Sunday, February 27, 2022

Sunday dribbles...

This is important...

It's strange that I've been blogging more often lately... or so it seems. But I figure that when I find something to share or I have something to say, I'd better do it immediately or it will be lost forever. I'm not sure if this is short term memory or not. All I know is that thoughts come... and go pretty quickly. 

Anyway, today I'm sharing this next thought :

This is such a little thing. We can do it easily.  

My daughter's hubby found a bunny in his vegetable patch yesterday.  She sent me a picture and said that he/she seemed old and tired... and very cold

They took him inside and he didn't move much for 24 hours. Now he's up eating and jumping around on her bed. She has posted pics of him under 'Found Rabbit' around their area in the hill country, but so far no one has claimed him.

She says he is very sweet and beginning to get comfortable - may be someone's pet who got loose or has been out on his own for a while? Anyway, this is what I call an act of kindness... they could have left him out there to fend on his own.

These next 2 pics are simply things I either read and/or liked:


Saw this on Facebook I think... 
and so many people like gnomes!

 Happy Sunday!

Hugs (virtual),

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Feb. 26, 2022 - Reading list gone wacky...

Anyone else out there having trouble getting their reading list on Blogger?  Mine only shows 'Cup on the Bus' and every post says 10 years ago???  I can't get any of the other blogs I follow... unless I actually call them up individually.  

Did I inadvertently do something or is blogger playing around with the system again?

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Things I wonder about...

These are a just a few things  I've wondered about in my life...

And as I've gotten older, so many more things have gone to 'gray' areas. This is not to say that anything was ever black and white to me - not even as a child (again black and white meaning completely true or false - not sure you can even use this expression 'black or white' today even though it refers to the colors black and white and not the races).

Anyway, as a child (and even now), I wondered why no one seemed to recommend praying for the devil. If there was/is a devil, shouldn't we pray for him? We're told to pray for sinners. Isn't he a sinner? Doesn't he need our prayers? 

Another thing I've wondered about is why forgers of great art aren't appreciated for their talent? I know they're committing a crime by forging other's work... but hey, if they're that good, why aren't they appreciated (on some level)?

And is there a difference between extinct due to man's hand and extinct due to nature's choice? Extinct is extinct certainly. And do we truly have the means to know the difference? I know we think we do.

These are just 3 of many areas that have never been satisfactorily answered in my life... there are many more. Some I hesitate to post about as they may be controversial areas in today's world. But I would appreciate any insight into these 3, if you have any.

And what about you? Do you have unanswered questions floating around somewhere? I'm guessing we all do... some very philosophical, some more mundane and frivolous. Ask away!

Thanks for visiting. With all these days of freezing rain and temps in the 20's...  I've been searching my brain for something to post about.  Hope this subject isn't too crazy...

Hugs (virtual),


* since it has been announced that Russia has actually invaded the Ukraine, these things I wonder about seem even more trivial...  

but dwelling on Russia will not bring peace to my mind. However, it might certainly get our minds off the pandemic. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Funny story... and Happy 2's Day! (02/22/2022)

Here's a funny story... well, not terribly funny, but it was funny at the time. I fell out of bed the other night.  We have one of those high  dark pine 4-poster beds. DH made me a 2 step step stool for it a while back. We've had both the bed and the step for years. Anyway, beings I have to get up several times during the night to use the facilities (due to age), I generally do this half asleep.

Saturday night (actually it was probably very early Sunday morning), I just turned over and hopped out. (I don't really hop... but that's what it feels like). As my legs hit the floor, my right leg collapsed (like jello). It had apparently fallen asleep and would not hold my weight (which isn't that terribly much at 120). I sat there on the floor for a minute trying to figure out what happened. 

As I sat there, I heard DH's voice from the bed saying, "Are you OK?" (He couldn't see me as the bed is higher than my head from where I sat on the floor). I answered, "I think so. My leg fell asleep..." 

I wasn't hurt (luckily), but it did make me pause. I now think to do this alighting from the bed slower... and more carefully during the night.

I could have looked for dust bunnies under the bed...

when I read this, I thought, 'what a good idea"


since we needed a 'pick me up' (no pun intended)...

DH got us Krispie Kreme donuts and I made us a buttermilk pie

Life is good!

Happy 2's day!


Friday, February 18, 2022

nothing much...

I saw this on Amazon and thought it was so-oo neat!  If we didn't already have 2 cat trees out on the back porch, I would consider this.
(wonder if I could add tree branches to ours?)

There's really nothing to blog about this morning, but I thought I'd share this cat tree and this funny meme with you.

My daughter has a black Great Dame named Moose. He is the sweetest thing.  They also have cats and when the cats were kittens, they would drive Moose nuts... playing with his tail, jumping on him, etc. He would never get mad, but did his best to get away from them. This reminds me so of him.

And I have to ask if any of you out there are playing Wordle?  I think DJan is. DH and I just started. I like that there's only one word per day. It keeps one from playing too long.

Oh, BTW, just received our free Covid test kits! How about you? Really wondered if we'd ever get those... and wonder even more about the free masks. Not that I question the intent, just the delivery... since supplies and deliveries are having so much difficulty these days. Since DH has been long over his Covid cold and neither I nor grandson have ever showed any symptoms, we will save these test kits until there's a reason to test.

I guess that's all for today. It's Friday so...

Hugs (virtual),


Monday, February 14, 2022

Valentine's Day 2022

 Just wanted to say Happy Valentine's Day! 

We don't do anything special on Valentine's. After 54 years, we've sometimes shared gifts, sometimes out to eat, etc. But nothing extravagant is necessary. I send cards to the young grandkids and a treat or gift for the little ones. We did however, buy a Valentine box of Reese's clusters - which are really peanut butter turtles - for the house! 

These were really great!

Also have to show you a pic of the Valentine puppy we got for granddaughter:

In case you can't see it, he's holding a valentine heart in his mouth...


BTW, the little elephant in the background in the previous pic is mine. Originally bought for granddaughter a few years ago... but I couldn't part with it. So it sits on our bed and takes naps with me (since we no longer have cats in the house to nap with me). Here's another pic:

I do have a thing for elephants. I don't collect them, but am fascinated by them. I have an elephant sketching on my wall. 

and I've been reading both "The Elephant whisperer" as well as his wife's book "An Elephant in my kitchen"... both good reads!

Actually that's all I have to say for today. Just wanted to say Happy Valentine's to everyone! Enjoy your day and thanks so much for sharing part of mine.

Hugs (virtual),

Oh wait, I saw a meme I wanted to share too... just because it was funny.

Saturday, February 5, 2022

our short winter chill...

Well, the winter storm came and went here in North Texas... actually the worst of it came and went - as we are still getting below freezing early mornings. But the icy roads, snow, and sleet is gone, roads are drying up, and although we still need to let our faucets drip at night and keep outside faucets covered, the scary/worrisome issues (icy roads and frozen pipes) have diminished. 

As someone who doesn't do well with the cold, I spent the last few days layered in my long johns, jeans, sweater, and a big fishermen's crochet blanket by the fireplace.  

my refuge during the storm

It's strange as DH and Grandson can be perfectly comfortable in shirtsleeves, but even inside the cold seems to go through to my bones. 

We are keeping the heat lamps on outside for the ferals... and added some blankets on the back porch, but most of them used the garage (which we left open about 6 inches so they could get inside out of the cold). We also put blankets out there, water, and a litter box (which they tend to use when there's snow). They gravitated to the back porch as the sun came out in the afternoon yesterday, but have been returning to the garage at night when the temps drop below freezing.

Our AGA is still off (waiting for a part), so I'm learning to use my Breville toaster air fryer and microwave to do all sorts of things. Today I microwaved bacon. That was a first! It came out fine... not exactly the same as doing it in the oven, but good. Good enough to add to my green beans (which again had to be cooked in the microwave). Also sauted onions and garlic in microwave too!

Thank goodness for google! I just look up 'how to do this'... and the answer is there!


Next few days are scheduled for overdue 'dusting' in several areas. Those of you who have China cabinets and shelving know that this takes a bit more time than simply dusting a bedroom... as it involves removing a lot of little knick knacks, dusting the shelves, then dusting or cleaning the knick knacks, then returning the same to the shelves. I don't mind doing it... but find I need to allot a few days to this process as it can be so time-consuming. 

For example, today I started on the first bookcase (which holds more knick knacks and family pictures than books). As I take down the pictures of family, I have to stop and reminisce over them, where they were taken, and what feelings they bring to mind. When I take down other things (like my collection of rocks taken from various vacations or pieces of pottery I sculpted, etc.) I have to run them through my fingers and remember...

First 3 shelves of 3 book cases

some of my pottery pieces

So, you can see that I don't dust these areas too often. There are 3 bookshelves and 1 China cabinet. If I can get through a shelf or two a day, I'm doing good. 


Going to close this now so I can get back to 'dusting'. But will report that all the ferals seemed to have survived fine. We finally saw One Eye this morning. I was worried about him as we didn't see him on the back porch or in the garage during the below freezing weather. But where-ever he was, he made it through. 

And where-ever you are, I hope you are doing fine also. Thanks for visiting and sharing this little bit of life with me.  

Hugs (virtual),