Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Saturday... 2016

bunny in time-out

We had our family pre-Easter dinner yesterday evening. Unfortunately our 3 year old grand daughter hadn't had a nap and was 'acting out' a bit. But she compensated rather well and said that the bunny was being bad and had to have a time-out. We thought this was very astute of her as the bunny kept throwing his food and utensils, so definitely needed a time-out. She used her dad's old high chair for this. Don't know if this was indicative of anything since we kept it for use for the grand kids, but she never wanted to use it herself. I think she is a 'free spirit' and doesn't like to be confined.

For dinner we had baked ham, mashed potatoes, potato salad, green salad, baked beans, cinnamon apples, and sweet corn spoonbread. For dessert we had a favorite family pudding dessert that has a baked crust and the chocolate chip cookie pie that I gave the recipe for in an earlier post. Most of the evening was spent sitting and talking around the table. Great family time!

And on another note: 

I found this cat cartoon on Deb's blog, "Just Cats"... and had to re-post it. 

Reminds me so much of Julie's attitude towards our kitchen counter:

"My counter..."

Well, that's about my news for today. I'll leave you with a picture of the bunny and the bear who sit on my mom's old recliner waiting for grand daughter to come over and take them on an adventure. I think this time bear was glad he didn't get *time-out*!

bunny and bear

(...and if you're wondering where the cats are during all this... well, when everyones over, it gets to be a bit too much for them. So they are hiding safely away in our bedroom. If not, it's possible that some would join us at the table and others would definitely be joining bunny in his time-out.)


  1. The bunny having a time out was cute; yes, very clever of your granddaughter. I'm guessing she keeps her parents on their toes. LOL.

    Your dinner menu was mouth-watering! I'd take a care package of leftovers, but I'm guessing there weren't any leftovers -- or not much! :-)

    Happy Easter!

    1. Oh my, yes, she does keep them on their toes! When her older boy cousin wasn't going to play blocks with her, she tried, "But I'm a girl... and I'm cute... and I love you?" And I thought, 'boy, she is going to be a handful!'
      As for the dinner, you are right, there were little left-overs. And we sent what was left of the ham home with the kids. (I'm not a big ham lover)

  2. I think she is definitely a free spirit in the making! That is a wonderful story.
    The cartoon of the cat on the counter made me laugh out loud!

    1. That cartoon is wonderful... and so apropo.

  3. Such a smart little girl! And I too laughed out loud at the cat cartoon. Happy Easter! :-)

    1. It's fun to watch her think things out... and what she comes up with is definitely interesting.

  4. Smart grandchild...she's learned the art of deflection already!

    We'll be having our ham and scalloped potatoes tomorrow, your menu has been salivating already.

    Have a great Easter!

  5. A lovely family Easter. :) Aren't kids great with their sayings? Love the cat cartoon. :)

  6. Thanks, Perpetua. kids and cats... they keep us laughing.


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