Saturday, May 29, 2021

pussy willows - the legend


My daughter-in-law sent me this a while back and I thought it was so cute... and interesting that I thought I'd share.


Today is Friday!! (Don't know why that makes a difference to my 'retired' brain, but it does...)

DH and I are planning to check out Home Depot and Lowes today for his Father's Day gift (a pressure sprayer).  We really need to use one on our windows, brick, and back porch. This is how we plan to spend our Memorial Day weekend. Exciting, yes? (actually anything that gets me out of the house these days is exciting)

For those interested, my PT is going fine. I've only had 2 sessions and have found that not long after each session, I'm tired and sore... and end up falling asleep on the sofa. She is trying to strengthen my core (I have no core strength). But my back seems to be behaving itself. I've been told by both the Spinal Specialist and the Physical Therapist that it isn't going to get any better, but... if I keep moving (doing the exercises and walking), I should be able to keep mobile. So this is my goal.

Saturday morning update: We did get to Home Depot and Lowes yesterday and DH got his pressure sprayer. Now...  he needs to check out how to use it...  and then we need to get our mojo's working and tackle the back porch and windows. Hopefully we will do this during this holiday weekend (if the rain doesn't stop us - and next week may be rainy too according to the weatherman.)

I had planned to write a little more, but either blogger or chrome are having problems this morning and my page keeps locking up. So, I'm going to stop here and maybe try again tomorrow.

Wishing you all a happy safe healthy holiday weekend!  Sorry this is so short.  

Hugs (virtual),


Monday, May 24, 2021

funny story... do you mix up your words?

Sometimes I worry that it's an age thing... but to be honest, I've done it my whole life... but possibly it's getting worse as I age. I'm talking about mixing up words. Actually my daughter does it sometimes too, so maybe it's genetic. Anyhow, it's not like I don't realize the mix-up. Once the word is out of my mouth, I generally correct it. I can't think of any examples at the moment. But when it happened the other evening when DH and I were talking, it took me so by surprise that I couldn't stop laughing with the visualization that  popped up into my head. 

I realize that telling this story may not be as funny as when it happened, but I swear every time I think about this, I can't stop laughing...

We were cleaning up the kitchen and as usual I was looking out the kitchen window checking for cats, kittens, coons, possums, ... whatever.  While doing this, I noticed a patch of yard that had been dug up. 

"Did you notice that?" I asked DH. He said "yes".  To which (and I'm still laughing as I say this) I said, "Avocados?"  (meaning Armadillas!)

DH did look at me funny...  and of course as soon as I said it, I corrected it, but 'the vision of avocados digging up our backyard' has never left my head... and it still makes me laugh until tears are running down my face. (Guess it's actually bittersweet - as it's good to laugh,.. but hopefully I'm not losing my mind).

Just thought I'd share...

Hugs (virtual), 


Saturday, May 22, 2021

Breaking news... we venture out

Breaking News!! (only interesting to those who know us

DH and I finally bit the bullet and ventured out of our self-imposed (but common sense called for) isolation. We both have some 'issues' which could make us possibly more vulnerable to Covid and it's lasting effects. So... we have been exceptionally careful to remain isolated this past year plus.

But since we are both now totally vaccinated we felt safe being around our children who are also totally vaccinated this past Easter. Now just recently we started doing 'take-out' again - which we have avoided in the past year due to not being comfortable about those preparing the food for take-out. But since it seems that the virus isn't transferred by food, we decided it was time to regain this luxury which we have missed (and besides as much as I love to cook, after a year plus of home-cooked meals, it was beginning to be a bit much).

And now today we took a step further and actually went to the Mall to walk. This is something we used to do twice a week pre-pandemic, but have avoided it since the 'shelter at home' started.  I have to say that it was crowded... which made us a bit nervous... but we persisted. We were double masked and needed to walk (and to be around people). 

And truth be told, almost everyone was masked. The Mall had a sign out front requesting masks be worn (and there were a few - very few - who didn't have them) but almost everyone did. 

We visited a new store that apparently opened during the pandemic. It is called "Eat-aly" (like Italy - but basically all food related). It is a fantastic store - 2 stories of everything you can think of from Italy - coffees, wines, breads, pastas, confections, jams, chocolates, etc. - rows and rows of food items from floor to ceiling as well as 3 restaurants and countless counters for sitting and eating or drinking. I had an espresso con panna from their coffee bar which was excellent. 

Only problem was that the store was so packed with people, it made us a bit uncomfortable after all this time of isolation. They were all masked and both a sign and a person out front was checking on this, but still...

We walked through, got the lay of the land, bought my espresso and left. But we will return next time we walk the mall and hopefully it won't be so crowded, so we can spend more time checking it out. 

You can google Eataly Dallas - and check out the photos!

Thanks for letting me share this bit of news... which may or may not be that interesting to anyone else. But it's amazing that such a little thing could do so much for boosting one's morale. I'm not that much of a people person, but it was nice to be out and about again.

I'm sure all of you have your own stories to tell concerning how this pandemic has affected your lives. I'd love to hear some of them if you care to share. 

Hugs (still virtual - unless you're vaccinated and masked),


Friday, May 14, 2021


What is going on with blogger?  My last post just disappeared? And there were 3 comments already on it...  

Mother's Day treats, plants, and face masks

Received this hummingbird mobile from son for Mother's Day. It has both a battery as well as a solar panel and lights up in the dark. We have it hanging in the tree out front... should be interesting to those who jog at night.

cute mugs

As for plants, we haven't been to a nursery (or anywhere else for that matter) in over a year, so I finally felt the urge to get some hanging plants for the area around the front porch. I usually do hanging 'herbs', but am willing to see what is available these days. I ended up with some trailing rosemary and a Maidenhair fern... and DH bought a Gardenia bush.

The mint  has taken over the ground cover in some areas around our house. I love the way it looks when it is so green and healthy. DH uses it in his sweet tea, but it also makes this wonderful aroma when the wind blows on the front porch.

Update on my Spinal Specialist appointment:  
Diagnosis: degeneration of the spine (spinal arthritis - not unusual with age). I knew this, but just wanted him to tell me if I was doing something to cause the problem or if it was just inevitable to crop up on occasion.  I needed to know if it was best to rest and let the area heal or keep moving and not let it stiffen up more?  Apparently I'm not doing anything specific to cause the problem. It comes with age and will probably get worse.  But keeping mobile will help (lack of exercise this past year  probably wasn't good).  He gave me a prescription for 6 weeks of physical therapy after which he wants to see me again. DH and I will also try to up our walking regimen... 

And... I'm making face masks again. Yes, I know they are saying that we may not need them much longer... (or at all), but we intend to wear them for a while yet. Besides, they're kind of fun to make.

Dinosaur mask

Kitten mask

...and I will close here with a pic of 
one of the kittens sleeping on the BBQ pit!

It's TGIF!  Enjoy your weekend! 

Hugs (virtual), 

Friday, May 7, 2021

Venting... sorry


OK, today I'm going to vent!
Skip this post if you'd like. It won't be pretty. But every once in a while something happens that just 'pisses' me off (horrible expression I know - but one I hear a lot). 

This started with a note on the Neighborhood App. (By the way, it wasn't our neighborhood, but still...) It starts with:

"I'm so tired of neighbors' cats roaming the streets and henceforth neighbor's yards."

Apparently she herself owns a cat and only lets it outside while she watches it (which is probably a good practice - not only because of other "neighbors' cats roaming, but also because of feral cats, bobcats, and coyotes which also roam the neighborhood). But she is upset because her cat has now started 'marking her territory' both inside and outside her home... and this is due to the other cats being around.  She goes on to complain about those who leave their garage door open in bad weather, feed feral cats, etc. 

Now I understand that having other animals come into your yard can be an inconvenience. Lots of things are inconvenient. That's life. So no outside or feral animals are allowed in her subdivision? Really? So... if  it has a home, but is left outside to roam, it's owner doesn't love it, or if it's homeless, it doesn't deserve to have shelter or food? I find this hard to understand... only her personal animal is loved because she is a 'responsible owner'? She may be responsible (which is a good thing), but does she only care for her own animal? 

I know I will get a lack of flack over this. And that's OK. I do understand the other side of the issue. I've been in the animal medical business my whole life. And I do know that this is just my opinion. If this political climate has taught me anything, it's taught me that everyone certainly doesn't think like me. This goes for the welfare of animals too.  

If things were ideal, there would be no homeless animals (or homeless people for that matter), but things are not ideal, and we deal with them as best we can... humanely and with compassion. The catch and release program for strays is a great program where the cats are caught, vaccinated, neutered, and released (which by the way wouldn't solve her 'roaming cats' problem). But not all the ferals can be caught... and not all owners wish to keep their cats inside (it is safer - but that's a personal preference). 

In my own mind, there is probably not an answer to some of these problems... except maybe to show a little love and kindness... to others besides your own. 

Enough said. Rant over.

Thanks for letting me have my say (whether you agree with it or not)...



Tuesday, May 4, 2021

First Communion, Dr. visit, and kittens!

Saturday, May 1st, our grand daughter made her First Communion. She looked so sweet in her white dress and veil.  This was the first time DH and I actually attended a group event in a public place in over a year (I guess you would call a Church a public place?) Anyway, it seemed so strange - even though they took every precaution... seating families together one row apart... and everyone was masked (including the priests).  It felt safe... and when DH offered to take us over to Whataburger after (we hadn't used take-out in all that while either), we agreed. So in a way, it was a ground-breaking day for us.  

(And I do have to say that my tummy was not happy with that non-gluten free meal. But it was a special occasion and I don't regret it.)

This is a busy week (as pandemic weeks go) for us as we had Grand daughter's First Communion Saturday, daughter's birthday Monday, and we have 3 doctor's appointments and several errands to run in the next few days. DH has his Urologist appointment as well as a dental appointment and I have my Spine Specialist appointment.  

*Update:  Just got a call and my Spine Specialist and appointment has been rescheduled to next week as the doctor has surgery tomorrow. This is fine with me as my back is much better, but I will keep the appointment as I need to talk to him and confirm exactly what is going on.


The mama cat and her kittens are doing fine... enjoying this spring weather (when it's not raining) and frolicking and playing all over the back yard. I have taken several pics and videos of them. They make us laugh - which is a good thing to do these days. We do have a severe weather threat and are under a tornado warning this evening. We always worry about them during this, but at the moment they are all safe on the back porch.  (You may have to click the videos twice)

and lastly... a basket full of kittens:

They sleep all over the back porch, but this is their favorite spot...



I was listening to the news this morning and they had a Virologist speaking who has studied the Coronavirus for years and he was saying that it's possible that we won't ever hit herd immunity due to the fact that not everyone chooses to be vaccinated.  He considers this a bad decision as he feels that it is possible for us to be rid of the Coronavirus (just as we've been rid of other viruses and diseases), but that the only way is through vaccination... and since everyone does not choose to be vaccinated, we may have to learn to live with the virus. Asked if we would need vaccine boosters at some point... and he said yes. I think he said that studies show that the immunity doesn't last... so yes, it would have to be boostered. 

(This is 'my take' on what I heard... may not be exactly how it was said - but I found it interesting, so thought I'd share.)

And I don't push everyone to get the vaccine - as it is a personal choice. But I have to admit that I do feel more comfortable being around those that have been vaccinated.

That's my 2 cents for the day. I did make Chicken Tetrazzini with white wine this week (forgot to take a pic) - and used my gluten-free spaghetti - and it was great! Everyone liked it as much (if not better) than when made with regular or whole wheat spaghetti. (of course it could have been better also because I put in a little more white wine than I usually do...???)

Well, have a great week! Do something fun, create something new, make someone smile!

Hugs (virtual),