Sunday, March 13, 2016

back on the wheel...

throwing white clay on black bat...

I was at the pottery studio yesterday. Haven't thrown much lately due to hand-building and critter sculpting. But today I had a little time while waiting for glaze to dry, so I threw a few pieces on the wheel. This particular one was the bottom saucer for a 'kitchen counter sponge holder'. It will have a smaller bowl in the middle with holes in it to drain the water into the saucer... and the saucer will have a spout to pour out the water. Usable? I don't know... but a cute idea.  

Anyway, the only reason that I took that top picture at this stage was because the white clay on the black bat made a kind of artsy effect. I'm not artsy (more functional)... but thought this was interesting.

kitchen sponge holder - greenware stage

waiting for greenware to dry enough to punch holes

Small baking dish glazed and ready for oxidation kiln


large baking dish - finished product

close-up of speckled buff clay

This baking dish should have been thicker, but is still usable. I used speckled buff clay which gives those little brown specs you see. 

Had some left over pieces of slab from baking dish, so I made this rustic water bowl for the cats...

I started this post yesterday, but now it's Sunday morning... and Spring Break starts this week for Dallas. We thought all the Texas schools had the same Spring Break... (I'm almost sure they did last year), but apparently not. Seems some had the break last week (which was a shame as it rained almost all week). Those who have it this week should have better weather. 

Anyway, I *came up with an idea* last night that I plan to follow through this week. It's to make a quilted chair protector. Sound strange? Well, if you have cats with claws, you will understand. We have 2 large armchairs in front of our fireplace. One of our cats (Ghost) who never climbs and up to the last year or so, never scratched anything - suddenly took to scratching the back of one of the chairs. Up to now, I couldn't think of what to do to stop this behavior. If  I catch her, and shout "no!" she will stop... but of course I don't always catch her. 

My idea is to make a long strip of quilted fabric that can wrap completely around the bottom 10 inches of the chair and Velcro together. Don't know how or if this will work, but decided it was worth a try. Let me know what you think? Crazy idea?? 

That's my news for today. I will close with a heart shaped log cabin style pattern for a quilt that I like - but looks a little difficult and definitely not the pattern I will use for the chair protector.

(wouldn't this make a darling quilt for a little girl's room?)

Have a wonderful week! 


  1. Love the baking dishes, what is the glaze it looks turquoise, a favorite color of mine.

    1. Linda, it is called *new turquoise* and is semi-translucent and giving us pretty good results in the studio.

  2. I can think of a not-so-little girl would would LOVE to have a quilt like that. And your baking dishes look really fine. Since you haven't mentioned her, I guess Rose is still hanging in there. I like to think so, anyway. :-)

    1. DJan, Rose is fine... unbelievably. You would not believe how "down" she was that week we were worried about her. I even had to carry her to her litter box as she was too weak to walk and refused all food. Not having any nutrical in the house, I gave her globs of laxatone on her lips a few times a day... hoping it would give her a little energy. Doubt if that did the trick, but she came back - albeit slowly... eating just a little for a few days, wobbly on her legs, but has gradually come back to her old self. Now her appetite has returned she even takes her morning constitution (walk around the house) like she used to do. She still can't jump on anything - tried to the other day and didn't make it. I think her back legs don't have the strength... But we are happy for her!

  3. Love the finished products, the colors are so pretty. I'm not certain why you think you aren't "artsy". You've got me beat in the shade.

    I hope the quilted chair cover works. My Saku is a pest, he scratches at the bottom of the couch and my arm chair. He can't get under the couch as it is only 2 inches off the floor, but has managed to snag the cloth. As for my chair, I attached a piece of cardboard on the underside but the little bugger has scratched it open and climbs up into the chair.

    Glad to hear Rose is doing better. Have a great week!

    1. I've cut out the fabric for the quilted chair protector... and sewn the pieces together. Next is adding the batting, backing, and binding (and Velcro). I'll post a pic when done. It won't stop Ghost from scratching, but it may give the chair a little protection.

  4. The log cabin heart quilt really is just darling. Wish I was careful enough to do quilting. Unfortunately I'm one of those "Oh, that's close enough" people which doesn't work very well with quilting. Those corners really do need to intersect!

    I love the green-blue of the baking dish that you made. One of my favorite colors. I've used it in varying shades so many times over the years.

    1. "Those corners really do need to intersect!"... not really, Vic. Some of mine don't. "Close enough" works for me. I'm not in it to put in a show... but I do put a lot of love into it.

      As for the baking dish, that turquoise really did turn out well. Sometimes the glazes mixed in the studio don't come out as they should. This one is pretty good.

  5. I love your large baking dish ! I think you're quite "artsy", but that is my opinion. I hope your idea works to keep the chairs from being scratched. We have a cat who was very well behaved for years then all of a sudden decided to scratch a patch on our wall, right through the wall-paper on down to the sheetrock and beyond. Nothing seems to work as deterrent except putting a wood chair in front the that area.

  6. Well, I've finished the chair protector... made it from fabric I had so it was inexpensive. We'll see how it works. I'll post a pic later. Scratching a patch *on your wall* seems odd...


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