Sunday, November 30, 2014

all clear now to Christmas...

It's the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Black Friday is over (didn't participate)... and the weekend is here clear and sunny. Time to start baking those Christmas cookies to mail out. I always feel that now it's clear sailing till Christmas day. Of course it means shopping, cooking, and cleaning/decorating the house and the tree for the big day. I'm OK with that.

We had Thanksgiving at our oldest son's house this year. This was a first that we didn't have it here at home. But it was great... since we just had everyone over here for grandson's 16th birthday dinner the week before, it worked out well to have it elsewhere. Food was delicious. Company was great. As usual we had way too much food, but hey, it means we could all divy it up and not have to cook for a few days! Another great.

Friday was also youngest grand daughter 's 2 year old birthday. She had a party with an *Elmo* theme (she loves Elmo) with friends and family. DH couldn't attend as he has developed a coughy sneezy miserable cold this week. It started Wednesday and we thought it might just be allergies as he didn't feel too bad on Thursday, but by Friday morning, he had almost completely lost his voice. So he stayed home from the birthday party Friday and drank hot tea, gargled, used nasal sprays, and slept. He seems a bit better today.

This morning we went to pick up our tree. Here it is... un-decorated, but here!

xmas tree 2014
It's about 8-9 feet... not as tall as some we've had, but as you can see it almost reaches the ceiling in that corner. DH and I have *downsized* a bit since the kids are not always around to help us get it up... and we're (let's see how to put this... ) not as *strong* as we used to be (didn't say *young* but you get the picture). We tried a few years ago to go to an artificial tree (some really do look real), but ended up sending  it back... just really missed the smell of Christmas... and the cats love the real trees. 

Molly made it to another Christmas! She's 21 and counting... and she is really doing well. She moves a little slower and sleeps a little more - but don't we all?  

Molly and sneaky snake

We watched an old  movie last night... not old, old.... but we'd seen it before. I think it was called "Parental Guidance" with Billy Crystal and Bette Midler. It's about grandparents going to take care of their grandkids for a week... and the grandparents are totally tech-handicapped (I'd say computer illiterate, but now it takes more than just computers - no Facebook, pokes, Twittering, hash tags, etc.) Truth be told, if you're going to have any kind of relationship with the younger generation, you have to know a little about it all - to have some common ground. But  IMO the movie shows how both generations add to the mix and neither have the monopoly on healthy relationships. 

It's Sunday morning now. DH had a bad night of coughing. He moved himself to the den where he could try to sleep upright in his chair.  I woke up with a head-ache, but it's better now that I'm up and had some breakfast (and snuck in a little coffee - which I'm not supposed to be drinking anymore because of the acid). Anyway, the morning has progressed and I've started baking Christmas cookies today...

Have a wonderful weekend!

(Question:  Does this font seem too small?  It's called *normal*, but large seems to jump to really big... and it feels like I'm yelling when I use it.  Could just be me... being my *introverted* self. I read John's post (Reflections) on Introverts and if I ever wondered, that convinced me.)


  1. Oh, yes. Christmas trees go up exclusively for cats, which occasionally need thread a path through boxes with nice tearable paper.
    I use "large" font in my blogs, after a reader requested. It is much large in the composition state than when published.

  2. Thanks, Joanne. I will try the larger font next time.

  3. What a beautiful tree! Will love to see it all decorated too.

    1. Olga, we started decorating it... but with DH's cold and me not been up to par lately... it may be next week before we finish.

  4. That tree is downsizing? LOL. It's massive and oh-so gorgeous.

    I had a few real trees here (small), but our city no longer picks them up, you have to take them to the recycling place yourself, so with no vehicle, I stopped. I don't mind an artificial and I like mine very much. Plus I lost my sense of smell years ago (allergies to cats, among other things) so I wouldn't be able to smell a real one, unfortunately. But I still remember how wonderful it was. :-)

    Belated happy b-day to your adorable granddaughter.

    Healing purrs to your hubby from my "boys."

    1. The city of Richardson does pick up and mulch the live trees after Christmas - as well as allow anyone to pick up the mulch free - so they makes it easy. I can see why it would be difficult for you especially with no vehicle. And you are the second person I know that has apparently lost their sense of smell - possibly due to allergies. I don't think I have allergies, but I do find that on occasion both my eyes and ears itch... and wonder if that's due to the cats???

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving spending it with family and good food! Happy birthday to your little one.

    The tree is lovely and full - I miss the smell of a real tree but my one cat Saku would never leave it alone. Even so, I need my son to bring it up from the basement...I don't have the strength or stamina to do it myself. Now I understand why my parents left the decorated tree in a corner in the basement all year!

    Hope hubby is feeling better soon and you don't catch it. Have a great week!

    1. We did have a nice Thanksgiving and are now thinking about Christmas dinner - which will be here at our house Christmas day. Today is for getting more ornaments up on the tree as well as a little Christmas baking.

  6. your granddaughter looks tall for her age

    1. I think they say she is tall... long legs. My son is a little over 6' and DIL is probably 5'8. Since I barely hit the 5'4 mark, I'm the shortest one in our family.


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