Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hawaii, AC trouble, a birthday, and old pics...

beach in Hawaii

Well, our oldest grandson is off this week to Air Force Boot Camp (or Basics) for the next 6 weeks... and our oldest son left Thursday to join family in Hawaii (their new home). This is one of the first pics he sent us while driving around on his first day there. Actually it's one of several, but I really liked the secluded look of this beach as well as the clear green water. I'm neither a swimmer nor a sun worshiper, but I do love to walk on secluded beaches. There's something about the smell of the air and the atmosphere.

And these next ones were taken at the place they're renting now...

Here in Texas DH and I are surviving the heat with our downstairs AC out. Actually it went out Thursday afternoon and the repairman just left a few minutes ago (Saturday afternoon). Yes, it is up and working again... and we are richer for the cool air, but poorer in our pocketbook. But then, that is life, yes? (and surviving in Texas without AC is difficult - if not impossible)

AND... the springs on the garage door broke this week (repairman fixed that Friday) and we also have a lovely leak coming from the upstairs ceiling through to the computer room... (Plumber called and should be here early next week). 

And it's DH's Birthday today! He's had lots of texts, phone calls, and messages from family and friends... and we hope to go out tomorrow to celebrate. We thought about going out to dinner tonight, but it's really too hot... so we're going to stay in and enjoy our cool air!

Since son was here going through possessions and getting things boxed and packed to move, I started going through boxes of old pics. Came across these... which are some of my favorites of our 3 kids when they were small.

These were taken in our first home in Texas...

As you can see, cats were part of our lives then too...

Now these 3 are all grown up with lives and kids of their own:

our 3 taken some years ago

Guess that's my 'share' for the day.

Also... at the moment I'm reading an odd little book called "The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper" by Phaedra Patrick. It's an interesting little tale of an elderly man who a year after his wife passes, decides to finally go through her things and finds a gold charm bracelet that leads him on an unexpected adventure into his wife's past... and opens him up to a whole new lease on life. I'm not finished reading it, but so far its been an enjoyable read. 

Enjoy your week! (and try to stay cool...)

Sunday, July 9, 2017

lots of catching up to do...

lots of catching up to do...

This summer is halfway into July and I've not posted very often. Sorry about that. From a daily journal-er to a once a week blogger is a bit sad, but there are times when life gets so busy that there is little time to fit in all the things one would like to do. Besides, sometimes a little divergence is good, yes?

My plans to do both watercolor and pottery classes this summer went out the door with my unexpected emergency appendectomy. By the time I got my doctor's OK to drive, I had already missed 3 classes of watercolor and 4 of pottery - and as summer classes are already shortened,  it didn't seem advisable to continue them. 

And our oldest son's plans to move to Hawaii with his family meant their moving out of their house at the end of May and into ours for a while this summer until grandson was graduated and safely off to basics or US Air Force boot camp (which is coming up very soon)... this has changed our normal routine.  But I have to admit we've enjoyed having this time with them. Once your children get married and busy with their jobs and families, birthdays and holidays are the only real time you get to spend with them. So these little unexpected times are to be treasured.

I have continued to work on my watercolor - on my own mostly, but I have watched a few you tube videos also. Not sure how well it's going, but like everything else, doing a little every day should be a good thing.

just practicing with colors over old sketches

Julie, our silly little black and white cat, has become a bath fanatic. She loves it when she can sit on the side of the tub and get soaking wet. If you tell her that you're going to take a bath, she immediately runs and sits on the tub... waiting. Loves me to squeeze the washrag all over her head and body. Such an odd little cat. 

Julie enjoying the bath water...


The kids came over last week to go out to dinner and back to the house for birthday cake. Since this week was my birthday and next week is DH's, we try to celebrate the two birthdays together. We're both 72 this year. He got to choose the cake... which was an Italian Cream cake.  It's his and my youngest son's favorite. Mine is Chocolate mousse... but believe me, I didn't need more chocolate.  Oldest son and his kids are Chocoholics... so we have more cookies, cakes, and candies in the house this summer! (DH is in high heaven - as I never have this much 'trash' around). But what the heck... 

birthday flowers - must remain in bathroom as Julie will chew on them...

Another thing that is going on is that while our son is going through all their stuff and trying to get it all packed away and shipped, I have started going through boxes and boxes of family pictures that have accumulated over the last 50 years (it's not actually 50 until January, but close enough...). What I'm trying to do is divide them up between the 3 kids... and those that should go to other family members (like cousins) and friends.

While doing it of course we are taking a stroll down memory lane... laughing at  some, trying to remember where or when for some, and of course some bring tears as so many in the pictures are no longer with us (like my mom, dad, sister, brother, nephew, aunts, uncles, and a few friends, etc.) But the pictures do bring back memories of happy times when we were all together. So I guess it's 'bitter-sweet'.

Well, I promised to make meatballs and spaghetti today for Sunday dinner, so I'd better get to it. Hope your weekend was fun and will try to get back to the computer later today to read blogs and make comments.

Oh... also my dear friend took me out to lunch this past Thursday for my birthday. She gave me a bag of 'goodies' ... as well as brought me some new books to read. And over the years I've made her several little dog sculptures. Yesterday she sent me a picture of the ones she has on her desk. I'd forgotten which ones she had.

But perhaps it's time to make her another...

Oh, Ghost wanted to say goodbye... or hello? (actually it's not Ghost, but it certainly could be).