Sunday, November 20, 2016

In memory of our Rose...

Rose Christmas morning 2015

Saturday, November 19, 2016 we lost our Rose. She was 22 years old and headed for another Christmas with us after a year of several setbacks. We thought we'd lost her a few months back, but she rallied so well then that we didn't doubt she would continue to do so. And she did... until this afternoon when she suddenly had a Gran Mal Seizure on the kitchen floor. I have to say that after all these years and all the cats that have come and gone in our home, this was something I'd never seen. Her seizure was so violent and went on so long that it shocked DH and I. It lasted 2 - 3 minutes... and I didn't think she'd live through it... but she did. 

It was about 2:00 and our Vet closes at noon on Saturday. So we bundled her up and took her to the Emergency Animal Clinic.  They examined her and suspected a possible brain tumor, but at her age weren't recommending tests or treatments. She was acting strangely, growling and swishing her tail (which isn't that strange for Rose)... but it wasn't like she was angry at anyone, just at whatever was going on within her. 

After they took her in and got her settled, we were taken into the exam room to be with her. We thought they'd sedated her as she was lying curled up and not moving. But when we pet her, she'd swish her tail and growl. The Vet explained that they hadn't given her anything, but that after a seizure, an animal is generally worn out. I think she was in pain... (mental if not physical). We didn't know how the seizure had affected her and if she would be able to function, so decided that the kindest thing to do would be to give her a tranquilizer to calm her and make her comfortable, then to give her something to help her pass over. 

As the Vet said, she'd lived a good long life and that not many cats live to be 22. I think the fear that she could possibly have another of those seizures is what helped us make the decision. It was so awful that I couldn't imagine her having to go through that again. Rose was never a lap cat, but she had mellowed over the years and came to expect to be petted in the morning and anxiously awaited her dollop of cream whenever I had my tea.  


and lately...

She will be missed


  1. Aw Rian, I'm so sorry to know you have lost Rose. Yes, 22 is a great age but nonetheless, it breaks your heart to say good-bye. Sending a hug to you and your husband. Deb

  2. I'm sorry to learn about Rose's passing.

  3. Oh my heart goes out to you. We had to put our elderly cat to sleep fairly recently and in fact, we dealt with an emergency trip to the vet just two evenings ago. Being a pet owner comes with all the joys as well as the hard decisions. Being your cat, she must have had a comfortable, happy life. -Jenn

  4. I am so sorry. Twenty two years is a long time to love and care for a pet. I know you will miss her. Love, Henny

  5. Oh, no...Oh, I'm so deeply sorry. I know she was 22, I know she had a good, long life, but still....Losing her would be terribly difficult, so heart-breaking. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband -- it's good you chose to let her go mercifully. Peace and Blessings to you both and Godspeed to Rose. (((Hugs))) from me and purrs from Nicki and Derry. ♥

  6. It is never easy to say goodbye to our sweet babies. I'm so sorry you have lost your Rose, and know my heart breaks for you. Hugs.

  7. I'm so sorry Rian. May you take comfort in the memories of your lovely Rose, knowing that you gave her a loving home for those 22 years. I have no doubt she loved you and your husband as much as you loved her.

  8. Goodbye, dear Rose. Her fur said she was old and waiting to leave.

  9. Wow at 22 years. I'm sorry for your loss. I recently lost my dog last month.

  10. She did live a good long life, but you made the right decision. I sure hope she didn't suffer for long. Blessings to you and to her. Thank you for introducing us. RIP, Rose.

  11. so sorry for your loss
    she was a beautiful looking cat, gorgeous colouring
    seizures are awful things to see an animal go through
    22yrs is a good innings & she had a loving home
    it's always sad when we lose a family member
    thanx for sharing

  12. I am so sorry that Rose has lost her fight. Twenty two years means she had the best of care for a very long time. The decision pet owners eventually have to make is a brutal one but one so thoughtful and kind. You were lucky to have had eachother for so long. She is at rest now.

  13. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's always difficult to lose a pet,especially after 22 years! You had her for a good long lifetime,


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