Wednesday, March 4, 2015

sleety, snowy, slushy...

Outside feral's water bowl

This is our weatherman's forecast for tonight and tomorrow: "sleety, snowy, and slushy"... again. He predicts 2-3 inches of snow for our area, but it should only last until the temps rise above freezing Thursday afternoon. The schools will probably be closed on Thursday which means the kids may have another snow day to make up before summer vacation. 

Luckily DH and I  got out and walked a bit at the mall yesterday to get some exercise and some time out of the house.  We picked up some new loose tea at Teavana. It's called *Slimful Chocolate Decadence oolong* - but we haven't tried it yet. Will let you know. The one we liked so much (Whitc Chocolate Peppermint) is a seasonal and no longer available... which doesn't make sense to me since it was so popular... why not have it available year round and make money on it? Marketing? Never really understood it.

I started writing this early this morning, and it is now close to 1:30. It's been raining pretty constantly all morning. The temp is dropping and the house is cold... even with the fire-place on. I've got my long johns on under my clothes and can still feel the damp.The cats are hugging the Aga and I have to admit that I go there and warm my hands ever so often.  They predict the rain will change to freezing rain and sleet between 3 and 6 and then the snow will come during the night. 

Old pic of 7 cats on bed
This is an old pic of our 7 cats lying on our bed... one of their favorite places - besides the Aga and the fire-place. The orange cat (Thibbadeaux) died about 2 years ago (he was 20) and the big black cat up front (Jack) with the blue collar died last year (he was only 10, but had been struggling for 6 years with a form of Feline Leukemia that we believed was passed on to him in the womb by his mother). The others are still with us... The tortie, Molly,  (behind the orange tabby - they were great pals) is going on 22 and the white long haired in the background is also going on 22. The other 2 black and whites are 11 (siblings of Thibs) and then there's Ghost (smokey gray like a Russian Blue) who is 7. She has genetic kidney problems and was not supposed to survive past her first year, but so far is doing fine. 

Looking for pictures to post that will help me forget the cold. Came across this one of cooking breakfast on the Aga.  Looks warm and cozy...

Guess I'll close for now and go back to reading by the fire-place - with Tux. He doesn't like me sitting there alone... needs to crawl up in my lap and help me read. 

Have a wonderful rest of the week... and try to stay warm!


  1. I am almost embarrassed to say how nice and sunny (and warmish) it is where I am. Around 50 degrees and full sun. But this too will pass, Rian, and before you know it the warmth will return to your part of the country, too. :-)

  2. It's the same forecast as ours. That should be illegal.

  3. Oh my, that weather has to be hard to deal with because it is so out of the normal for you. We were at -30C (-22F) this morning, but with the furnace the house is nice and warm.

    Love the photo of the cats on the bed. That's amazing that your kitties reach such a great age - you obviously take such good care of them.

    Stay warm and I hope spring shows up soon!

  4. That's more snow in Texas than we've had all winter in Mid_wales, Rian, and our house has full central heating (as well as a wood-burning stove) and lots of insulation to cope with winter temperatures. Mo wonder you feel cold! i HOPE SPRING ARRIVES FOR YOU SOON.

  5. Well, it IS warming up this week. Don't know if we're out of the path of any more really cold weather, but I sure hope so. These old southern bones done tolerate ice and cold well.


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