Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Rain, sleet, and possible snow...



Well, it's COLD here! (Rain, sleet, and 27F) Cold for me, anyway. I know many of you are used to cold weather, but I don't work well in it... tend to want to hibernate (by the fireplace). 

Or stay in the kitchen (where it's warm) and cook. I made several things lately. Here's our breakfast Monday morning:

This is the way I fry eggs, no butter or oil, just spray with a Crisco Butter spray. I also use the little round metal thing (don't know if it has a name):

Think it's really for pancakes as I have several in different shapes - but it works great with eggs!

DH likes his egg sunny side up (like first 2 pics) and I like mine over easy, so:


and then my over easy plated with toast soldiers:

If you'll notice, I can only have a small amount of coffee due to the acid... so I use an expresso cup and put in a tiny pat of butter. If you've never heard of butter coffee, google it. It's interesting and I find the butter doesn't change the taste at all... and if you're not worried about cholesterol, it's a great way to drink your coffee.

Then because it was cold and nasty out, I thought we could use a warm sweet treat. So I made the boys a peach dump cake

warm, crispy, and full of peaches!

Of course this is made with a cake mix - so I can't eat it because it's not gluten-free. But I did sneak a tiny bite of the peaches and pecans.

That's my cooking for the week. I did make the sour cream chicken enchiladas Sunday using corn tortillas instead of the flour ones - and we all liked them just as well as the flour ones!

Some cooking memes:

and last:

Have a great day! And stay warm!

Hugs (virtual),



  1. Rian I like your silver rings for cooking pancakes (or eggs)--awhile back, I wanted "english muffin sized eggs" for homemade Egg McMuffins, so I made my own ring using an empty half-sized can of Dole pineapple slices. Anyway I sure am sorry for your low amount of coffee--I wish I could cut back, I drink 3-4 (large) cups a day. :^(

    1. Dug, I would have a hard time giving up Coffee completely. Being from New Orleans, I think we had coffee (with milk) in our baby bottles. But I like tea too (Dad being from London, we drank a lot of tea also). And as long as I can have a little coffee now and then, I'm fine.

  2. I'm with that second meme. I don't cook at all. Unless you count putting a piece of fish in to bake and occasionally cooking a stir fry. I heat deli food up in the microwave, though, does that count? :-D

    As for the cold, ugh. I live in a cold province in winter and I don't do well in it, I dislike it intensely. Thermal layers, double socks, parka, mitts and scarf...takes forever to get dressed to venture out. Bring on spring!!!

    1. Layers is the answer I know, Kim... but the cold just seems to incapacitate me. As for cooking, I do like to do that. But if it starts to get too complicated... like the meme says, my mind says 'that's NOT going to happen".

  3. I know those metal rings as egg rings. I am not certain whether it is the 'right' name or not, but that is what they are called here.
    Loved the recipe/science fiction parallel.
    Stay warm and safe.
    It is still hotter than I like it here...

    1. I understand, EC. I hate it when it gets to triple digits in August here in Texas... another time to stay inside in the AC. At least the cold, you can layer and bundle up, not much you can do when it gets too hot.

  4. Replies
    1. Ha! Not rich, but did pay $6.64 for jumbo eggs... and did you notice we only ate one each?

  5. It's February first for me today, and I thought of you as I thought, "rabbit rabbit." I never heard of butter in coffee, but now I'll have to try it!

    1. DJan, you just reminded me that it was the first of the month. I shall have to "rabbit rabbit, White Rabbit" now and hope it still counts. And the butter coffee works well with me. Sometimes coffee is hard on my stomach, but apparently the butter in it helps.

  6. I was wondering how you got such a perfect circular egg. That is just so cool! And YES, I hate having to decide what to have for dinner every single day. Good thing my husband usually makes the decision.

    1. The round egg is easy with the egg ring, Kay... and DH always asks me in the morning 'what's for supper tonight?" I usually don't have any idea, but figure it out later in the day.

  7. winter/cold weather always involves cooking. i like my eggs over easy too!! i also like bacon and hash browns with them. i paid 10.00 for bacon yesterday, that's craziness!!


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