Friday, December 19, 2014

just a thought... and a few pics

Tuesday DH and I went to see the movie, "Mockingjay" Part One. It was pretty good. Having read The Hunger Games series a few years back, I was interested to see how well they depicted the story. My imagination almost always wins over the actual movie production, but this one wasn't bad. However, it's interesting to note that an awful lot of the stories (The Giver, The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze - and many more) all take a very dismal view of the world's future. I wonder why that is. Is it a sign of things to come? Or possibly a sign of where young minds are going to find excitement in a world where technology has taken over our lives.

Not that I'm complaining. I love my iPhone as much as the next guy.  And I really would miss this opportunity to communicate through this blog. Guess I'm a firm believer that we need to keep up with the technology... at least to a point. While I do do Facebook, I use it mainly to swipe family pics that are posted and to check in occasionally to see what's going on with friends and family. And I have never done Twitter... and am not sure of it's merits - nor Instagram.

But I would like to see a movie with a much better (more optimistic, more altruistic?) view of the future. I'm not a Pollyanna and I don't expect that we will cure world hunger or completely stop wars, etc. But you would think that with all the wonders of technology at our fingertips (so to speak), we would eventually cure Cancer, stop Ebola, slow down Alzheimer's and maybe put a dent in world hunger, etc. Just a thought.

And I also wonder why I'm not so taken with computer games when so many actually are... or as an older adult not interested in gambling casinos, etc. again when so many are. It's not that I don't care for fiction (like portrayed in computer games) as I love reading fiction. I actually love reading almost anything... but fiction is probably my favorite. Don't know why. Although if I had to come up with a reason I would probably say it's because it amazes me what our imaginations can come up with and I like visualizing other possibilities.

BTW, our 2 little black kittens that live (for the most part) in our front yard are enjoying their Charlie Brown tree we put out there. I hung an ornament on it and came back from the movie to find they had not only knocked the tree over getting it off, but must have played with it on the walk enough to break it (it was glass... stupid of me). Now I've swept up the glass and replaced the ornament with an unbreakable one.

Braveheart in basket on front porch
(taken with cell phone through window)

More pictures of our cats in holiday spirit... (kind of)

Tux in Santa cap ("really mom???")

Molly in Christmas collar... ("whatever...")

Ghost in Christmas scarf thinking.... ("WTF?")

Julie getting ready to attack singing mouse
(I had to take about 6 pics before she would settle down and stop hitting him)

And last of all  this pic I took in the parking lot of Walmart as we were getting in our car. The cart area was covered in birds and as I took the picture, some flew off... but still it's a strange shot... and I like it (although I don't know why). So I thought I'd share. 

Have a great Christmas week! And stay warm and safe!


  1. The birds...makes me think of the Alfred Hitchcock movie. :-)

    I haven't seen any of those movies. I haven't been to a movie theatre in so long I can barely remember. LOL. Used to do it all the time, but somehow it seems so unimportant now. Or maybe I've let life suck all the imagination out of me. (That would be a sad thought!)

    Anyway, I see how festive your felines are feeling. Ha. They were very patient, all the same. And maybe the kittens need little cat toys...nip mice, that sort of thing. No string or ribbon to choke on, of course. :-)

    Have a lovely holiday! It's so hard to believe it's a mere 6 days till another Christmas Day. It seems like it was just Christmas a few months ago.


    1. Yes, Hitchcock's "The Birds" as well as the movie "Jaws" left lasting impressions. And Kim, we don't go to movie's hardly ever either... but DH wanted to see this one. As for me, I can always wait until it comes out on DVD.
      And yes, the felines are festive (not!) but they behaved fairly well for their photo shots. And we have given the kittens out front surprises in their basket... puffy balls and catnip mice... which they grab and take off into the bushes.

  2. Starlings or crows? I can't tell. How odd.
    Merry Christmas week to you, too.

    1. Definitely NOT crows... may have been starlings.

  3. LOL to the Charlie brown tree for the kittens...your such a softy...that is why I enjoy your blog.♥ Looking at Ghost made me think of my Lucy..still miss her so much. I pray you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy New year♥

    1. Thanks, Dee. The kittens are enjoying the tree and the Christmas basket... where ever so often a toy appears!

  4. Your kitties, inside and outside ones, all seem very very happy and content. I love cats and know that your long-suffering cats did the best they could with your demands to be "festive." There is not a cat alive that won't climb into a box or a basket! :-)

    1. It's strange, DJan. They may not be excited about the photo shots, but they love the attention! (even Grumpy Ghost)

  5. HaHaHa...Ghost is definitely in a scroogey mood by the looks.

    1. Ghost is *often* in a scroogey mood... or so it seems. There are days that even walking past her makes her hiss (but she's a sweetheart at other times). I personally think it's her psychological make-up. I read an article years ago about at study being done on 'schizophrenia and cats'... and some cats really fit the bill (not Ghost - she's got multiple physical and psychological probs which affect her personality, but she's not schizophrenic).


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