Sunday, February 26, 2023

another busy week coming...

Sunday morning breakfast

This was my Sunday morning breakfast:  over easy egg, sourdough toast soldiers,  and my allotted butter coffee... not that different from my every morning breakfast if you take away the egg (and sometimes add tea instead of coffee). We are not big breakfast eaters although we do have lunch around 11:30... so perhaps that makes up for it.

This past week was busy with 2 doctor's appointments. Both went well... annual Mammogram (which I normally hate but due to a very good technician and new type machine was the least painful I've ever had) and annual Dermatologist (nothing needed to be frozen or cut off) DH didn't fare as well as he had something on his hand frozen and something on his face cut out and biopsied.

And this next picture is the fisherman's afghan that my friend made for my daughter. I love it! (actually I have one that she made for me several years ago - but am still tempted to keep this one) I won't though as I've already told my daughter that she was getting it. However, my friend is in the mist of doing several and asked me if I minded doing the tassels. So, if you look closely, you'll see her beautiful knitting and my so-so tassels. I've just completed one side, but will do the other today. 

Fisherman's afghan

Oldest son and his wife are also coming into town this week for her hip replacement surgery. Please pray that all goes well. It's going to be another busy week as there are several appointments crammed in this week along with her surgery... and Spring Break starting March 11th with daughter and her family coming in that Saturday. (Will also update you on the bunny mystery next time)

And I will close this with a pic of youngest granddaughter in her Taekwondo class. Apparently she put 3 young boys down and was asking for 'bigger' opponents. She is in the red vest.

Oh, and I forgot that DH's younger brother had surgery this past Thursday. He has always had pain in his back with nothing working to relieve it, and finally decided to have some sort of spinal stimulater implant put in. We'll see how that works. It's only been a few days, so hard to say much yet. 

Going to really close this now as I have to work on finishing those tassels. Hoping all of you have a wonderful week... good weather and maybe some sunshine!! 

Hugs (still virtual),

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Sunday morning thoughts... on Tuesday

It's Sunday and I'm not planning to post this today. Granddaughter is coming over to spend the night tonight and I've got a few things to get done before she arrives. I have a roast in the oven and although at 10, that isn't her favorite supper (probably pizza is), it is what it is. 

eye of round roast with garlic,
onions, carrots, and potatoes!

No, this is something that came to me after reading DJan's post Sunday morning. It's about trying to stay optimistic in a world that seems to be going downhill (and is it really? - or is it that we 'know' too much these days?) Knowing the possible state of things and realizing that there's little one can personally do to change the situation is frustrating... which is stressful. Add our own age related problems and... boom! sleepless nights and anxiety are the result.

How to overcome this? Not sure, but as cliche as it sounds, taking it one day at a time seems to help me. I think, what can I do today that will make the day more pleasant for someone (or myself)? Even something as simple as a phone call, a text, a batch of brownies could help. In my own case, if I can simply clear out an area that needs clearing, I've made my day. It's a small thing, but it works.

I know that at 77, life could end at any time and no one would be surprised (well, your family and close friends might be, but not the general public)... and it's something that until you get to a certain age, no one thinks about seriously. But once you're there, the thought affects all your choices. In some ways, it's like the song, "Live like you were dying" by Tim McGraw

Anyway, I just wanted to say that we may all want to 'contribute' in some way to making it a better world, but we aren't all capable of doing the big things. So maybe, just maybe, Mother Teresa's words, 

"Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love" is something we are all capable of doing. 

That's it... my thoughts on Sunday morning. 

It's already Tuesday and I'm finally posting this. We spent Sunday evening playing games and watching movies with Granddaughter. She's teaching me how to 'trade' on the game Roblox... and then we watched Narnia on TV, went to bed, and both of us read until sleepy. Monday morning meant chocolate chip pancakes and more 'trading' instructions, then my son came by to pick her up. 

DH and I had plans for Monday afternoon to take lunch and visit with my friend who had surgery about 2 months ago.  She lives about 45 minutes away. And luckily it turned out to be a beautiful day...  sunny and fairly warm. We ended up eating, talking, and touring the little town where she lives... very enjoyable day for all of us. Here's a pic of the old train that is by the Historical Center in that little town.

My friend is the one who helps me edit and proof my books and she is also part of the Historical Society for this town. They just published a book about this little Texas town and are now doing research on some of the surrounding areas. 


today is Mardi Gras 

back home in New Orleans!

Hopefully my cousins will send me pictures of the parades and any family participation... which I will share with you if applicable.

Hugs (yes, still virtual),



Friday, February 17, 2023

some of my 'joyful' clutter...

February and March are fairly busy... with Doctor appointments, a birthday or two, Valentine, Mardi Gras, a surgery, and Spring Break.

You'd think there would be material for a post there... but alas, nothing - at least nothing that inspires me. So, I will fall back on memories. Dusting my shelves made me think of sharing some of the little things that give me joy. So, here are some pics of one of our 3 bookshelves where some of my 'clutter' is stored.

Most of this bookshelf is pottery... little things I've made that for some reason I enjoy more than all the pottery mugs and plates I've made over the years. Silly stuff, but fun.

I have a poem published in that Roomfull of Starlight book (nothing spectacular, just something I wrote while on a silent retreat). And the 'Where's the Dragon' book on the 2nd shelf is a favorite children's book of mine (I actually have several of these... some where I absolutely adore the watercolor illustrations).

My Cheeky Chickens are everywhere (in different stages of firing). And of course there are grandkids pics scattered about.

There used to be books filling all 3 bookcases, but we decided to empty them (or almost) a while back. And to be truthful, no one will probably want these silly things when I'm gone. But for whatever reason, they give me joy. 

Do you have things like that? If so, please share.

Hugs (still virtual),


Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Happy Valentine's Day 2023!

Just a quick Happy Valentines' Day to Everyone!

Hugs (virtual),

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Muse on vacation... and a chocolate pie for comfort

Well, this week my writing Muse has disappeared. I have 24 chapters written on the next "Annie's Story", (stream of consciousness writing, no proofing - just getting the story down)... and then nothing.

I look at a blank page, know where the story should be going... but for some reason, can't get it down. So, I'm taking a break... perhaps it just needs time (took me 2 years to get out the 2nd book so I shouldn't be surprised).

Anyway, on to other things. I did make a dark chocolate pie yesterday. I love a good dark chocolate pie. This one is made with unsweetened chocolate and topped with whipped cream (with a little added sugar, vanilla, and a touch of bourbon).... so-oo good! It's OK for me as there is no flour in the recipe (gluten free). Of course there is flour in the pie crust as I used a frozen Pet Ritz one - but blind baked it and basted the pie shell first with some butter mixed with vanilla and a tiny bit of bourbon... (flaky and delicious). 

Reading DJan's post today got me to thinking. I've really had a pretty easy life... I mean for the most part. DH and I married right out of college, had 3 kids, worked, retired, and are getting to grow old together. How lucky is that?  We aren't rich by any means, but we're comfortable. Our kids and grandkids are great. Life is good. 

Of course there's been some bad things  along the way... losing both my siblings and Dad to Cancer and my mom to Alzheimer's wasn't easy. Even though you're not a child anymore, you feel like an orphan when your immediate family is all gone. And it makes you feel a bit guilty that you're still here... and wonder why. Both DH and I have been diagnosed with Cancer - but both of us are survivors (so far). Old age (77) brings other inconveniences, but nothing we haven't been able to handle.

I wasn't able to go to Vet School as planned since we got married right out of college and we had 3 kids within the first 5 years. But I never regretted that... I did end up with a BS in Animal Science (LSUBR had no Vet School back then) and later (when the kids were school age) went back and got an Animal Technician degree (Associate degree in AMT) so I could at least work in the field... and did work at a Veterinary Hospital (that specialized in feline care) for years.

DH had a degree in Electrical Engineering and his first job out of college was in Florida. We lived there on Satellite Beach watching the rockets go up from Kennedy Space Center from the summer of 68 until 1971 when we moved to Texas... and stayed. I love Florida for visiting, but never liked living there. The salt air from the ocean rusted cars and as much as I love the water, our first 2 babies were red heads who couldn't take much sun... so time at the beach had to be severely limited.

But this post has taken a turn I hadn't planned, so I will stop here. Wish you all a wonderful Valentine's week, ask you to forgive my ramblings as sometimes my mind goes off on a tangent all it's own.

And before I forget, Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday)  is almost here. I believe it's the 21st. That was always fun growing up (the parades and King Cake parties).  Then of course the day after is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. Then Easter, my favorite holiday! Looking forward to Easter and Spring!

Hugs (still virtual),


(I know I didn't mention the earthquakes - so horrific that I don't want to go there, but they are in my thoughts and prayers and we hope to help in other ways if possible.)

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Finally the ice is melting...

It's Saturday and finally the ice has melted... at least most of it. This week was weird. We've had cold weather before as well as snow. But even the Arctic Freeze in 2021 was different. This was no snow, just freezing rain and sleet - so our sidewalks and driveway and roads were solid ice. You couldn't venture out without sliding all over the place - dangerous for us old folks. And since the weather never got over 28 F for most of the week, nothing melted.  It looked like snow as everything was white... but it was solid!

And it was pretty to see all the trees and bushes iced (like a fairyland), but unfortunately the heavy ice accumulation caused many trees to fall. We lost one in the backyard  -  just fell over and cracked in half. DH just cut it down this morning. And our daughter lost quite a few on their acreage - one fell on their fence and one on their well.

Here is a pic of Moose, daughter's dog trying to keep warm by the wood burning stove. They lost power overnight, but it returned by morning.

Granddaughter thought it was great as schools were closed (most businesses too). We just aren't equipped to handle this type of weather, although possibly with Climate Change, we may need to get better prepared.

But thank goodness, it's over... hopefully for the year. We just have to get through February now. I'm looking forward to April and Easter! Easter is my favorite holiday...

And of course Valentine's Day is coming. We don't do much for that.  I send cards to the grandkids (and sometimes goodies), but that's about it. Here's a pic of one of the funny cards I'm sending.

Love that pic of the middle cat!

OK... that's the week that was! Really makes you appreciate the sunshine - and even though it's only 54 F now, I'll take it! We intend to bundle up and get out of the house this afternoon. Maybe go somewhere for coffee??

Wishing you a beautiful wonderful warm Saturday... Enjoy!

Hugs (virtual),