Monday, April 28, 2014

Think it's safe to plant now?

Now that Easter has come and gone...  I'm feeling confident saying that spring is really here and it should be OK to start planting my hanging herbs, yes?  My plan is to do it anyway. Guess I could always take them in if a freak *winter blast* hits us this late. It says something... not sure what... when everyone is afraid to even think that winter might be over?  I actually saw some squirrels picking up acorns over by the school this week and thought.... "Oh no, you can't be preparing for next winter already. What does that mean?"

Anyway, I'm planning to buy some basil, rosemary, spearmint, lavender, and thyme. These smell wonderful when blowing in the breeze!

Wrote that first bit a day or so ago and just got around to the nursery this morning. I didn't get all the herbs I wanted, but did pick up some dill, spearmint, and chives. I will have to check another place for the rest.  It was rainy and overcast earlier - with threats for severe weather. But the sun has since come out and I think the threats have moved eastward.

This next picture is one my friend sent me this morning. She had seen these bunny pancakes somewhere and was determined to make them. They ARE cute...

I believe they are decorated with whipped cream and coconut for the tail and bananas and chocolate chips for the little paws.

And this next shot is one I took while watching this squirrel eat from the catfood dish as the black cat carefully watched him. The second that squirrel turned his back on the cat, that cat pounced... just as I took the pic. And no, he didn't catch him.

Monday - continuing with this post. Apparently the bad weather  that missed us didn't miss some of the states further north and east of Texas. Was sorry to hear that tornados did do a lot of damage as they went through Oklahoma and Arkansas. Will pray that no more occur as the weather continues northeastward.

I came across this *tornado with lightning* picture on Pinterest the other day. Isn't this the strangest thing??


  1. We have most of our garden planted. We're covering up the tomatoes and peppers at night because it is still a little chilly...close to freezing some nights. I harvested our first "crop" of the season. Yesterday we had rhubarb pie.

  2. Ooooo, that is indeed the strangest picture of lightning ever. Glad YOU didn't take it. And I do think it's safe to plant now. :-)

  3. The bunny pancakes made me smile--making art with food is fun. The tornado picture is amazing. Terrifying.

  4. Lucky escape for the squirrel!


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