Monday, October 26, 2020

Writing again... hurray! And Halloween decorations!

Got my mojove back... (or possibly the muse that had left due to the pandemic and has finally decided it was time to return?). Anyway, it makes me happy to be 'back in the grove' (and about three-forth of the way finished the sequel to "Time After Time").  

I realize that this may be on no interest to many of you, but to those who write, sketch, paint, sew, or get lost in other crafts - you know how time simply slips away when you are involved in a project. It's as if this dimension doesn't exist... (and you are lost in your own little world). 

Then for whatever reason, the muse/motivation/originality  abruptly disappears. Some call it writer's block... (and I'm sure there are other names for it). Personally at this point I would call it Covid-itis... too many other things on my mind. 

But now it has hesitantly returned. I hope it stays as it gives me pleasant motivation for the day... and a chance to finish something I'd started.  

With the virus ramping up again and the election right around the corner, I really need something to keep my mind occupied. Perhaps the 'powers that be'... sent the muse back to me to save my sanity. Whatever... I'm grateful.

I've actually had a fairly pleasant week; Skyped with my grand daughter (got to see her new puppy up close and personal) Zoomed with a dear friend, and thanks to the technical knowledge of my grandson - was able to visit a friend's island on Animal Crossing... and she was able to fly to mine. We ran around the islands together meeting other islanders and going inside their homes. It was fun.

Unfortunately I don't have any great insights to give to other retirees who may be reading this. This isn't that type of informative  or inspirational blog... although I do enjoy reading those. This is just an occasional insight into my own life that by sharing (for years in  journals and now on a blog) has always been of great benefit to my psychological self. 

And before I close I do have to show you a pic of the Halloween decorations that one of our neighbors did. He does this every year and it's always fabulous. This is the one he's done this year in front of his house.

Halloween castle built in front of neighbor's house 2020

It is amazing... last year it was a Halloween ship that took up the whole front of his lawn. 

Halloween ship 2019

I really hope you are having a good weekend. The weather has gotten cooler here... mornings have been in the 40's and 50's - nice! We've had a little rain, but not much. All in all, we are learning to be content with life as it is. Perhaps this is a good thing. 



(ps: trying a new recipe for chicken spaghetti today. Will let you know how it turns out.)

Sunday, October 18, 2020

a short vent and on to mundane things...

Just a short note here at the beginning of my post so I don't forget to mention it later... (and I very well may... since I forget what I planned to say fairly easily these days). 

But having read and heard so many times recently that wearing a mask shows 'fear'... that it's beginning to irk me. Wearing a mask in my opinion shows common sense and concern for others, NOT FEAR! Does that mean that those people who believe this think doctors wear masks in surgery out of fear?  Science and medical professionals may not know everything, but they are certainly more knowledgeable than the general public. And most people these days are aware of how germs are spread. No, masks may not totally prevent the spread... but the possibility that they may help some is well documented... and seems certainly worth the effort.  I'll take that possibility over someone's concerns for his/her worries about a show of fear any day.

Now that said... I will go on to other things:

Yesterday I made a chicken and broccoli bacon quiche.  Grandson is not terribly fond of broccoli so I chop it up really well and add it where I can. It has been my experience that anything that has an abundance of bacon and cheese is generally well accepted.

Preparing the ingredients

finished quiche

Next are some pics my D-I-L sent of my youngest grand daughter (7) visiting a friend out on a local farm this week.

I was told that she absolutely fell in love with the Giant Pyrenees in the first pic!

And lastly here's a picture of my living room 

in the Animal Crossing game: 

The island is beautiful and the ocean views are fantastic. In this game you can also swim in the ocean or fly to mystery islands. Now with Halloween upon us, I have the island decorated with carved pumpkins, etc. as well as have put several pumpkin patches (which grow orange, yellow, white, and green pumpkins) all over the island. 

(Since I can neither garden nor travel these days, this game has given me some virtual options - and I am continually amazed at how detailed the options are) 

Anyway, I truly hope you are having a good weekend... and if voting is behind you, possibly a calm one knowing that THAT is behind you and now only time will tell...  (and prayer couldn't hurt).

Hugs, (virtual of course)


(...and forgive me for venting at the beginning here. Sometimes you just have to say what is on your mind and in your heart)


Friday, October 16, 2020

I voted!... and an adorable kitten!

Yes, yesterday DH and I voted for this 2020 election! We used the absentee ballots for the first time and instead of mailing them  took them to the secure designated mail-in voting location for our county. It took about 30 minutes to get there as Texas is only allowed one designated voting place for each county. But it was fine... and once there, easy and fast. And we got our "I voted!" stickers!

Really glad to have that over and done. Now whenever political ads are shown on TV, I simply switch to another channel. Already made our choices, so no need to listen to all that - (knowing so much of it isn't fact anyway). We're at the 'what will be - will be' stage now. 


And I have to show you a picture of this kitten that I found on Pinterest.  Isn't the most adorable thing?

I mean, really... how could you not want that? I sent this pic to my grand daughter off at college and her first response was, "I need it!".  I had to explain to her that she didn't "need" it, she "wanted it" and there was a difference (she already has 2 kittens).


wall of masks

Our wall of masks is growing. No, I haven't been making any more. But doctor's visits have been supplying them as well as health groups sending some through the mail. The 2 hooks on the left are DH's and the 2 on the right are mine. Grandson has his own supply upstairs.

And we recently sent off for shields. They were relatively inexpensive and work well. They are the type that sit like glasses and help keep my own glasses on (which constantly fall off with just a mask).

Listening to the news this morning sounds like we are going into the 2nd wave of Covid... not surprising since so many refuse to take the measures to protect others.  But each to his own, I can't force you to protect me, but I will do everything in my power to protect my own ... and you! (don't mean to sound altruistic as I think most people feel this way)

Anyway, that's it for today! Hope you have a wonderful (cool and sunny) weekend!  Do Vote - any way you choose - but vote! We create our lives by our choices, so make your choice! (and be accountable)


Sunday, October 11, 2020

Night blooming cereus, wonderful poster, and Uncle Wiggily...

Night blooming cereus

I so love these flowers. They are so 'unearthly' (maybe ethereal is the right word). My mother-in-law always had them in Louisiana... and my brother and sister-in-law have them now. 

We did have one for a few years, but lost it one cold winter here in North Texas. They not only look ethereal, but the aroma is beyond wonderful. Even our cats would gather round them when they bloomed and released their scent. And they bloom in the night and die by morning. Sad, but beautiful... (the other weird thing - maybe not weird, but notable - about this plant is that the plant itself is ugly, but it's blooms are beyond beautiful)

Our night bloomer never made more than a one or two blooms each year... (which we eagerly awaited) but my brother-in-law's plant in Houston makes as many as 15 on one bush in one night! Unbelievable!


Found this on Pinterest... and loved it!

My little red headed grand daughter who is no longer little has her 19th birthday this week. 


old Uncle Wiggily book

When I was growing up, my brother used to read Uncle Wiggily to me. This wasn't the one he read from... mine was simply "Uncle Wiggily" as far as I knew and the book itself was red.  I actually thought I had it here someplace, but somehow over the many many years, it can no longer be found.

But my youngest son and his wife found this one somewhere and bought it for me.  It must have belonged to this person who signed the inside back in 1932. 

I can only imagine they enjoyed it as a child as much as I did...

Hope you are enjoying this Fall weather and staying safe during this pandemic. And whatever your views are, I urge you to get out and vote - by mail or in person. If ever there was a time when every vote counted, it is NOW.  


Tuesday, October 6, 2020

update on a few things...

First of all, I will say that apparently I had the wrong 'view' (that pencil sketch on the far left) set up on the new blogger. When I got on to do a new post, it was in the html mode, not  the compose mode - so there was no big T little t available at the top, and no normal signs that I've been used to. 

You would think that being retired, we'd have all the time in the world... (more or less - if we don't conk off unexpectedly one day). But what seems to happen (at least with me lately) is what is pictured in this cat poster... "Ah, so much to do! So little desire to do it!"

There are things that I do that need doing every day and are done... like cooking, cleaning, maybe texting or talking with friends or family. But there are some things that have been needing doing for a very long time... sorting, filing, throwing away... that I can't seem to make myself do. I plan to, sometimes start, but never finish. Why is this?

We get the basics done, even some of the 'needed for some time' things like having the tree men come and cut down the large dead tree that had fallen some time ago out back. They did this this morning (cost $$$). 

But I have to find a way to get motivated to get all this paperwork that accumulates, sort through the mail, and file... as well as throw away stuff we no longer need.  How to do this? 

I had to call this morning to find out why I've never received my absentee voter's ballot when DH received his last week... and we mailed in our requests together. 

Then the Sleep Clinic called to say that I don't have to return this week as apparently I don't have Sleep Apnea (good news!). But they want me to keep my online appointment with the doctor to discuss possible other issues???

I still get up occasionally (did early this morning) and have tea with Ghost in the kitchen... at about 5 or 6 am. Ghost is no longer with us in person, but she is certainly still around in spirit. 💖

Going to close this now. Just wanted to update those who might be interested.  Hope you all have a wonderful week.  Wish you could all have tea in the kitchen with me and Ghost...



(Oh, and I made an old fashioned custard pie yesterday. I love custard pie - well, I love custard anything pretty much.) 

So here's a pic:

Sunday, October 4, 2020

some favorite posters... and continued difficulty with new blogger

Having difficulty with these pictures. Can't seem to set them up the way I'd like... so just posting them as the new blogger does. Really confusing! My pictures show as gibberish on my screen, but show Ok on preview. Can't find where I used to make my type larger... so leaving this as is. But anyway, these are some posters I found on Pinterest that I really like. If this difficulty continues, I may switch over to word press. Hugs, Rian

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Rabbit Rabbit! White Rabbit! Oct. 1st...

Rabbit Rabbit!  White Rabbit!


Just wanted to say Hi on October 1st!  I know that I haven't been posting much, but  getting some testing done. Did the sleep clinic testing this week. Waiting on the results.

Otherwise, we are fine. Watched the debate... not going to say anything about that. Guess it was what we expected. They do have to have a better way to get the debaters to stop interrupting when it isn't their turn to talk. 

Two things that were mentioned worry me, but perhaps that was what they were intended to do.  One was having people "show up to watch the voters vote" (what is that about?) And the other is no promise for a peaceful transition whatever the outcome (seriously???)

That's all I have to say today. Will update you when I get my sleep testing results. Thanks for visiting. Made a killer broccoli and cauliflower casserole the other day. Delicious! 

before cooking

Thinking about playing around with my watercolors again soon too. We'll see...