Friday, August 25, 2023

kitchen gadgets...

Loch Ness soup spoons!  Love it!
and don't need it... but really cute

I don't know about you, but I'm in the kitchen a lot. And I've learned over the years that I like to keep things that I use almost daily close at hand. So you might consider my kitchen 'cluttered' as the countertops are not clear...  my pots are hanging over the counter easy to reach... and baskets hold containers of wooden spoons, spatulas, etc.

But what I wanted to talk about today is a few of my favorite kitchen items. Some of these were given to me, some I bought... but all are things that I use constantly and am grateful to have them.

Today I will mention just 4:

garlic smasher

Garlic Smasher. This is my most used item ever since it was given to me by a friend a while ago. We use garlic in almost everything and this little gadget smashes it easily.


And this is a new garlic smasher called Gracula... and believe it or not, it works great. It was also a gift from a friend recently  and I used it for the first time this weekend. Works well... and so cute!

egg ring

This is an egg ring... although it was originally bought for pancakes, it works for both. Makes the best perfectly formed fried eggs... (just do remember to spray the inside of the ring before using). We use this a lot. 

and lastly (for now anyway)...

long tongs

Long tongs. This item probably everyone has... but I didn't... for ages I just used a fork or a spatula to turn things over, etc. But after we got the toaster/oven air fryer, it became a necessity.... sometimes having to turn things over in the middle of cooking. I love this gadget as it does help me avoid burns... especially in the Aga.

So, this is my exciting post for the day. Am I being sarcastic? (Yes... and granddaughter is learning sarcasm lately. She's 10. I have to say, "Really??" a lot these days, and she laughs and says, "No, Grandma, not really".)

Oh, one more pic... this is a gadget I saw on Pinterest that I probably need. I love corn on the cob, but my grandson doesn't like it 'on the cob'... so I cut it off with a knife for him. This looks like it would work well.

corn cob scraper

What about you? Any favorite gadgets? Think this corn cob scraper would work on all corn cobs?... some are thicker than others, so I'm not so sure.

Well, it's Friday already. DH and I did go to the Senior Center yesterday... just to walk and sign up for a one-time class (Fitness and Weight room orientation). We did meet 2 people this time - Jennifer who works at the front desk and is kind enough to answer questions... and John, another senior who was commenting to us as we did our laps around. And they were serving 'Baked Potato with pulled pork' at the Cafe. It must be very popular as the line was really long (and I have to say that it did look and smell good). We didn't stay to eat though as we had some errands to run.

And that's it! Have a wonderful weekend! I've heard people say on their blogs that "Fall is in the air", but I haven't seen any evidence of it here yet... 

Hugs (virtual),


Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Am I crazy? (probably)

I've never been able to have many plants in the house... mainly because we always had inside cats who loved to chew on them. Recently I bought a Maidenhair fern and put it in my front room window. It's out of the direct sun, but still gets light. She started off as a small 4 inch potted plant, and then I bought her a larger pot and started talking to her. (I know... crazy cat lady becomes crazy plant lady)

But I have to say that she seems to like it. She's doing quite well. Here's a picture. She still isn't very large, but looks healthy and happy. Don't you think?

and now the interesting part... DH and I were at Central Market getting groceries during Hatch Pepper Week (big thing here in Texas). They roast the peppers and sell them fresh, roasted, and in every item you can imagine. I've even seen Hatch Pepper ice-cream.  We like the mild form and do buy the HP cheese, HP sauce (great with chicken), and even tried the HP brownies once. Anyway, I digress...

This week they also had the actual Hatch Pepper plants on sale. Since my daughter-in-law loves peppers (even Jalapeno and Ghost peppers) and has a pretty neat garden, we thought it a good idea to get her one of those plants for her birthday that is coming up in a few weeks.

Anyway, I sat the Hatch Pepper plant in the front room on the same windowsill as my Maidenhair fern. It's only been a few days, but I have been in there once or twice watering and talking to these two plants. They both look well and happy. But I now have a dilemma. I think they have 'bonded'.... and now don't know if I can separate them. Crazy, yes? 

Look closely...
think they are reaching out to each other

I don't want my Maidenhair fern to go into mourning at the loss of her friend.  I know people will say that plants don't do this... but I'm not so sure. Thinking I may have to buy another  Hatch Pepper plant to give to our daughter-in-law and let this one remain here on the windowsill. What do you think? 

Hugs (virtual),


(Sometimes my mind goes to strange places... but my imagination keeps me happy... and constantly wondering)

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Sunday morning around here...


This is one of the reasons I like Sunday mornings... usually there's no appointments to get to, nothing that HAS to be done, etc. Just a day of rest. Not that as retired folk, we can't do this every day, but retired or not, there are always responsibilities. Houses have to be cleaned, bills have to be paid, food has to be cooked, appointments to go to, etc. 

I like to cook on Sundays so usually I put a roast in or something that makes the house smell like Sunday (my childhood memory is our house smelled like fried chicken and pipe tobacco on Sunday). Today DH is making Cajun red beans and rice, and yesterday I made sour cream chicken enchiladas. Both are enough for several meals, so it reduces the amount of cooking we have to do during the week in this heat. 

sour cream chicken enchiladas with hatch pepper sauce

We had this Saturday night and I will freeze the second batch for another time. They freeze well. So do the red beans.

Talking about freezing. I came upon this pic among my photos of the Arctic storm we had in 2021... which basically froze Dallas and surrounding areas for days. But looking at the pic here in this 108 F weather, I have to say... at least it looks cool

Dallas Feb 2021 - TV news pic

Well, it's almost the end of August. Fall is coming... although no evidence of it here yet (unless you're shopping - the stores are starting their Fall decor). And my daughter has already taken down her spring and summer flowers and put up her pumpkins. I'm afraid I still have bunnies out from Easter... but I like my bunnies. Maybe I'll just put a pumpkin out among them.

daughter's pumpkins

And I will close this hodge-podge of a post with a few pics our son sent of his dogs (our granddogs), Winston and Abbey. Abbey is a recent addition that he says is very feisty and has taken over the house.  


Abbey and Winston

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday... stay out of the heat, make the most of what gives you joy (no matter how small), reach out to your family or friends, pray for those who need help (Maui), and thank God for giving us this day.

 (I appreciate all of you - my blogging friends for allowing me to share these little things with you). 

Hugs (virtual),


Thursday, August 10, 2023

Made me think... and laugh

Not too long ago I read this following question on Facebook and it made me think... and laugh. So, I thought I'd share. Some of you may have already seen this, but thought you might want to add your own thoughts.(I did... but didn't share it on Facebook)

The question was "What made or makes you realize that you are old?"

Interesting question - and as many interesting answers. 

Some were:

1. When I was not able to do the things I used to do

2. When I became out of breath putting on my shoes

3. When I got down and couldn't get back up 

4. Death of my friends 

5. All that scrolling to get to my birth year (Yes!)

6. Crepey skin

7. Can no longer tolerate drama 

8. Prefer to stay home rather than go out

9. When I became older than my doctors

10. Got Senior Citizen discount without asking 

11. Started making noises when I stand 

12. When I became invisible

13. When I tried to kill an eye floater on the window 

14. Started living with aches and pains

15. The snap, crackle, and popping of my joints (Yes!)

16. When people give up their seats on the bench at restaurant (Yes!)

17. Peeing a little when I sneeze or cough

18. Looking in the mirror (Yes!)

19. AARP membership

20. Started napping a lot

Now, I will admit that all of these are pertinent to some extent, but the ones that I find most hit me most personally are 5, 15, 16, and of course 18. 

Although I have to say that #13 is recent revelation . I thought it was a gnat flying around... nope, it's an eye floater! (the fun never stops).

So, any comments on what hits you more? (even though all or most may apply)

And I found these cute memes on Pinterest:

There were more, but these were my favorites... and I have to add this next one because I do feel this way about boxes and didn't ever think of it as an 'age thing'. 

Amazon boxes are so nice. (Or is this just me?)

Getting old or older is a privilege - I realize that. But it comes with so many 'changes'... and they seem to come on so fast,  I find myself working hard to adapt without unnecessary anxiety. So... finding ways to laugh at these changes and adapt is my new focus. And accepting these 'inconveniences' as the price we pay for the privilege of reaching old age. 

And I'm curious, what do you do?

Hugs (virtual still),


(Daughter came back from Colorado to find half her office down with Covid - apparently still around and although not as life threatening, we still stay masked around groupings).

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Hot!! Hot!! Hot!!

Saturday August 5, 2023

Texas is Hot these days. I think Arizona is worse (can't imagine). I looked up Phoenix, Arizona to see how they were doing and it said, it would be 111 F sometime today.  I think Big Bend reached 119 F in June.

Keeping with that thought, both our son and our AC went out last week. It doesn't take long for a house to heat up. Luckily we both were able to get it fixed the same day... 

Also we were planning on having DH's brother and wife visit last week. They usually come up and spend a week with us during the summer and we go to Ham's Peach Orchard, Frog's Coffee Bar and Creperie, Valentino's Italian restaurant, etc. - a week of catching up and eating out! But my 'issues' stopped that... and I felt awful about disappointing everyone, but it couldn't be helped. Still waiting on bloodwork (appt to discuss it Tuesday). 

But on a good note, daughter and her family spent last week up in Colorado... hiking in 70 degree weather in an absolutely beautiful environment. They had a wonderful time and sent gorgeous pics:

and I will leave you today with a funny...  ; )

Keep cool! (and DH bought dark chocolate dove bars this week!!)

Hugs (virtual),

(and I have a weird/sad story to tell 
- but will keep it for another time)