Wednesday, March 31, 2021

a pre-Easter post...

Hurray! Easter is just around the corner... my favorite holiday!  And now that we've all been vaccinated (except of course 7 year old grand daughter) we will be getting together for the first time in ages... 

We will still wear masks (except when eating), but that's OK with me. They can come in and pick up their Easter goodies (maybe have an Easter Egg hunt for grand daughter) and have some coffee and Easter cake. We will have all the windows open so ventilation is good... and feel that this should be alright at this point. 

We also bought the outside feral cats a new U-shaped scratching post...  the old one was on it's last legs. They love that old thing! And we washed and changed out all the little blankets that they have to lie on outside. I'm going to try to get a picture of them hiding in the high green grass with only their ears showing... 


Here's one with one feral cat in tall grass... but not the one I'd like where there are 4 or more hiding in the grass. But this one will have to do for now.

This is a picture of our back yard at sunset. If you look closely, you can see a black cat in the grass over to the right side.


I came across this picture on Pinterest and thought it so peaceful...


I got my stitches out from my neck surgery yesterday. I think there were 9 stitches. Since they're on the back of my neck below the hairline, I can't see them, but DH says he counted 9. I had him take a picture, but won't show it as I find it pretty ugly... red and puffy looking. For the removal of one little mole, they sure take a lot of area out. But that's OK with me as long as they got everything they needed to get.

That's about the news here. Oh... our daughter in the hill country just got 6 new little baby chicks.  They are so cute!  I asked her to send some pics so I can post them.

Update on Gluten-Free week:  So far everything I've tried (Annie's rice mac and cheese, Canyon Bakehouse plain bagels, Good Thins rice crackers) have been good. I had ordered and just received some King Arthur measure for measure gluten-free flour and pancake mix. Haven't tried any of that yet. Will let you know.  

Loving this beautiful Spring weather!


Remember tomorrow is April 1st!

(April Fool and Rabbit Rabbit Day!)

Hugs (virtual ),



Tuesday, March 23, 2021

another done and done!

Just home from having a basal cell carcinoma surgically removed from the back of my neck.  It wasn't a difficult procedure, but one that caused anxiety all the same. From the political atmosphere to the pandemic to the Arctic Storm to Covid vaccines to this minor surgery.... all stressful. 

But do-able!

The way life has been (and it hasn't been that bad considering what some have had to go through) this past year, I find myself waking up each morning saying "thank you for getting me to this day". And if you ask me as to who (or is it 'whom') I'm saying this to, I would have to say, "not sure... maybe God, maybe the Universe, maybe myself".  All I know is that when things get a bit difficult, I tend to give myself encouraging talks and focus on just getting through today... usually works.

Going through the surgery this morning, my heart was beating out of my chest, but as I lay there being loaded with Lidocaine and then later as she was doing the actual surgery, I kept reminding myself of all the really terrible things people have to endure... and this being so minor in comparison.  I talk to myself sternly (in my head of course) on these occasions... like, "Suck it up, you ninny!"  It does work. I wonder if others do that too.

Anyway, I wrote this Monday and now it's Tuesday morning and although the stitches are pulling a bit as I move my head, all seems to be well.  The doctors office just called and moved my appointment date next week as although the doctor doesn't normally need to be there for suture removal, she decided that she wanted to be there to check that all was going as it should. Kudos to her for that.


Onto another subject now:  

I made empanadas for the first time this weekend.  Those who may not know what these are, they are little meat pies (they don't have to be meat), but generally are... sometimes with potatoes or cheese added. All in all, pretty simple to make.

beef empanadas

They were good, but I didn't have enough pie dough to make more... and we had a lot of meat filling left over. I ended up adding gravy to it and serving it over pasta... the boys liked it.


OK, I have a question for those of you reading...   are any of you on a gluten free diet or gluten free lifestyle?

Several people as well as a physician in our family have suggested I try this.  I suspect that I could possibly be mildly gluten sensitive, but doubt it - as I can generally eat most flour products... as long as they do not contain too much roughage (as in 7 seeded bread). And I love bread! Our breakfast every morning is either one slice of  Challah bread  or Pagnotta bread bought at Central Market smothered in real unsalted butter and heated in the Aga for 3 minutes. This is all we ever eat for breakfast (along with coffee or tea of course) unless occasionally on a weekend, someone might want eggs or waffles. But I finally gave in and decided to try a few weeks of gluten free. 

Today I  have eaten a scrambled egg for breakfast, macaroni with cheese made with rice noodles (Annie's Rice Pasta and Cheddar) for lunch, and have no idea what I will eat for supper yet. The boys will be having Stuffed Shells and asparagus.

Anyway, we shall see. But if anyone has any suggestions or advice, I'd be glad to hear it. 

Leaving you with some pics of grand daughter and her puppy.  (If I've posted these before, forgive me... I do tend to forget.)

Have a wonderful week! Spring is really here... although it's still a bit soon for me to be sure if it will stay.  However, the grass is growing high in the back and the black feral cats are enjoying hiding and jumping each other in it. Sure fun to watch...

Hugs (virtual),


Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Pi/Pie Day and St. Patrick's... etc.

OK, this post will be brief as DH and I have just come home from getting our 2nd Pfizer vaccine... and I plan to take a nap in a little bit. 

Just thought that this pic of one of my favorite series was appropriate for Sunday's Pi/Pie Day. Pie in the Sky was the name of this detective's restaurant.

Next pic is one that I took of  the custard pie I baked Sunday for the boys.  And yes, I chose custard instead of buttermilk as I had planned. 

Pie Day Custard Pie March 2021

Now today is St. Patrick's day and with the 2nd vaccine appointments this morning, I'll admit that I totally forgot... and didn't wear green

However, nobody 'pinched' me... unless you can call the shot a pinch. It kind of was... hardly felt it. The first hurt slightly when administered. This one didn't. DH said the same. I wonder if it's partly due to who does the administering. Anyway...

And next just a few pics/posters I like:

daughter's horses

a picture of a house that intrigues me

a poster that says it all

an idea that fits my philosophy

a true statement

That's it... kind of like Bugs Bunny's ... "That's all folks!"  You know I really liked it when you went to the movies and there was a cartoon (guess that dates me).

Oh well, Happy St. Patrick's Day!  

As always, thanks for coming by. Wish I could offer you a cup of Irish Coffee! (I love Irish Coffee!

BTW, our family is Irish/English/French.  But according to last ancestry update, it's mostly Irish/Scottish... (who knew? - but we certainly found Scotland our favorite place when we visited England, Ireland, and Scotland back in the 90's

Dad and Grandpa were born in London, but apparently my great grandparents came over from Cork, Ireland. Don't know where the Scots come into it... (Hard to deny the Irish or the French since dad was an O'Regan and mom a D'Aquin.)

Hugs (virtual),


Saturday, March 13, 2021

sitting here this morning...

As I sit here this morning thinking about what I could post today, I'm looking at my messy office with all the boxes stacked up from Amazon's purchases this year (they use really nice boxes and I find it hard to throw them away). Then there's clutter both on my desk and on top of the trundle bed. Most of these are things that need to be either thrown away or filed away. It seems I do a little here and there, but it comes back twice as strong (like the mail).

There's even a little Christmas in here that definitely belongs upstairs in the storage area. Sadly I'm just getting some of our Christmas put away... and putting out some Easter. My wooden bunny (wearing his face mask still) went on the front porch this week, wooly lamb went in the window, and a few ceramic or wood bunnies have take their place around the house.   

bunny with face mask

Back to looking around this office, I see things that stand out... like a box of medical face masks and a box of vinyl exam gloves - both used when DH and I go out to the pharmacy to pick up his Rx. These things seem to mark this time in our lives... as does the Lysol spray and wipes that sit on both our kitchen counter and by the front door.

But for what it's worth, I do feel better these days about it all (the pandemic and the political atmosphere). I'm not sure that there's any real reason to - as it's really too soon to tell, but with the number of virus cases down and with President Biden in office (and with the spring season starting), things just feel more hopeful. 

I listened to Biden's speech and liked what he said and how he said it. Now I know that there are people who don't like the man and I don't know if he will be able to do what he says he wants to do, but I find myself believing that he will sincerely try. Somehow we need to put aside all this political party separateness (it reminds me of the Catholic/Protestant wars in Ireland).  It breeds hate... and  no good will come from that.

What I took from Biden's speech is that he plans to concentrate on the pandemic and unity... and in my opinion, that's exactly what is needed now. There's lots of other important issues that must be addressed, but right now, at this moment, we need to work on stopping both the pandemic and this division.


On a totally different subject now:

Did you now that Sunday is Pie Day! 

Everyone should make a pie this Sunday. 

 I plan on making either a custard or a buttermilk one... 

old pic, color not good... but pie was!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Hugs (virtual),


Sunday, March 7, 2021

fun times...

new clay additions

Playing around with my clay this week. Decided to do a flat chicken (do chickens sun themselves this way as some birds do? Well, this cheeky chicken does!) He reminds me of 'flat Stanley'.... remember him?  Anyway, I also decided to sculpt a mama cat and her kitten. All pieces still need to be fired in a kiln, then black-birded, then fired again... and with the studio closed, I'm not sure when this will be be done.  

All fun aside, we have decided that this coming week will be 'pre-spring cleaning time". There are some areas in this house that need some deep cleaning... and since we don't use outside help, the three of us will all have to each do our part.  And I'm slow and tire easily... so what used to take one day may possibly take the whole week. Fun fun!

And I can't remember if I've posted a pic of my oldest son's pup... but he's getting big! I may have posted a pic when they first got him around Christmas, but he has grown. His name is Winston and he's a Golden Doodle. He has such a sweet face.  But then I'm a sucker for almost all critters.

Winston in December

Winston now

I have a question.  Is it my imagination or does it seem that politics have become an everyday issue?  I'm so tired of hearing everyone's views. I know the answer - don't watch the news.  I do like hearing what is going on - but there's a limit to the constant barrage of political comments. 

Couldn't politics be limited to just political channels so that those who enjoy listening to the constant battle could do so and those of us who don't could have some peace. I know some will say that it's sticking your head in the sand... but it's not that I don't want to be aware of political issues, I just don't want them thrown at me continuously. It's getting to be a bit much (or maybe it's just me). 

Closing now.  Hope Spring is showing itself in your corner of the world. Enjoy!  (and please continue to wear your face masks)

Hugs (virtual)

 will have to 

Monday, March 1, 2021

It's March 1st!!

Rabbit Rabbit! White Rabbit!


Hi Everyone! I can't believe it's March 1st 2021. Where has this year gone?  In some ways it seems like it's gone on forever... and in others, well... this whole pandemic thing started around this time last year. 

This is actually going to be a short post. Someone asked me (Debbie I think) to post a pic of the baby quilt I just mailed to my grand nephew.  It took me a while to see if I did have a picture of it. But I did. So here it is - from both sides.

pastel side


forest animal side

And since I have you here as a captive audience, I will show you one of my favorite table quilts I made and  use in the kitchen:

blue on one side

and got mail on the other

I need to start quilting again as I have the fabric to make 3 more quilts that have been planned for ages... but just haven't gotten around to it... yet.

Closing this with 2 pics my daughter sent recently. One is my grand daughter having a serious conversation with Moose (their Great Dane) who likes to think he's a lap dog.

grand daughter and Moose

And the other is one she sent just last night saying, "Penny (cat) is so weird. She came and sat by me just now just like this..."  Thought it would be a good close with a laugh!


Hugs (virtual),