Saturday, July 13, 2024

Crazy Birthday gift : Covid!

Well, I really had a nice 79th Birthday Weekend. The kids came over and  I made Chicken Tetrazinni  and salad Friday evening  and we had individual little bundt cakes (several flavors) for dessert with ice-cream and coffee later. Saturday we visited Hamm's Peach Orchard for home-made peach ice-cream and took home fresh peaches... and a bag of local whole pecans (best ever!) as well as their delicious peach-pulled pork sandwiches. 

The kids took us out for dinner at my favorite restaurant Saturday night and all left by Sunday morning.

Monday morning I awoke with an extremely sore throat... something I never have. Since my cousin and her grandson were flying in on Tuesday for a 4 day visit, DH gave me a covid test... which was positive?? Not trusting that test, I went to the doctor's and had them take a test... STILL POSITIVE! 

Sent a text immediately to my cousin in N.O. to let her know so she could cancel her trip. But her response was "No, we'd still like to come... if it's OK with you"... (she had had to cancel earlier in November and didn't want to cancel again). Her grandson is 12 and was looking forward to his first flight experience. Of course it was OK with me. I wanted to see her (it's been several years and although we text, it's not the same as sitting down and talking. We grew up together and since my siblings have both passed, she is the closest thing to a sister that I have.)

Anyway, they came, and although I wasn't up to doing a lot, we did get to talk and do a few things. I Lysol sprayed and wiped things down and wore a mask, but still had to excuse myself and retreat to my room when the fatigue hit hard. But DH filled in cooking and talking with her and my granddaughter came to play games with her grandson... (even though they were both a bit shy about that).

Having Hot Chocolate at Eataly's 

They left yesterday evening. I can only pray that they don't get sick.

But this Covid virus is a 'mean' one. The coughing is relentless. Your nose, throat and chest burn... and the headache runs from the back of your head down your spine (although I have spinal arthritis - so possibly this isn't part of Covid - but even my eyeballs ache??)

Yesterday was Day 4 and my taste went. That is so strange. I can tell something is sweet... but can't make out a flavor. They did give me Paxlovid, but not taking it. I have too many problems with medications for me to chance it. Have it under control with Tylenol, saline nasal spray, cough drops, and gargling (have never run a fever).

Grandson who lives with us is now testing positive. Hope and pray that DH stays negative.

Today is Day 6. Somewhat better... cough still active, headache and sore throat gone. Woke up drenched in sweat, but feel a bit better. 

Not exactly a fun post, but just thought I'd update my few bloggers who might want to know.

So please take care. Obviously this virus is still hanging around. Can't believe I avoided it for 4 years and got it now. And although it may not be as dangerous as it once was, you do not want this!

Thanks for reading. Hope my next post will be more uplifting! 

Hugs (virtual),


Saturday 10 am update:  DH just tested COVID POSITIVE...

Monday, July 1, 2024

July 1, 2024 Rabbit! Rabbit! White Rabbit!

Rabbit! Rabbit! White Rabbit!

It's July already!! Can you believe?

Hugs (virtual),


Friday, June 28, 2024

Friday hugs... to everyone!


I actually have nothing to write about, but felt the need to send out virtual hugs to all.  And I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's a strange feeling after listening to the debate last night... a debate that IMO didn't help either party. One just spat out lies and the other didn't look or sound too well. But that's all I'm going to say about that.

It's the end of June already, July will be here on Monday... and it's hot! Not triple digits yet, but close. Excessive heat warnings issued.

On top of that - DH and I will both hit 79 in July. How does that make you feel, you say? Not sure... a bit apprehensive maybe that the big 8-0 is next (if we're lucky). But all in all, our kids are supposed to come for a visit sometime in July - as well as my cousin and her grandson from New Orleans, so we are both looking forward to that.

On another mundane subject, I made a new recipe the other night... oven fried chicken. It turned out well. I think the guys liked it. We don't deep fry anything here... but this chicken came out crispy and it's done by pan frying and then put into the oven. It may be a keeper.

I don't know about others, but sometimes I get so tired of making the same dishes (after almost 57 years), that I have to try something different. But I'm not going to do anything too complicated, so when it's fairly simple, but turns out well, I'm pleased. 

The feral cats (and kittens) are doing fine. We've had 2 little tiny possums visiting lately. One climbs up into the cat tree and naps on occasion. He is really cute... DH says he thinks he's a cat.

A neighbor couple stopped DH this morning when he was out cutting the grass and asked him about our sign on the fence which says "Wildlife Sanctuary". They asked if we get other animals besides feral cats. Of course, he said yes we do, possums, raccoons, box turtles, etc.  This couple live over by the stables and said they did too... but not as many as you would think.

Will leave you with a few funny cat memes:

Have a wonderful last weekend in June 

and please 

Stay out of the heat!

Hugs (virtual), 



Sunday, June 23, 2024

Sunday thoughts...

Recently a friend sent me some Scottish heather honey and some Scottish seasoning mix from the Scottish Gourmet. It was an early birthday gift since my 79th birthday is coming up in July. I've never used a seasoning mix that has flowers in it - although I'm aware that some flowers are edible. This has marigold petals, rose petals, and heather flowers in it. I plan to try it, but was wondering if anyone else has used something like this... and if so, what did you think?

Oh, and I should mention to anyone out that is Gluten Free, that I tried a new brand, Cappello's frozen GF biscuits and Brown Sugar cookies. Both were very good. Expensive ($8/bag), but good!

And I tried the lavender flavored Lafamiere French yogurt... it's really good. And comes in those cute little ceramic jars. The lavender flavor is very subtle, not strong, and the yogurt itself is delicious. I will buy more.

Also youngest granddaughter is spending the weekend with my daughter in the Hill country and has found one of her favorite bugs (she's a bug lover - future entomologist?). It's a walking stick bug.

She called me to let me know of this exciting find and sent me a picture. She named him 'Brancher'... and he's a very welcome addition to her collection of snails and doodlebugs.

Nothing else of interest to talk about except that I made The Durney House Meatloaf recipe this week. Haven't made meatloaf in a very long time. The guys liked it. Plan to serve it again today with some home-made scalloped potatoes. The Durney House is (or used to be) a house converted into a restaurant and one-room B&B in (or near) McKinney, TX. We haven't been there in years, so I'm not sure it's still in operation. But they were known for their meatloaf... and it is a good recipe.

And since I just listened to Face the Nation this morning... all I'm going to say about the upcoming elections is Please Vote! Whatever or whoever we end up with will be the country's choice and we will deserve what we get (one way or the other). Heaven help us, but IMO, that's the way it is... and we will have to deal with it. If we fight it, it'll only make things worse. We must accept what happens or there will be chaos... and I don't think (but hope) that no one wants that (although I suspect that some do).

Virtual hugs and loving thoughts to all of you out there. It's nice to have someone(s) to share my thoughts with occasionally.

The strange books I'm reading (Child of another kind, etc.) divide people into 2 categories; empaths and narcissists. Empaths concerned with helping other people and narcissists with helping themselves. I don't personally think it's that simple, but it's an interesting concept.

Hugs (virtual),


Thursday, June 20, 2024

just a few little things...

Nothing terribly exciting going on, so I thought I'd just do another mishmash (hodgepodge? ragbag?) of a few little things.

We do 'teatime' every day between 3 and 4pm, so I took pics of my tea cups the last 2 days (lame, I know... but I like teacups).

 Sculptured Grape by Metlox-Poppy Trail


Both days I was having GF Schar shortbread cookies with my tea. They aren't wonderful, but are ok. I really like shortbread cookies and real Scottish Walkers GF shortbread cookies are great, but a bit expensive.

These are DH and my coffee cups. I'm not supposed to have coffee due to a bladder/kidney problem, but I let myself have a 'little bit' anyway... and use espresso size cups. 

And this is a new yogurt brand that I'm trying. Haven't actually tasted it yet. But it comes in these adorable little ceramic pots, which I plan to use for something (maybe plants?). And one of the flavors here is lavender. I'm looking forward to trying that.

The only other new addition to our house is my Fiddle Leaf fig plant:

We hope it will do well in this area by the 2 windows.  We shall see. It is part of my new plan to add more plants in the house. We never could when we had inside cats as they would chew on them... and some could be toxic.  Also if you notice the slate floor, that was also due to the cats. Decided a long time ago that slate was better than carpet when you have cats. But don't get me wrong, we still love our slate floors. 

And one meme or saying I saw somewhere and thought...
"Yes, that's how I feel"... even though taking the high road doesn't always win (at first). Hopefully, it will in the end.

and I like this meme too:


That's it for today! Hope you are all having a wonderful week! 

Hugs (virtual),


Saturday, June 15, 2024

strange week...

It's been one of those strange weeks. Have been extremely tired and headachy, bp spikes and fast heart beats during the night, etc. Wish I knew what caused these flare-ups. They seem to come ever so often... although it's been more than 6 months since the last. 

Have an appointment with my cardiologist Monday and we'll discuss it. Although he does periodic Electrocardiograms and I've worn a monitor twice... he doesn't find anything except some valve leakage that he says is normal for my age. He did prescribe me Rx Propranolol 10 mg to take twice a day, but beings I'm hesitant on taking meds due to bad reactions, I've never tried them. 

I'm thinking that 'pushing 80' has it's own set of mysterious illnesses. Things don't continue to work as they should and just act up on occasion (like an old car).

Despite it all, I made it to my DMV appointment yesterday to turn in my TDL since I haven't driven in 3 years and it would expire next month anyway. Once you're 79, you can't renew online... and believe me, trying to get an appointment or do anything at the DMV is difficult. I now have an ID on order and should get it in a few weeks.

But I will say that going to a Mega DMV office is better than the smaller ones. It's huge... and seems well organized. Whole thing (with the appt) took about 30 mins.

Have to mention this. Do you watch the races for the Triple Crown? We love to watch them. Well, this time at the Belmont Stakes, my horse won! And no, we don't bet on them. Just enjoy picking our favorites and watching them run. Anyway, right before the race I chose Dornoch... mainly because I liked his name (looked it up and it's a coastal town in Ireland). And he won  17-1!  Love it!

Dornoch wins 156th Belmont Stakes in surprise upset.

Key takeaways

And lastly here's 2 pics and 1 meme:

Can you see her in crook of tree?

we were surprised to see a kitten up that high

But we checked later and she had come down. Have to say that it was a safe place for her (dogs, coyotes, etc. can't reach her there). 

How about that?

Have a great weekend! It's Saturday and life is good (despite inconveniences). Reading a strange book called "Child of Another Kind" and it's next one "Earth of Another Kind" on kindle. It's unusual, but kind of thought provoking. Definitely not for everyone. But I like books that cause me to think of things in a different way.

Take Care my friends,

Hugs (virtual),


Friday, June 7, 2024

Friday already...

Tuesday night supper: Marry me chicken, garlic roasted potatoes, and green beans.

Thursday night supper: Fresh corn and bacon quiche (forgot to take picture)

It's now Friday and I'm trying to decide what to cook for the next few days. I don't cook big meals every night, but like to do a favorite or something new a few times a week. 

Haven't made home-made potato salad in a while... may do that this weekend, but have to come up with something different to go with it. Maybe I'll make ham, bacon, & cheese roll-ups with giant crescent rolls? (The guys like those).

Do you (or your family) have a favorite meal or just one that you tend to make a lot?  We seem to eat a lot of chicken and I make Chicken Tetrazinni and Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas. We don't do much red meat. Although occasionally I'll do a roast or meat balls and spaghetti. Pork isn't big on my list, we do a pork roast for New Year's dinner and pork chops once in a blue moon.

I think I've mentioned before that I like Salmon... but the guys don't. So when I have Salmon (maybe twice a month), the guys have a sausage, biscuits, and veggie meal. (I don't do sausage except for seasoning - like in red beans).

Oh, this is a picture of a sandwich I saw posted somewhere...

I thought this looked delicious!

Okay, enough about food. Closing this with 2 pictures:

new great granddog 

this is true

*And just a note here to say that my last post about the baby kangaroo wasn't advocating kangaroos for pets. I was simply amazed at getting to see a baby one up close and personal. He really was adorable.

It's Friday again already! Don't the weeks pass by fast? Hope you all have a great weekend. We've had a lot of rain lately... but won't complain as it's kept the temps down here in North Texas. 

Hugs (virtual),


Tuesday, June 4, 2024

a kangaroo! Can you believe?

It's been a strange, but wonderful week so far. Monday morning DH and I decided that after lunch we would walk at the mall. With all the bad weather and thunderstorms, we haven't gotten out much and really needed to walk. Never expecting to come across this little darling at the mall.

... a baby Kangaroo! 7 months old and just adorable! This isn't an actual picture of the little one we saw as I didn't want to ask the owner if I could take a pic (although I wanted to). The man was carrying him in a pouch over his shoulder, so only his head and paws were sticking out. The little guy licked my finger like a kitten.  

I found these pics that looked a lot like him on the internet... and also apparently where you can buy baby kangaroos in Texas (who knew?

Anyway, I was quite excited at this opportunity. Being in the Veterinary field, I've seen quite a lot of animals, but never expected to see a little Joey up close and personal.

Then... later this afternoon, we had another surprise. A city worker from the local animal shelter knocked on our door. Apparently it was his job to go door to door and let people know that the city didn't allow feeding of feral cats. Can you believe that? I find it hard to believe that a city ordinance can keep anyone from feeding a stray animal. The person himself didn't seem to agree with it, but had to let people know. 

We talked a long time and he did seem like a good guy that cared for the ferals... even said that he tried to dissuade the city from this ordinance. Anyway, we told him that we've been feeding ferals here for almost 40 years, have taken their kittens to the local adoption center, donated food and crates to the Animal Shelter, and even participated in the catch and release program. Even asked him if there was a way to help the feral cats with fleas. We can't get close enough to use any drops on them, and we do put out diatomaceous earth, but could we do more? He recommended a few things that might help. We shook hands and thanked him for his concern.

Anyway, that's how our Monday went... weird, but somewhat wonderful.

Just thought I'd share that with you.

One other odd thing happened over the weekend. DH and I went to Home Depot to get some larger pots to transplant a few of my plants. When checking out the lady asked me if I was ever a teacher?

I said no, why? She said that I looked very much like a teacher she had years ago that meant the world to her. I thanked her, said that was very sweet, but no, I was never a teacher. 

Life is full of surprises...

Hope your week is full of good ones. 

Hugs (virtual),


Saturday, June 1, 2024

June 1, 2024 Rabbit! Rabbit! White Rabbit!

Rabbit! Rabbit! White Rabbit!

Can you believe it's June already?  Where did May go?


Hugs (virtual),


Friday, May 31, 2024

last week in May 2024...

Hi Everyone! This week was far from boring. It started with Memorial Weekend... which was great as we got together Saturday with old friends and had a really nice time at a restaurant and later back at our house for coffee. 

Sunday and Monday were relatively quiet as we didn't do anything special on Memorial Day except talk and text with our kids and family.

But Tuesday morning we were awakened to sirens going off at 5:30,  high winds and tornado warnings being displayed on our phones. DH and I got up, made some coffee, and put the TV on as well as the weather radio. It was raining hard, some hail, as well as thundering and beaucoup lightning... and continued so for a few hours till the danger past. I had our safe room ready if needed. Luckily, it wasn't. 

However, later after lunch when things had calmed down, we drove around to see if there was any damage in our neighborhood. Lots and lots of large branches down, several big trees split, and one telephone pole almost lying on the ground.  But no damage to houses that we could see... and the power in our area was still on. Later learned that over 600,000plus homes were without power. Granddaughter's school a few blocks down was without power, so school was closed (to her delight).

Thursday we headed out to the Senior Center around 10 am to walk. It was overcast and looked like rain, but thinking it would hold off until after lunch, we decided (after walking) to go to a favorite breakfast place to split a BELT and coffee. But before we got there, the heavens opened up and we got torrential rain. However, inside the cafe was comfy and the BELT was great (if you don't know what a BELT is, it's a bacon, egg, lettuce, and tomato). They make really good ones at this cafe... crispy bacon, fried egg, lots of lettuce and a huge slice of tomato on sour dough bread (which is ok for me to eat even though it's not gluten free).

Today, Friday,  is calm. No rain and a bit of sunshine. I had plans today to make one of my dark chocolate pies, text a few friends, go through the junk mail that's been piling up, work on my book, and make Chicken Fajitas for supper. So far, so good.

the makings for dark chocolate pie

finished dark chocolate pie

... and just had to put this cute pic of kid with kittens up:

and... before I close, I will only say this since I just heard about the 'guilty' verdict. 

...and wow! does it ever say something is not right
whenever this person is around

Wishing you all a happy safe weekend! We will continue to binge- watch Outlander from the beginning. I loved the books and feel they did a really good job with the series. Take care, my friends, and stay safe!

Hugs (virtual),

(and just a little reminder: Tomorrow is June 1st... Rabbit! Rabbit! White Rabbit!)



Sunday, May 26, 2024

Happy Birthday Dad.... May 25, 1907

my dad

Today, is my dad's birthday.  He was born May 25, 1907 in London, England. He was 7 years old when WW1 started (1914) and 11 when it ended (1918). He used to tell me he remembered seeing bombed out houses... houses with the walls blown out. I never thought to ask where they lived during the bombing... and as a kid, he may not have remembered. 

But in 1918 Grandpa took Grandma, Dad and his 2 younger siblings to America via Ellis Island. They actually sailed across 3 times... 1918,1919, and 1920. Then stayed in 1920 and settled in Jacksonville, Fla. I've often wondered why they moved from England, but I can only guess it was to get away from the ravages of the war. Some family members said that Grandpa needed to get away from the damp climate... but it's just a guess, we'll never really know. 

When dad was 17 he got a job at an Architectural plant in New Orleans and moved the whole family there.  That's where he met mom... and that's where I grew up.

I used to go with him sometimes when he was driving around the the little towns and bayous of Louisiana checking out the stoneware on the churches, etc. We'd sing "Onward Christian Soldiers" in the car.

Dad and his brother (and I think Uncle Gil) built a boat and a fishing camp on Grand Isle. The men and boys would go there to fish. I didn't get to go often as it was a one room camp shared by several bunk beds, a small kitchen area, no bathroom... just a pier over the water. Dad took my brother who didn't really like to fish. I loved to fish, but could only go if no one else was going to be there. It made me mad as a child... really didn't understand why being a girl made a difference. 

Anyway, these are some of my memories of my father... also the aroma of a cigar or pipe tobacco. Dad was a quiet gentle man, a good man. He died at 75 with Cancer... but not from cancer, but from a stroke during his cancer treatment in the hospital. I still miss him. 

Hugs (virtual),




Tuesday, May 21, 2024

a redo...

This past Mother's Day we were in the Hill country for oldest granddaughter's graduation... but I was wondering this morning what I wrote last Mother's Day. Found it and re-posted it... as the picture and the poem always makes me feel good. 

My mother passed away in 2008, but I wish her 

a Happy Mother's Day today still...  

She was a wonderful mother. We didn't have the same personalities, nor the same likes and dislikes when it came to personal choices, but we loved and respected each other. Mom lived with us for the last 14 years of her life. 

When Alzheimer's became a problem (and I was still working), she went into an Assisted Living facility for a short time, then to a Memory Care Unit. I now regret that I didn't stop working and just take her home - but at the time it didn't seem right for many reasons. Mom passed away due to complications of Alzheimer's within that year. Mom was 94.

And now I want to share with you a poem that I came across a while back that to me embodies motherhood. It's how I felt (and still feel) about becoming a mother for the first time. 


Happy Mother's Day!

Oldest son (one who made me a mother for the first time is now 56 years old... hard to believe But I still feel the same... age doesn't change anything when it comes to your kids.

Closing this on the note that I'm now using Google's Gemini - their AI Chat. It's definitely interesting. I know many of you may be using it too. I'm a little late to the game, but would love to know your thoughts on it's use (or ChatGPT).

Hugs (virtual),


Wednesday, May 15, 2024

a few days in the Hill Country...

We left for Texas A&M in College Station, TX Thursday for our oldest granddaughter's graduation. After the graduation and pictures, we headed over to her friend's apartment for a champagne celebration. Then my daughter, SIL, DH, and myself headed back to our airbnb to rest. I'm sure the girls continued to celebrate through the night.

The next morning we headed back to their place in the Hill Country... (about a 3 hour drive).  Friday we stayed there and had a quiet day just talking, drinking coffee,  and enjoying their Great Dane (Moose), the horses (Hemi and Tootsie), the cats (Gizmo and Penney), turtles, bunnies, and chickens. They also have 3 ponds on their land with huge Koi… 

Moose on porch

Hemi by stall

chicken coup

pond in front yard

I'm posting pics of their front porch because when you sit out there any time of day, there's always a wonderful breeze. I love sitting out there and watching the horses roam.

right side of porch

left side of porch

Saturday morning we went to Beorne, TX - small town about 30 mins away and shopped, ate lunch, and then headed back to the house for coffee and pie. That evening we out to a wonderful restaurant (Oak Vinyard) where we took this selfie and then had our celebratory Mother's Day meal. I had pecan encrusted salmon with fried spinach over Poblano cheese grits (all gluten free and delicious!). I forgot to take pictures of the food... sorry.

And that was our graduation/mother's day get-together!

Coming home Sunday afternoon we hit pouring rain, but arrived safely and  then were surprised to find 2 Swallows inside our house. Grandson was able to catch them and released them outside... but not sure how they got in? We did lose the cap off our chimney a few months ago during a storm... but the fireplace had a glass screen - so not sure how... if that was their entry??

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! 

Hugs (virtual),

Saturday, May 4, 2024

what a difference a day makes...

First of all, I'm not complaining (even though it sounds like it). The last few days have been weird. I woke up with an ocular migraine Friday. These little buggers mess up your eyes with bright light and jagged lines. They don't last too long... and are usually gone in about 10-15 minutes (although sometimes they come back). And they are generally accompanied by a dull headache... nothing like the real migraines I had when younger. I guess this could be considered one of the advantages of old age (the progression from full blown to ocular). 

Anyway, the dull headache came and went all day... so we didn't do the errands we'd planned. After a second Tylenol in the afternoon, the headache went away and by evening I slept for several hours on the sofa... and later in bed. But unfortunately this morning I'm still feeling 'unwell'... no headache, just 'off'... something isn't right.  But at 78 (to be 79 in 2 months), I guess it's not unusual to feel 'off' some days. I mean I'm still kickin' and am in general good health... as far as I know (and want to know). 

You know my daughter asked me a question on the phone the other day that made me pause. She asked me if I had something terminal would I want to know? Her doctor was telling her there was a blood test she could take these days that would tell you if you had cancer or some diseases. I said that at her age (54), I might want to know... at mine (78) I don't know... maybe, maybe not.

Anyway, that's been my week. Hope yours has been a little better. 

Also, our oldest granddaughter graduates from A&M this month. She graduated from high school in 2020... that year the graduations were only videoed due to the pandemic. I'm hoping this graduation will go off well. We're so proud of her.

And good news! We have kittens! One of our long time feral mamas brought her 4 kittens to eat and play on the back porch this past week. They were so cute... about 6 weeks old, one black, one white, and 2 Siamese-looking. Here's a pic of one of the Siamese:

kitten on cat tree

This little fellow climbed up on the cat tree... (we have 2 on the back porch). I took this from the inside window. 

And this next video I also took from inside the kitchen's French door as 2 of the kittens were eating:

(Remember to click on the square to enlarge pic... and then 'escape' to get out of video)

This feral cat is such a good mama. She watches those kittens like a hawk. It took her 4 times to get the smallest scariest little one to come on the porch. She kept going back to get him to follow her.  

I know you are thinking we need to catch them and bring them to the Adoption room at the shelter. We used to do this, but not anymore. First of all they're too fast. Second, we're too old and slow. And third, I've seen what it does to the mamas. They walk around for weeks looking for their babies and crying. Can't do it. It breaks my heart.

Anyway, that's my news for today. Life goes on... a bit different for each of us, but perhaps that's good. It keeps things interesting. Enjoy this wonderful spring weather... and all the green! Before we know it summer will be here...  and with it triple digits. 

Hugs (virtual),


Wednesday, May 1, 2024

May 1, 2024... Rabbit! Rabbit! White Rabbit!

Rabbit! Rabbit! White Rabbit!

 Hi Guys! It's May 1, 2024 ... another white rabbit day!
(and yes, I'm a bit slow posting it today)

Trying to think of something to add here, but I've got nothing.
 All I can think of is that when I was growing up in Catholic school, this is when we would crown the statue of the Blessed Mother with flowers and sing, 
"Oh Mary, we crown thee with blossoms today
Queen of the angels, Queen of the May"

Hugs (virtual),

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Reminiscing... another symptom of old age

me in Fort Collins, Co

I came across this pic the other day of me the summer of my Junior year taking Chemistry classes at Colorado State in Fort Collins. Laura and I had taken an upstairs apartment off campus for the semester. We basically lived on peanut butter (see the jar in my hand) and Tareyton cigarettes. It was the only time in my life that I 'smoked' and didn't do it much as I didn't like it, but it did take away my appetite.  

I remember this summer as the first time I'd ever gone off by myself anywhere. It was a great summer.

The next time I went off on my own was to an Audubon Bird Camp on Hog Island, Maine. At the time I was the editor of the Audubon newsletter for our area and there was a writing contest. The winner would win a week on Hog Island... and I won. It was a fantastic week and I loved it! Fell in love with Damariscotta, Maine and Seawall beach.

Both those excursions are firmly fixed in my memory. 

The first was 1965 at the tender age of 20 and Colorado was somewhere I'd always dreamed of going. Luckily my parents were good enough to indulge me here as I could have taken the same classes at home at LSUBR. 

And the second was in the year 2000 - a strange year that lives forever in my memory for all the things that happened that year. 

First our daughter's wedding was in March and it couldn't have been more beautiful.  Then in June I flew to Maine for the workshop... and it was a great experience! In July both my brother and I were diagnosed with the big C. I flew to New Orleans to help him into a hospital and then back here for my own surgery. Bill died 2 days after my surgery. Later that year both my mother's sisters passed away... 

definitely a year that will live forever in my memory.

I hope this post isn't too sad.  I didn't mean it to be. This one picture brought back memories and it kind of escalated from there. 

Looking back through the years so much has happened between 1945 (my birth year) and today 2024. Things happened that will be forever embedded in all our memories - and we will also always remember where we were when these events occurred (Ex: I was in the ladies room on campus my freshman year when Kennedy was assassinated... and at home watching TV the day the Terrorists took down the Twin Towers.)  And as mind boggling as these events were (and they were!), it is still the personal memories that come back though pictures (or some other source) that I find comforting.

Yes, reminiscing is another symptom of old age (if we're lucky and our memory still works). I read that memories aren't always accurate. They change as time goes by. Maybe this is good?

Do you reminisce much?

Hugs (virtual),