Saturday, March 17, 2018

Saturday at our house...

Couldn't resist this kitten... (found this pic on Pinterest)

As for our own cats... I was determined to start working on more quilted pillows for our den sofa today... but got side-tracked. First I decided to do a quick catnip bunny for Tux. 

Well, this is what happened.

I made the pink bunny for Tux and when I gave it to him, he sniffed it and walked away. Well, Ghost saw it and immediately ran over and laid on it. 


Tux saw her and walked right back and laid on top of her and the bunny. Ghost retreated. Tux grabbed his bunny and laid claim.

"No... mine!"

So...oo I told Ghost I'd make her one too. So I made a square bunny so they'd be different and besides square is faster than round when sewing.

Ghost and her square catnip bunny

and then of course , Julie (who was sleeping on the counter) woke up and was looking at Tux and Ghost with their new toys... and I had to say, OK Julie, we'll get you something too. 

Julie sniffing her new fish toy

"I guess it's OK...

So as you can see, I got very little done on my quilted pillows. These little catnip toys are very roughly made, but seem to make them happy.

Now... I've promised the boys (DH and grandson) that I'd make meatballs and spaghetti this evening, so I'd better get to it.  I guess that the quilted pillows can wait a little longer. 

Oh, I do have another quick cat story... this one referring to the feral cats outside. At around Easter time we usually put out some plastic Easter eggs in the front and back yards. The colors look pretty in the grass and the cats enjoy rolling them around. Well, this time I stuck a few cat treats inside the eggs so not only do they rattle, but the cats can smell the treats inside. We laughed watching 2 of the kittens playing with one and sniffing it... but they couldn't figure out how to get it open.  The next morning not only was one egg completely gone, but the other was opened and the treats missing. We figured that the raccoons probably figured out how to open them during the night ( they're pretty good with their hands). But the missing one was a mystery. Perhaps the raccoon took it home with her/him?

If so, we wish him/her a Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

disquieting news...

I received a text from a family member recently telling me her son has been diagnosed with cancer. It was caught early and hopefully has not spread. They will know more when they do surgery next week. 

I hate this. Having had my father, sister, and brother die of cancer (and having/had it myself), I know what she (and he) are going through... all that fear and tears, surgeries, chemo, radiation, etc.  Not that long ago my son's father-in-law was diagnosed and passed away within a year.  My good friend's husband  and son both have Melanoma. Probably all of you know someone who has gone through this or perhaps even yourself.  The real issue faced (besides the cancer itself) is fear... and despite the fact that it is a legitimate fear, it has to be faced down and overcome. Fear will destroy you.

I thank God every day that my children and grandchildren are healthy... knowing that at any time this could change... especially as they too age. My children are all in their 40's. My sister was diagnosed when she was 49, died at 51. Brother was diagnosed at 59, died at 59. I was diagnosed at 55... and so far am a 'survivor'. Why? Don't know... guess it was found early enough to stop from spreading?? I still go for my annual check... and after feel that I'm 'good to go' for at least another year.

My mother used to say that children were not supposed to die before their parents. But she had to go through this with 2 of hers (my siblings)... and I wondered at her strength.  Mom never had cancer. But she did develop Alzheimer's in her later years. I have to say that I'm not sure which is worse. 

Anyway, I didn't intend this post to be maudlin. Just needed to get my feelings out.  One little text from a family member brought all these emotions to the surface. 

Please pray for this young man. He lost his father to a heart attack just about 2 years ago... and now this. He needs others' thoughts and prayers. I am a big believer that thoughts and prayers are powerful.

Thanks for reading. 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

cats, possums, and cookies!

Poster I came across this the other day and thought... yep, that's true. 


Julie sleeping on her spot. She was upset with me because I moved her spot off the counter while I made cookies today. Just gave it back to her.


And Tux was playful today... lying around on his back playing with his toys.


And THIS is what we saw the other night sleeping in the feral cats' bed on the front porch... a fat ol' possum just making himself at home.  Today we went out and swept off the porch, took away some of the extra box bedding, and will spray and wash the cushions.


Well, I started this yesterday and was interrupted, so continuing today. The possum from above came back again last night.  He doesn't stay all night... seems to nap a few hours and then takes off again.

possum back!

As you can see, Saturday we cleared off all the other beds and wind breakers we had on the porch for when it was really cold. Now we just left the little bed... and apparently it is appreciated.

Here is a picture of the cookies I made. My grand daughter's favorite color is pink... thus, the pink rabbits, carrots, and stars. 

tea cakes and caramel cookies

The pink ones were just iced almond tea cakes, the others were stuffed with home-made caramel sauce. Grand daughter (5) told me that I made the best sugar cookies... that I should make one as big as a house. I asked her why... who would eat a cookie that big? A giant? She said, "no, silly... me!"

And grandson (19) who is visiting with us right now said that those cookies were very nostalgic for him. He remembers the taste from when he was little. (Side bar actually shows a picture of him helping me make those years ago when he was about 4).

OK... just went off to meet a friend for coffee and found that the Starbucks we were meeting at was 'out of power'.  Apparently the whole section of stores on that strip were out... due to the thunderstorm we had during the night or perhaps the high winds??
So we talked for a little standing outside our cars and decided to try again in a week or two. It's pretty chilly and overcast today - and we like to sit outside, so hopefully in a week or two the spring weather will have arrived... (we hope).

Wishing you all a happy Sunday! Thanks for stopping by and praying you all get beautiful spring weather soon! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

cat planter in progress and Easter commith...

First underglaze

I did the first underglaze on my cat planter this morning. Have decided to make him a tuxedo cat - black and white  (surprise! surprise!). But I'm just about out of underglaze so the black won't be added til I can get to the ceramic store (which is way across town) so probably not until next semester starts in May. I also wrote that 'plan' with my stylus on the computer picture. That's a new accessory that came with this computer (well, not came - I did have to pay extra for it). 

Thinking it may be time to put out some Easter decorations (I finally took down our "Merry Christmas" sign off the front door). 
Perhaps I should make some Easter Cheeky Chickens... you know in pastels... pink, blue, and lavender colors?, since I can't fire anything these days, I'd better put that idea on the back burner.

Did you watch the Oscars? We don't exactly watch them, but do switch back to them during commercials just to see what's going on. The clothes and hairstyles are interesting. It's strange, but DH and I feel that most of the actresses and actors look better when in their normal attire. It would seem that the simpler the dress or tux, the better it looks. Outlandish doesn't work - but that may just be us.

Well, Spring may be on it's way. It's cool and windy today, but the weatherman says it may be 80 on Saturday! 

Happy Tuesday to all! (NCIS New Orleans comes on tonight!)

Friday, March 2, 2018

You might think I like cats...

Pretty Boy (outside feral) in the bushes

Well, March has finally arrived... and the sun with it! We have had 2 days so far that have been really nice.  Tux is sunning himself in the window at the moment. The front and back yards are a bit soggy with all the rain we've had -  so perhaps the sunshine will help dry that up.

I have kept busy this past week working on a *cat planter*. I have almost finished the sculpting of it. Now it needs to dry a bit so I can cut out the back area for inserting a plant. Haven't decided what color I will glaze it... perhaps black and white like our Tux. We'll see.

cat planter

And I'm thinking about quilting one of these 2 next quilts that I found on Pinterest. I really love that pastel log cabin quilt... and although I like the book quilt too, I'm thinking the log cabin one may take precedence. (There's a cat quilt that I thought was interesting too...)

pastel log cabin quilt

book quilt

I'm a slow quilter, so either may take me a very long time. 

This morning I was vacuuming and sucking up cat hair... as well as cat toys from beneath furniture. Here is a picture of Julie with some of the extra toys found here and there.

Julie with all the extra cat toys

Ghost and her own toys


Tux in my quilted bag

(This last pic is an old one you may have seen before... but couldn't leave Tux out)

Happy Friday!!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

*drowned rats* enjoy a little sun...

Would like to post this sign in several places around our neighborhood, but it probably would be taken down by those opposed to feral cats. The truth being, feral cats do exist and although we believe in the catch and release program to neuter them, it doesn't happen often enough. But that's no reason to refuse them food, water, or shelter from the cold (IMO)... or harass them with your dogs while walking.

DH and I happen to look out our front window today and with the sun finally out and no rain (we had 8 inches in the last few days), this is what we saw:

4 feral cats sunning themselves out front

We were both happy for them as lately they have looked like 'drowned rats' trying to stay out of the rain.

And my new clay projects... done only for me... and just for fun!  Experimenting with multi-color underglazing:

art brush holder
cell phone holder in use
multi-color underglazing

Both of these need to be fired and clear glazed, but I'm looking forward to see how the colors turn out.

And just took our Sunday supper out of the oven. Made Chicken Tetrazzini and a fresh spinach and strawberry salad (with amaretto pecans)!

Chicken Tetrazzini

Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday... and if lucky - a little sunshine!

Thursday, February 22, 2018


Ghost when she hears the doorbell...

Actually this isn't a picture of Ghost, but one I found on Pinterest that made me think of Ghost. Isn't it strange how some cats react to certain things? When the doorbell rings Julie will run TO  the door and Tux looks up, but doesn't react. Ghost panics and runs for the bedroom. Why? Certainly no reason we can figure out. All our cats came inside from being left on our back porch by feral mothers... and all about the same age - maybe 4-5 weeks? Why some show fear of certain things and others don't is a mystery. Sometimes I think that Ghost doesn't see well and that's why noises scare her. She can see... but how well is difficult to tell. 

It's been raining here for 2 days now... and forecast to continue. It's also cold... not terribly, about 32 F... which is cold enough. Between reading and watching Netflix, my grandson has been teaching me how to play "Minecraft" on the computer... and a card game called "Magic: the gathering".  Both are interesting, but very convoluted (at least to me who in general doesn't play games or cards). But I'm persevering. Are any of you familiar with these games?

I have played Solitaire and Mahjong on the computer when I'm wasting time waiting for something to finish cooking, but that's about it. If I have some time, my preference is to read, write, quilt, or sculpt. But my grandson plays video games a lot... (I guess most kids do these days) and is very patient teaching me the ins and outs. And I do believe that learning something new is good for our brain... so I'm working on it.

My sister-in-law loves to play the slots at Casinos. She goes with her friends whenever she can. Now she never brings much money, so she can't lose much... but enjoys the games, the food, etc.  I tried the slot machines once when on a cruise and found it boring. Why? When so many people apparently love casinos and gambling, it makes me wonder what's the attraction? I must be missing something...

Anyway, that's where my mind is this dark cold rainy night. Guess I'll get back to Minecraft and see what progress I can make. 

Thanks for reading!