Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cats... you gotta love 'em

Backyard ferals

Our backyard sometimes looks like a wildlife refuge... which I guess it is.  In these 2 pics, there are 2 mama cats and their assorted kittens... all black... so hard to distinguish (altho DH does do so and has names for certain ones).  Due to lack of rain our grass looks pitiful, but in the spring when everything is green and lush, you only see little black heads pop out here and there in the long grass. It's funny! Kind of like one of those games where you pop the critter on the head with a mallet when the head pops up? Little black heads pop up everywhere!

This is Tux with a new toy we bought the inside cats. I saw something similar on Deb's "Just Cats" blog.  The cats really seem to like it... especially Tux. 

This is Julie and (if you look closely between her paws) her toy mouse. She loves hitting, tossing, and grabbing it out of the air.

This is her "... I dare you to touch my mouse" face.

We were supposed to have company this past weekend, but unexpected things came up and it was cancelled. We were all disappointed, but we plan to get together again in October for a family wedding, so it will all work out. But... I did stuff artichokes in advance as well as making a peach custard pie... However,  DH was happy enough to eat both on his own.

I know I haven't blogged in a while. Lots going on... and haven't been feeling *up to par*.  Went to the doctor's last Friday and am feeling a bit better. They're going to run some tests... (always fun, yes?). 

Well, there's not a lot of *content* in this post, but at least it shows that I'm still around. Fall classes start next week, and I have to say that I've gotten a bit lazy over the summer.  It's nice not to have to be up and dressed and be somewhere for a certain time. But... I do like working with the clay, so I plan to continue. And even though I haven't been *up and out* a lot , we did get some things accomplished... like a thorough house cleaning, went through tons of old pictures - sorting them out to give to other family members, and DH and I cleaned out the closets... giving away about 6 large boxes of clothes we no longer use. So we weren't totally lazy.

I bought this magazine last week at Central Market and it has some really good recipes in it (I hardly ever buy magazines). The fried green tomatoes on the front cover caught my eye... as I love fried green tomatoes, but have never attempted to make them myself (true be known, I don't *fry* much of anything). But... my SIL made them at her place not too long ago.. and they were delicious. 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

rambling thoughts...

DH and I watched that movie "50 First Dates" the other day. It was on TV. For some strange reason, I really like that movie. It's tragic, yet sweet... and although it may not be Oscar material, it send a strong message (or maybe it does just to me).

That's the funny thing about how I perceive this life works. I think it gives each of us what we need - if we just would take the time to really *see* what that is. And I'm not saying that what we get or what we need is available in equal amounts. It isn't and that sucks. But... I still think the opportunity or for want of a better word, the possibility is always there. Remember the "ask and it shall be given" or "seek and you shall find"?   I think that whatever we need is within our reach, but we need to ask (ourselves) for it or give ourselves permission to go after it. Some may say *ask God or pray to God*... but since my perception of God is both within and without, it means the same thing (IMO). But again - I would say - do what works for you.

What's that saying, "... from each according to their means to each according to their needs". I like that too and feel it's a sound philosophy. I don't know how well I practice it, but it makes sense. I only wish we could live by these simple ideas and not let politics and social dictations complicate matters. This post has gotten a little waylayed... but that's how my mind works sometimes.

Right now I need to feel motivated.  So I find myself looking for chores to accomplish. We pretty much cleaned the house room by room, now I'm working on getting rid of things (mostly clothes) that I haven't worn in years. It's hard to throw things away when there's nothing wrong with them, but if no one is wearing them - then I have to think that someone might be able to get some use out of them, right? So we're boxing them up to give to Charity.

I also checked into that Tibetan 5 that Djan mentioned on one of her posts. There's a video on YouTube that shows how it's done if you want to follow along. There are only 5 yoga positions... but the plan is for you to do each of them 21 times. Good plan. I could do them each about 3 times - and I'm sore from that! Shows you how badly I'm in need of exercise. But it's a start. Told DH that if I even got to do all of them 10 times in my lifetime, I'd be doing good.

I've written this post over the past week... so it seems a bit disconnected, that's why.  But  occasionally I feel a bit disconnected myself, so what can I say. 

our Ghost...