Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas Day 2020... Pandemic style

It's Christmas day here in Texas... and the Pandemic is still raising it's ugly head... keeping us from gathering with our families for the holidays (or anytime).   So far we have all been very careful and safe for the most part, wearing our masks, washing our hands, and staying away from gatherings.

BUT... both our daughter-in-laws are nurses and have been working non-stop, exhausted, and bringing home awful stories of what they deal with on a day to day basis. They warn us of how serious this Covid virus can be. We get stories of a young mother with Covid who may not make it, her newborn baby in intensive care... and she may never see him. One father and his daughter died the same day... with the wife in intensive care. Watching people die struggling for breath must be beyond awful. I am so proud of both my daughter-in-laws for their courage and spirit. But I worry about them too... as they are up front with this horrible virus.

This week one of them tested positive for the virus. Now son and grand daughter (8) will be tested ASAP and all will isolate for the next 2 weeks.  2020 seems like it won't leave us unscathed.

Christmas morning

One of grand daughter's gifts from us was the pink hoodie with attached doggie mask...  appropriate for this Christmas morning.


There's not a lot else to say. It's been fairly quiet around here. We opened a few gifts, sat by the fire-place, talked or texted with the kids and grandkids, watched one of the new(?) Jurassic Park movies, and put a roast in the oven for later.  DH and I got a few cat puzzles and I got the cutest pair of cat pj's.  Here's a pic!

So, I'm going to leave you today with my hopes

that you are all having a good (if not merry) Christmas

 with those with whom you feel safe...


 I want you to know how much I appreciate 

all my blogger friends

Thank you for being there

I love reading your blogs and your comments!

Hugs (virtual),



Monday, December 21, 2020

New puppy...



(I'm writing this on Sunday... although I probably won't post it until Monday)

Had to show this cute face.  This is Winston, new puppy for our oldest son and his wife! He is a Golden Retriever/Standard poodle mix... a Golden Doodle??   Whatever... he is adorable. Nothing like a puppy or a kitten to make a person smile.

Well, my Christmas baking and mailing is all done. There is still a lot of goodies around... Christmas tea cakes, chocolate pecan bark, rum cakes, and whiskey balls! I didn't take any pics this year...  but since I basically make the same stuff each year, you probably have already seen it anyway. 

Just ordered a rump roast and all the fittings (potatoes, carrots, onions) to cook for Christmas day. We have turkey on Thanksgiving and a pork roast (with cabbage and black-eyed peas) for New Years... so a roast will have to suffice for Christmas. We could do a baked ham... but neither grandson or I are big on ham... and DH would have a hard time eating one by himself. 

We don't do a lot of gift giving anymore... used to do quite a lot when the kids were home... but now, we give gifts only to the grandkids and the grownups get Christmas goodies. DH and I pick out one thing that we would like and that's our Christmas. This year he picked out a book and I ordered one of those digital thermometers that take your temp from your forehead. Works for us!

A few minutes ago DH and I were out looking for the Christmas Star that is supposed to be the closest it's been in 800 years tomorrow night. You can see the 2 planets tonight... not as well as supposedly we'll be able to tomorrow evening. I think there will be many people looking up and wishing on that Christmas Star. Maybe it's an omen that things will be better in 2021.  We can only hope.

Now something that has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas... as I was sitting on the sofa folding clothes, I happen to look up and see the weird pottery projects that we had to do a few years ago...

The rooster and the puffin heads were the projects. We had to do animal heads...  so these weird items hang high up on my kitchen wall. I also did a smaller eagle head that is hung up in another room.

I'm not much for doing animal heads... especially don't care for real animal heads on walls (find it gross, but that's just my opinion - here in Texas you do see this a lot). However, this was an assigned project... (and it wasn't real).

OK... that's my post for today. Hope to get another in before or after Christmas. But if not, Merry Christmas 2020! 

And here's wishing all of you 

a better, healthier,

 happier 2021!

Hugs, (virtual of course)


Saturday, December 12, 2020

Christmas music by the fire...

Hi Everyone! Today is Saturday, December 12th (2020 - but who doesn't know that?) Anyway, I'm supposed to be baking Christmas cookies to send out, but have hit a snag... our hot water heater took this day to die... yes, and on a Saturday to boot! 

I did manage to get one batch of my home-made nutty granola made before DH brought me the news. It's not that I can't bake... but I can't clean up without any hot water.  

And we shouldn't complain too much as we knew this day was coming. We have needed a new hot water heater for a while and have been putting it off. So... despite the inconvenience, it's not such a tragedy, we will simply have to postpone the baking and mailing for a few days (and no hot showers!). 

We did mail off 2 packages of goodies Thursday. So only about 4 more to go. And we received 2 Christmas packages from DH's brothers this week. One was a box full of  chocolate goodies... dark chocolate covered cashews, a mix of regular, dark, and white chocolate smores, hot chocolate mix, etc. (love these!) and the other was several bags of Angelo Brocato's Italian seed cookies. (love these too!). Despite it all... life is good.

As I've mentioned before, I don't watch the news much anymore... sometimes I put it on just to get the weather info... and once they start talking about politics, OFF IT GOES!

I do listen to the Covid statistics... and that hasn't been too encouraging (even with the vaccines coming out). The numbers of cases and deaths keep rising, but this can't be unexpected - not with Thanksgiving gatherings just over 2 weeks ago and Christmas shopping and parties starting.

I do believe that most people are being sensible and following the guidelines (sacrificing their get-together with family and friends this year for the greater good) but those who refuse to do so  make it  difficult... and it's obviously counter productive because as the numbers increase, the chance of things being closed and locked down go up.  

OK... enough of that.


with her new puppy

Our youngest grandchild turned 8 recently. 8!!  I can't believe she is 8 already. Where do the years go? And due to Covid, we've hardly seen her this year at all...

At home

 in class

If all goes well, we've got a lot of 'catching up' to do in 2021...

Going to close this with one of my all time favorite Christmas songs song by Pentatonix, "Mary, did you know?"  (Skip ads) Since I couldn't bake this afternoon, I spent part of the afternoon lying on the sofa by the fireplace listening to this... and other Pentatonix songs. 

Wishing you a quiet safe healthy weekend at home... with pleasant memories of good times, good friends, and past Christmases that will come again when this crisis is over. These are the things that really matter...  that we keep each other safe so we can share these times again.

Hugs (virtual),


Monday, December 7, 2020

3 weeks till Christmas 2020...

You have to admit that most of us will be glad to see the back of 2020.  Even now that it's only weeks away, there's still trepidation. What will the next few weeks hold? 

Life goes on - in its strange pandemic way. We have each found a new routine (and a new hairstyle - I now have a 5 inch white ponytail - DH may have one too if I stop cutting his hair) that in the past year has become our new normal. And even though for the most part (at least for many that I know) we haven't been hit personally with the virus, we now know many that have. This IMO was bound to happen as the number of  positive cases escalate. 

The only family members who have contacted Covid so far have been a step-grandson in Kentucky and a sister-in-law in Texas.  Others we have heard about are 3 friends in Colorado. Only the SIL (83) was hospitalized, but is now home and doing well.  

We remain sheltering at home, etc. and will continue to do so...  (with or without the vaccine). 

But going on to Christmas 2020.... 

I started my Christmas baking today:

rum cakes

 We've decorated the house here and there (not a lot):

front room

Santa visits Finky mouse on China cabinet

Santa sharing Thanksgiving Table

Santa visits cheeky chickens who can't be fired due to studio closure

Elf and Christmas Angel

2020 downsized tree  (with New Orleans Mardi Gras beads 
and apparently no Mardi Gras parades this year due to Covid)

 ...and sadly no cats lying by the fireplace 
first time in our 52 years of marriage

Anyway, that's enough sharing for today. Started this Friday and it's now Monday. I have finished 2 batches of whiskey balls and 2 batches of frosted Christmas tea cakes over the weekend. 

Oh, and I have to share this pic I saw of a black cat t-shirt...

Cute, huh?

Hugs (virtual),

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Tuesday before Thanksgiving 2020...

Clock and Christmas Elf

So many of us these days feel that we have nothing interesting to post about... and since we're not getting out and about much, this is probably true. Those of you that have wonderful areas to walk or hike or those who have acreage with blooming plants or wildlife that can be shared seem to have an advantage.

But... even though I love to read these posts and see the pictures (where I can virtually share the experience) to be honest, I also love hearing what goes on in your daily life even if it is only what you do from dawn to dusk... or what your cat/dog is doing. 

I had to laugh when I read that someone was worried about Joanne (Cup on the Bus) recently since she couldn't be contacted. I had a similar experience this week with a friend that I play Animal Crossings with. She texted me one day this week and said that I hadn't been on the game all day. Was I alright?  It made DH and I laugh... as yes, I generally get on the game often, but it had been an especially busy day. 

And we are also putting up Christmas decorations early this year. Usually we wait until the day after Thanksgiving (which would be this Friday anyway) when we go out and purchase a 8-10 foot Douglas fir.

We've been doing this ever since we got rid of the small artificial tree that we purchased in 1969 when the doctor told us that we couldn't fly home to New Orleans that year as I was in danger of losing the baby.  It was right before Christmas and we had a 14 month old. This was supposed to be his first Christmas with his grandparents. Since we hadn't planned to be at our house in Florida for Christmas, we didn't have a tree. 

So we quickly ran out and bought an artificial one from Sears. That tree lasted for many many years (even went off to college with my daughter - who was that endangered baby in 1969) before it was discarded. 

But once we were settled here in Texas, we started buying 'real'... to the delight of our kids and the cats. The smell of a real tree is wonderful... and covered with all the decorations that the kids made over the years or tiny critters we bought in an old bookstore in Wales, etc. make it special. Nowadays we even put New Orleans Mardi Gras beads on it.  

Since we retired and the kids no longer live close enough to help with the large Douglas Fir, we considered going smaller... and have.  Now we get one only 6-7 feet - but we couldn't go artificial,  tried, but returned it. I'm sure that one day it will be necessary to bite the bullet, but not yet.

This post (as many before) seems to have taken on a life of it's own. I was planning to talk about daily activities in a sheltering at home  house. Oh well, sometimes the story tells itself. 

A few pics of Christmas past...

Happy Thanksgiving! The holidays will be different this year, but we have our memories and the hope that things will be better next year.  Sending all of you my prayer that your holidays will be healthy and safe. (Please don't let down your guard!



Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Thinking about Thanksgiving... and other things

Grandkids and me Thanksgiving 2019

Tomorrow will be a week until Thanksgiving here.  Ours will be a small, but memorable one... with just the 3 of us here. The boys will be celebrating at their own homes with their immediate families and my daughter, son-in-law, and grand daughter in San Antonio are planning to have Thanksgiving with friends there. This worries me some, but she assures me that they are retired friends whom they have gotten together with before and feel it is safe. I hope so.

Anyway today I'm posting about unimportant stuff that is going on here. I noticed yesterday when I was going about the house that almost every room has some project going on... 

crocheting on the sofa in the den

rock painting in front room (book sent to me by a cousin)

making more face masks - also in front room

writing and reading blogs in computer room

tea in the kitchen (actually it's water, lemon juice, and honey)

And these are only my projects. If we were to take pics of DH and grandson's projects (which I don't think they would like) you would also see puzzling, guitar playing, and various computer games set up throughout the house.

By the way,  I know tea is not a project... but it is part of my day. I've been using just hot water, lemon, and honey to soothe my throat. I don't have any problem, but I've always coughed a lot (radiation cough I was told)... and a friend suggested this. 

And I didn't mention the game "Animal Crossing" which I do play. This morning a friend who also plays, visited her son's island and brought back some beautiful blue pansies, hyacinths, and wind flowers over to my island. I love the blue and they are hybrids so not easy to get. 

OK... all trivial information aside, I did get the results back from my genetic testing. All 84 cancer genes I was tested for came back negative. They even repeated the Brach test that I had several years ago. It came back negative again. So happily I can report to my kids that I cannot pass on any to them. The BC I have was not genetic. I've always suspected it came from taking estrogen for 20 years after my hysterectomy at 34.

Now this does not mean that my mother or father didn't have any genetic cancer genes. They just didn't pass them on to me. Both my sister and brother died of cancer. They could have passed them on to them. 

Anyway, that's enough information for today... some important, some not so much.

Time to start thinking about the Thanksgiving menu. It really doesn't change much from year to year. I'm sure this is true at your house also... tradition! 

We always have smoked turkey,  jalapeno pecan stuffing (used to have oyster stuffing, but changed over the years - my mom made the best oyster stuffing and oyster pie), bourbon sweet potatoes with a brown sugar and pecan topping, green beans with garlic and almonds, cranberry sauce, and a special deep chocolate dessert with a cookie crust that the boys always request. We will have the same this year, but in much smaller quantities. Usually we are about 12, this year just 3. Other desserts we sometimes have are cheesecake (DH makes a mean cheesecake) and a bourbon chocolate pecan pie. We won't have these this year... way too much for 3 people.

past Thanksgivings

Have a wonderful week! Stay safe... 

Hugs (virtual), 


Saturday, November 14, 2020

this past week...

my basic philosophy

I know it's been over a week since I've posted. But despite sheltering at home, we have been busy. It was grandson's birthday Wednesday as well as my first genetic counseling meeting at the hospital. For the birthday, we simply picked up a Raspberry Mousse cake at Central Market (which was fabulous) and the 3 of us had a quiet celebration here at home.

His parents will get together with him this weekend for their own masked quiet celebration at a local park. For those who don't remember, they moved from Hawaii (where they have been living on Oahu for the last 3 years) to Texas a few months ago and settled in a small town about 2 hours from here. She works as a nurse at a local hospital there - which apparently is getting Covid patients shipped in from El Paso and elsewhere. 

As for the genetic counseling... this is something my Oncologist recommended as we have quite a lot of cancer in the family -maternal grandmother (Ovarian), father (Gall bladder), sister (Gastric), nephrew (Leukiemia), brother (Pancreatic), and myself (BC). 

The consultation was very interesting. The woman who talked with us for about an hour was extremely friendly and knowledgeable.  I asked a million questions and she was able to answer them all. The reason for getting tested to see if you carry the genes for specific cancers is to give you the chance if you are positive to be monitored more often. It's also to let your kids know that if you are positive, there's a 50% chance that they are also. At my age I'm not sure if I care to know, but do think it might be good for my kids to know while they are still young.

Also a few things happened this week that kept us either on the phone, texting, Skyping, or Zooming. My son-in-law's father died, as did a good friend of my daughter's. My son's stepson has been diagnosed with Covid in Kentucky as has another friend's son here.  Two fathers and one mom of my pottery group friends have Covid. Things are getting a bit closer to home. We haven't seen any of these people, but still it affects us. My prayer list is getting longer every day.

With the holidays coming, I'm praying that people will not let down their guard... but I'm afraid that they will. We won't. The 3 of us will celebrate alone - but possibly Skype with other family members. I truly believe that this won't be forever... and when it's all over, we will get together and make up for this lost year.

So... keep the faith!  We will get through this. And thank goodness we have these blogs to share our thoughts and feelings. Reading yours and sharing mine is good balm to my soul. 

I'm going to leave with just one mention of the election. Someone brought this up somewhere and it made me stop and think. If some consider the voting fraudulent, doesn't that make all the people on the ballot in jeopardy - not just the president?  Something to think about...

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoyed reading everyone's blogs today even if I didn't comment on all.  Enjoy reading the comments too!!

Hugs (virtual),


Thursday, November 5, 2020

Election days 2020

Election 2020

This Wednesday has been the longest day ever... and will probably go on through today and possibly even further. I don't know about everyone, but I imagine it's the same for many - this 'on edge' feeling, waiting for the other shoe to drop (in this case the other states to finish counting)

We try to stay busy and keep the TV off... and only check in at various times. DH is working outside and I'm too antsy to write on my book, so am trying to think of little things to do around the house. Household chores and playing Animal Crossing help some, but even that doesn't keep my mind occupied enough to calm my nerves. 

What will be, will be... and life will go on.  But good lord, I don't want another 4 years of this division in our country.  It's possible that a new person in office (any person) might not change that... but we can only hope. And I really would like someone who has a bit more concern for the lives of their citizens... and someone who has respect for the medical profession and science... lets face it, someone who has and shows respect

I know all of this is just 'my opinion' and I do choose to respect others' opinions. And I know this is a 'choice' that not everyone makes - not everyone 'agrees to disagree' . I'm OK with that, but this country was built on the idea of freedom to choose. What good is that freedom if it is not respected?

That's it. Just wanted to see if I wrote some of this down if it would help calm me. Has it? (maybe) Think a cup of tea might help.

Anyway, I hope you have a good day! 

(maybe I'll bake a peach dump cake - know the boys would like that...)

hugs (virtual),


Sunday, November 1, 2020

Happy Halloween - yesterday


Halloween bat cookies! 

Happy Halloween - a little late. Hope everyone had an 'interesting' pandemic Halloween. We had our outside lights off for the first time in the 35 years we've lived in this neighborhood. There was probably little door to door activity, but I know some just put buckets of candy out front... and from Ring and Nest doorbells, one could see that most of the little ones took one piece, but some of the older teenage sized kids not only helped themselves, but came back several times for more. 

We have twin 5 year old girls that live next door. Friday I had DH bring them a bag of goodies (Halloween coloring books, bat cookies, and candy)... and told their parents that we wouldn't be leaving our lights on this year. Our 7 year old grand daughter lives about 30 minutes away. I knew they were having her do her schooling online and that she wouldn't be trick or treating either. But she did get to wear a costume and walk around the neighborhood. Her dad said she had a good time.


Well, the 2020 election is this week. I have to say that I will be glad to have it over and done. I really hope it can be 'over and done'  without problems. But the way things have been going, this may be too much to hope for.

The pandemic we are learning to live with. We are all in this together and together we will survive it (I hope so anyway). But I also hope that we won't have to continue to live with this political unrest. Our country is better than this.

That's all for me today. Stay safe! 



Monday, October 26, 2020

Writing again... hurray! And Halloween decorations!

Got my mojove back... (or possibly the muse that had left due to the pandemic and has finally decided it was time to return?). Anyway, it makes me happy to be 'back in the grove' (and about three-forth of the way finished the sequel to "Time After Time").  

I realize that this may be on no interest to many of you, but to those who write, sketch, paint, sew, or get lost in other crafts - you know how time simply slips away when you are involved in a project. It's as if this dimension doesn't exist... (and you are lost in your own little world). 

Then for whatever reason, the muse/motivation/originality  abruptly disappears. Some call it writer's block... (and I'm sure there are other names for it). Personally at this point I would call it Covid-itis... too many other things on my mind. 

But now it has hesitantly returned. I hope it stays as it gives me pleasant motivation for the day... and a chance to finish something I'd started.  

With the virus ramping up again and the election right around the corner, I really need something to keep my mind occupied. Perhaps the 'powers that be'... sent the muse back to me to save my sanity. Whatever... I'm grateful.

I've actually had a fairly pleasant week; Skyped with my grand daughter (got to see her new puppy up close and personal) Zoomed with a dear friend, and thanks to the technical knowledge of my grandson - was able to visit a friend's island on Animal Crossing... and she was able to fly to mine. We ran around the islands together meeting other islanders and going inside their homes. It was fun.

Unfortunately I don't have any great insights to give to other retirees who may be reading this. This isn't that type of informative  or inspirational blog... although I do enjoy reading those. This is just an occasional insight into my own life that by sharing (for years in  journals and now on a blog) has always been of great benefit to my psychological self. 

And before I close I do have to show you a pic of the Halloween decorations that one of our neighbors did. He does this every year and it's always fabulous. This is the one he's done this year in front of his house.

Halloween castle built in front of neighbor's house 2020

It is amazing... last year it was a Halloween ship that took up the whole front of his lawn. 

Halloween ship 2019

I really hope you are having a good weekend. The weather has gotten cooler here... mornings have been in the 40's and 50's - nice! We've had a little rain, but not much. All in all, we are learning to be content with life as it is. Perhaps this is a good thing. 



(ps: trying a new recipe for chicken spaghetti today. Will let you know how it turns out.)

Sunday, October 18, 2020

a short vent and on to mundane things...

Just a short note here at the beginning of my post so I don't forget to mention it later... (and I very well may... since I forget what I planned to say fairly easily these days). 

But having read and heard so many times recently that wearing a mask shows 'fear'... that it's beginning to irk me. Wearing a mask in my opinion shows common sense and concern for others, NOT FEAR! Does that mean that those people who believe this think doctors wear masks in surgery out of fear?  Science and medical professionals may not know everything, but they are certainly more knowledgeable than the general public. And most people these days are aware of how germs are spread. No, masks may not totally prevent the spread... but the possibility that they may help some is well documented... and seems certainly worth the effort.  I'll take that possibility over someone's concerns for his/her worries about a show of fear any day.

Now that said... I will go on to other things:

Yesterday I made a chicken and broccoli bacon quiche.  Grandson is not terribly fond of broccoli so I chop it up really well and add it where I can. It has been my experience that anything that has an abundance of bacon and cheese is generally well accepted.

Preparing the ingredients

finished quiche

Next are some pics my D-I-L sent of my youngest grand daughter (7) visiting a friend out on a local farm this week.

I was told that she absolutely fell in love with the Giant Pyrenees in the first pic!

And lastly here's a picture of my living room 

in the Animal Crossing game: 

The island is beautiful and the ocean views are fantastic. In this game you can also swim in the ocean or fly to mystery islands. Now with Halloween upon us, I have the island decorated with carved pumpkins, etc. as well as have put several pumpkin patches (which grow orange, yellow, white, and green pumpkins) all over the island. 

(Since I can neither garden nor travel these days, this game has given me some virtual options - and I am continually amazed at how detailed the options are) 

Anyway, I truly hope you are having a good weekend... and if voting is behind you, possibly a calm one knowing that THAT is behind you and now only time will tell...  (and prayer couldn't hurt).

Hugs, (virtual of course)


(...and forgive me for venting at the beginning here. Sometimes you just have to say what is on your mind and in your heart)


Friday, October 16, 2020

I voted!... and an adorable kitten!

Yes, yesterday DH and I voted for this 2020 election! We used the absentee ballots for the first time and instead of mailing them  took them to the secure designated mail-in voting location for our county. It took about 30 minutes to get there as Texas is only allowed one designated voting place for each county. But it was fine... and once there, easy and fast. And we got our "I voted!" stickers!

Really glad to have that over and done. Now whenever political ads are shown on TV, I simply switch to another channel. Already made our choices, so no need to listen to all that - (knowing so much of it isn't fact anyway). We're at the 'what will be - will be' stage now. 


And I have to show you a picture of this kitten that I found on Pinterest.  Isn't the most adorable thing?

I mean, really... how could you not want that? I sent this pic to my grand daughter off at college and her first response was, "I need it!".  I had to explain to her that she didn't "need" it, she "wanted it" and there was a difference (she already has 2 kittens).


wall of masks

Our wall of masks is growing. No, I haven't been making any more. But doctor's visits have been supplying them as well as health groups sending some through the mail. The 2 hooks on the left are DH's and the 2 on the right are mine. Grandson has his own supply upstairs.

And we recently sent off for shields. They were relatively inexpensive and work well. They are the type that sit like glasses and help keep my own glasses on (which constantly fall off with just a mask).

Listening to the news this morning sounds like we are going into the 2nd wave of Covid... not surprising since so many refuse to take the measures to protect others.  But each to his own, I can't force you to protect me, but I will do everything in my power to protect my own ... and you! (don't mean to sound altruistic as I think most people feel this way)

Anyway, that's it for today! Hope you have a wonderful (cool and sunny) weekend!  Do Vote - any way you choose - but vote! We create our lives by our choices, so make your choice! (and be accountable)


Sunday, October 11, 2020

Night blooming cereus, wonderful poster, and Uncle Wiggily...

Night blooming cereus

I so love these flowers. They are so 'unearthly' (maybe ethereal is the right word). My mother-in-law always had them in Louisiana... and my brother and sister-in-law have them now. 

We did have one for a few years, but lost it one cold winter here in North Texas. They not only look ethereal, but the aroma is beyond wonderful. Even our cats would gather round them when they bloomed and released their scent. And they bloom in the night and die by morning. Sad, but beautiful... (the other weird thing - maybe not weird, but notable - about this plant is that the plant itself is ugly, but it's blooms are beyond beautiful)

Our night bloomer never made more than a one or two blooms each year... (which we eagerly awaited) but my brother-in-law's plant in Houston makes as many as 15 on one bush in one night! Unbelievable!


Found this on Pinterest... and loved it!

My little red headed grand daughter who is no longer little has her 19th birthday this week. 


old Uncle Wiggily book

When I was growing up, my brother used to read Uncle Wiggily to me. This wasn't the one he read from... mine was simply "Uncle Wiggily" as far as I knew and the book itself was red.  I actually thought I had it here someplace, but somehow over the many many years, it can no longer be found.

But my youngest son and his wife found this one somewhere and bought it for me.  It must have belonged to this person who signed the inside back in 1932. 

I can only imagine they enjoyed it as a child as much as I did...

Hope you are enjoying this Fall weather and staying safe during this pandemic. And whatever your views are, I urge you to get out and vote - by mail or in person. If ever there was a time when every vote counted, it is NOW.