go to the picnic (too hot).

birthday flowers 

My birthday came and went. We didn't do anything special since we kind of celebrated the weekend before when daughter came in. DH and I walked the mall with youngest granddaughter stopping for our usual coffee and hot chocolate. Then he bought some individual Bundt cakes (now they have gluten free chocolate chip available - and it was good!).

Then we got together for breakfast Friday with some good friends that we've been trying to meet up with forever. They do a lot of traveling. She and I grew up together one block apart and went to elementary, high school, and college together. And all 4 of us were at LSUBR. So we usually have a lot to talk about. And with LSU baseball team winning recently, they were super hyped! We don't see each other often, but when we do, I love it.

my life-long friend and I
at her wedding in 1968 

So that's been my week... busy, but fun. DH and I aren't joiners and tend to be home-bodies, so although we usually enjoy it when we do, we don't do it often.

(Just boring everyday stuff to report...  So, if you're still with me, thank you.) 

Oh, oldest son just got a new puppy! He and his wife have Winston, a large blonde Golden Doodle. 


They just recently got a 8week old puppy - a red Golden Doodle named Abbey. Here is a pic:


and here's a few other visitors to our yard:

Have a great Sunday!

Hugs (virtual),

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

another busy week... and it's July already!

Daughter and oldest granddaughter came up to visit this weekend. They drove in from the hill country. Well, actually, daughter drove from her place in the hill country to Texas A&M, picked up her daughter, and then drove here. It was great seeing them and they brought DH and I Texas A&M T-shirts!

Saturday morning we picked up DIL and youngest granddaughter and the 5 of us 'girls' shopped at some of the little shops in Rockwall, TX. Then we ate a late lunch at the Bookstore Cafe before shopping some more.  And we lucked out with the weather as although it was in the 90's, it was overcast and breezy - which was great as we walked a lot.

Saturday night we all (DH, youngest son, and grandson included this time) went out to Valentino's - our favorite Italian restaurant  Here's a pic of some of the entree's we shared:

Sunday the 5 of us (girls only again - guys don't want to shop) went to Eataly's in the mall. It is an interesting place if you've never been to one. I've talked about it before on my posts, so I won't here, but google Eataly's and you'll see what it's like. We had lunch there. They make great artisan pizza and that's what they ate (not gluten free, so I drank bottled water)

Then we shopped some more, splitting up to go to various places. Youngest granddaughter and I were ready to take a break - which we did for coffee/hot chocolate and pastry (again back at Eataly's). Home by about 3 and exhausted! (My steps on my Amazfit said almost 8,000)

I took the pic of the girls as we waited for our coffee...

Slept well last night. DH and I visited the Senior Center this morning (Monday). We walked the walking trail and then ate lunch there. He had a chili dog with chips and lemonade. I had bottled water (again no gluten free available). But I was told that I could bring my own gluten free lunch anytime and use their microwave if needed (and probably will next time - although I don't mind not eating - used to it)

But it was good to go and get familiar with how things work there. We are not joiners, so we have to make ourselves get out and do things. 

Then there's the 4th of July tomorrow,  a dental appointment (just a cleaning), my 78th birthday, and a long-time scheduled lunch with old friends all this week. (And people ask what we do all day once we're retired...)

I'm posting this on the 4th... "Happy 4th Everyone!"... but wrote it Monday. This morning my youngest granddaughter asked me what my plans for the 4th were. I said, "I plan to take a nap!"

Hugs (virtual),