Sunday, August 6, 2017

Ham's peach orchard in Terrill, TX...

the train that runs by Ham's in Terrill, TX

This past Friday we made our annual visit to Ham's Peach Orchard in Terrill.  DH's brother and his wife are visiting from Houston and this is one of the places on their "must go" list.  I took several pictures so you could see why.... but the fresh home-made peach and strawberry ice-cream is the principle draw. 

They also have peach (and other fruit) pastry, pies, cakes, salsas, ciders, etc. We have a few favorite things we get each visit, but we also pick up a few things to try... and haven't been disappointed yet. 


Strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries, fresh and in jars

fresh peaches - 2 varieties

fruit ciders (I love the peach cider!)

      pastries, pies,cakes, and cobblers

fresh veggies

and  that first picture at the top is of the locomotive that runs on the tracks right in front on Ham's. We've been there when the train has stopped.. and we watched two people get off,  pick up some fresh peach ice-cream cones, and head back on out. Didn't happen this time... and don't know if it's a normal practice, but thought it was an interesting event.

And those of you that are familiar with our cats may know that Tux and Julie are black and white DSH siblings that are an integral part of our house-hold. Well, these two are particularly fond of going into our office or computer room - mainly because we keep that door closed most of the time and a closed door is just too much for their curiosity. Well, today after our company left, I came in here to work on my blog and decided to let them in while I worked. They are in hog heaven. Both have curled up on the bed in here... just as content as can be. 

Tux and Julie

And lastly, our youngest grand daughter (at 4) is a big fan of Spider-man. Well, DH's brother (who was visiting) brought her a Spider-man T-shirt and she decided that it made a great Spider-man nightie.

You can't actually see the Spider on the front... but it is there!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!  It's supposed to be in the middle 80's for the next few days here... if the weatherman is right! For August in Texas, this is pretty wonderful.



  1. We have such a pie place--Gardner Pie. So renowned. Glad you have one, too.

    1. Isn't it great to have a place like that, Joanne? They are only open from May 15th to August 15th each summer... so we try to get there in May and again before they close in August. This year with my unexpected appendectomy, we only made it in August.

  2. Oh, that orchard shop! Mmmm...I think I'd have to take 3 large shopping bags with me, to hold everything I'd want to buy. :-)

    Sweet pics of Tux and Julie and your granddaughter.

    Have a lovely week, enjoy the temps (which still seem hot to us!).

    1. We didn't overdo too much this time, Kim... only bought about 3 pints of their home-made peach ice-cream, a bag of fresh peaches, and some peach cobbler. But DH's brother fills an ice-chest with the ice-cream and peach products to be taken back to his place in Houston.
      And believe me, Kim... when it's been in the triple digits, the 80's are very welcome!

  3. You reminded me that I love good peach ice cream. I would have loved to visit that place. And the picture of Tux and Julie is precious! :-)

    1. You should visit Ham's Peach Orchard, DJan... if you visit your sister one summer between May 15th and August 15th. You would love it. I think she lives in Texas, yes?

  4. I can see why that it a must-do. Your granddaughter is such a cutie!

    1. It's a fun place to go, Olga. As for our grand daughter, she is something else... constantly on the go... and fast! We all went to the science museum on Saturday and although there were 5 adults watching her, we lost her for a few minutes at one point. Her dad had to give her a good talking to about staying close.


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