Tuesday, August 16, 2016

just Tuesday in Texas

Boy, Baton Rouge, Louisiana is really hit hard! I heard originally that they had 20 inches or rain, later 31 or something unbelievable like that. DH's brother and his wife and adult kids all live in the Baton Rouge area. Some of them have had to be evacuated. But luckily they are all OK. We spoke to them yesterday. 

And I called family and friends in New Orleans and the surrounding area. They are fine too. I was told that Baton Rouge took the hit. It's hard to believe this... as having grown up in the area, it's New Orleans that gets the flooding because it is so much below sea level. Baton Rouge has had it's problems in the past with hurricanes causing some flooding, but this was basically just rain (continuous rain). I remember it flooding on the LSUBR campus when DH and I were in college. But nothing like this...

Please pray for them. This much damage is hard for an area to recover from... 

Let's see. What else is going on? Of course there's politics, but I won't go there. 

I did go to my pre-surgery appointment this morning. They poked and prodded, took an EKG,... and (what seemed like) a ton of blood. Hopefully all is well enough for me to go on with my cataract surgery. My bp was 110/78 - which is good, but surprising low for a doctor's appt. Don't like doctor's appts so usually my bp goes up a bit the day of the appt. I was expecting more of 130/80 or more. However, I took it again when I came home to double check and then it was 98/51... so I guess its just low today. 

I can do this...

Nothing else of any interest going on. DH bought me some goggles at Home Depot. These are to keep me from rubbing my eyes (a habit with me) after cataract surgery. They should work as they're pretty big and bulky... but they do fit snug where I can't get my fingers underneath. 

Oh, and when searching pinterest for pictures, I came across this one and had to laugh. 

I'm sure this is probably a true pose for most cats... but not our Julie! She loves water! Likes to hang her head under the faucet and let the water pour over it. She also loves it when I take a bath... she hangs over the tub, passing her paws through the water, dipping her head in, and almost literally falling in. She also loves it when my hands are all wet from washing dishes... for me to wipe them all over her and get her soaked.  She is a strange one.

Well, enough for a Tuesday post. Enjoy your week!


  1. Yes, you will need not to rub your eyes for a while after the surgery. I look forward to hearing how it goes. Did you tell them you need the blood for yourself? Sheesh! :-)

    1. I know... and it's a habit I need to break so I'm trying. As for the blood, it just amazed me to see all those tubes filled.

  2. Goggles, how funny. But I could have benefited after cataract surgery. It's hard to go find the drops when fingers are so handy.

    1. Joanne, the goggles may be my salvation. But I also got some white cotton gloves. Rubbing my eyes is such a habit, that I do it without thinking.

  3. My thoughts to your extended family members in Baton Rouge, and all those affected. Our news coverage has shown a bit of the massive flooding, it's mind-boggling. They've also said that only 20% of home owners have flood insurance -- yikes. You're right, it will take a long time to recover and rebuild or even relocate.

    Your blood pressure certainly seems low! Fingers crossed your cataract surgery will be a go and that it be routine, no problems.

    Purrs from my boys.

  4. Everyone says that cataract surgery is not a big deal and so it was with mine last fall. Everyone that I know who has had it done came through with no problems at all. And you know it's usually the disasters that get all the publicity so that would seem to indicate that pretty much all of them go really well.

  5. I hope your surgery goes well and that your family in Baton Rouge recovers quickly.

  6. Rian I hope that your surgery goes well. You will be in my thoughts!


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