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I am not a poet. But thoughts come in free verse form, a sort of haiku... when time is passed in silence... observing nature

As it affects me, I respond. These were some of the notes written in my journal while on retreat a few years back.

In the Company of Women 

gentle souls, lost souls, searching

transfixed for a moment in time

suspended in an atmosphere of 

comradery and love

too soon to be thrown back into the arena

to play the games of love and hate

to nurture without compensation

to give meaning to empty lives

remove the outer garments of society, 

class, education, status, 

there remains only one basic instinct

- to love

THIS binds us together...

Silent Awakening

There is peace here

silent and profound

There is beauty here

alone and unbound

Silent Retreat

day 1

7:30 a.m.

on pier

nothing, a fish

the sun shines on my face as 

the day awakens

the motion of the water,

 a cool breeze

and duck calls overhead

this is my morning prayer

I don't need people now

my soul screams to be alone

the bell tolls

...but not for me


I hear the birds

I feel the sun

my senses awaken 

after a long sleep

the walk

The sun, the breeze, the sounds awaken me

the fresh smell of a pecan still green 

in its shell

the beauty of a acorn adorned

with its cap

stillness, quiet

how dear you are to me

like an unquenchable thirst

...and I can't get enough

day 2

the hidden place

again the bell tolls

but I cannot go

the stillness surrounds me

the quiet holds me fast

this is where I belong

at this time

in this place

are there beasties here?

off the hidden path

hidden dells and hidden treasures

pecans low for the picking

others bursting from their shells

on the forest floor

some forest, my dell - but it's mine now

I've claimed it by my presence

and  it welcomes me

little trails of tiny flowers

hidden from all who dare not come

for fear of beasties in the wood

rare treats to find

for those who venture

not without fear, but with

a quest

Thanks for taking the time to view this page. It's a small part of me that I'm hesitant to share... but nature constantly astounds me.

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