Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday ramblings... tea, Ghost, and more pumpkins!

Sitting here on my bed drinking a cup of peppermint tea and multi-tasking... meaning I'm also reading a mystery novel, knitting, and texting with a friend who is house-bound due to ankle replacement surgery. Ghost usually keeps me company...

DH and I were up early Tuesday morning in order to run a few errands. We went to the cleaners, dropped one car off to be inspected, went to vote, then did our *walk about* at the mall... yes, the mall with all the pumpkins I mentioned in my previous post. Here are more pictures of the abundance of pumpkins there:

I told you... they're everywhere... all colors and sizes! DH and I were wondering just what they did with all of them after Halloween??

In this last picture you can see one of the ponds where there's usually ducks and/or turtles. Right now there are turtles (Red Sliders I believe).  Most were in the other pond that is connected under the bridge you see on the far left of this top picture.

We also received NEWS yesterday about a new Ebola specialty facility that is being created at one of our area hospitals. I don't know much, but from what we hear it is is to be another one of the CDC Special  Ebola Centers... similar to the ones in Atlanta, Maryland, and Nebraska. Since it is basically  *in our backyard*, we naturally have mixed feelings. First feelings were OMG, then... well,  we certainly need more hospitals that are trained and equipped to care for Ebola cases.

Since it seems that we may have things under control at the moment in Dallas with the first group of quarantined and self monitoring persons deemed well, we are only waiting for the second group to have the same outcome. So possibly we're on the right track in our ability to contain this issue. Let's hope and pray that this is true.


  1. What an awful lot of pumpkins, and so prettily arranged. They make a wonderful display.

    It’s as well to be prepared for ebola but the chance of contracting it is tiny.

  2. You have a very upscale mall, compared to ours! They probably toss the pumpkins, but I hope they at least compost them.

    Our city's big hospital (two in town) has been designed as one of only several in Ontario to handle Ebola cases, should the need arise. The odds are pretty low, given it's not contagious, and I don't really worry about it. There are viruses that ARE contagious and more worrisome, IMO.

    Take care.

  3. I think the hysteria over ebola is mostly media driven. I know it's scary but it's not easy to transmit to another person, and our health care system has it covered, now. That was a stupid thing they did in Dallas when they sent that guy home with it, but it seems to be a bullet we have dodged. Of course, I'm up here in the Pacific Northwest without any cases anywhere to be seen. Oh, and thanks for the great pumpkin displays! I truly enjoyed them. :-)

  4. I wonder what happens to all those pumpkins, squash and gourds. I hope at minimum they are composted.
    I believe the news media should be ashamed of itself for the fear mongering reporting they did on ebola. They certainly have not given the same attention to the Pennsylvania police sniper, and any one of us has an equal chance of being shot by him as contracting ebola.Which, of course, is only infinitesimally greater than zero.

  5. That is a lot of pumpkin. I also wondered what happens to them after their life as decoration is done.

  6. I have to say something here. Yesterday they had a house here on the news that had decorated with the Ebola scare as their Halloween theme - hazmat tape, de-contamination bags, etc. I'm sure it's all in fun... BUT (IMO) it's in *bad taste* because it is way too soon to be making fun of such a serious situation. Although it *seems* like Dallas and the US have things under control (and I hope to God they do), STILL... when almost 5,000 people are sick and the mortality rate is so very high, how can this in any way be funny? We're not panicking here in Dallas, but when people wake up to hazmat trucks on their streets and de-contamination units pulling things from houses in their neighborhood (to be distroyed), and a growing number of people that must be either isolated, quarantined, or self-monitored.... Yes, it is REAL! And it is SCARY! How is it possible not to be concerned about your family and friends (especially when a good number of them are in the medical profession) when you find all this in your backyard? Panicked? No. Concerned? Definitely! Is Ebola easily transmitted... no, only through direct contact with bodily fluids... but the mortality rate is extremely high... We must stay vigilant.

  7. Beautiful pumpkin photos! My pigs would like all of those once Hallowe'en is over. The turtle pond is great!


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