Wednesday, May 4, 2016

the hill country around San Antonio...

View of front yard from daughter's porch

I think this is the most peaceful view. It's taken from a rocker on my daughter's porch in the Hill Country. We went there this weekend for her birthday. And I took lots of pictures which I intend to share here.

Let's start with the chickens. I love chickens... they are cute and funny and the little chicks are adorable.

Chicken yard

Young chicks - 2 Frizzle babies in front

They have about 8 grown hens and 2 roosters running about... but these 5 babies are kept in the chicken yard until they get a little older.

Then there's the vegetable garden on the side and the greenhouse (work in progress) in the back where they have lemon thyme, rosemary, and spearmint as well as kale, tomatoes, onions, melons, etc. 

They also have Century plants on the property that are about to bloom. This is sad as I believe that once they bloom, they die.  Here is a picture of the huge stalk they make before blooming.

Century plant getting ready to blossom

There is another plant that we don't know the name of that is beside one of the ponds...

unknown plant
It's very large... maybe 2-3 feet across and the leave are hairy - kind of like lamb's ear.  Any one know what this is?

Let's see... what else did we do? Saturday night we ate out at a restaurant in New Brunsfel (Huisache) - very good food! Then Sunday we went to the Grist Mill in Gruene for their ribs.  Fantastic ribs! (and I'm not much of a meat eater - but do love these).

We watched our grand daughter train for cross-country at both a place down the road as well as at a ranch nearby. They have some beautiful horses at this ranch as well as chickens and a bunny running about.

horses at ranch

bunny at ranch

Then we visited a friend who has birds (as well as chickens, ducks, etc.)  and took a few pics...

The first is a Quaker parrot, the second an African Grey, and I forget this last one...

Oh, and I took this pic of daughter and grand daughter in her friend's back yard - in front of their chicken yard (chicken coop looks like a jail house - really cute!). They have some strange looking chickens too.

daughter and grand daughter

And that's it! I have tons more pics, but won't bore you. It was a fun weekend and if I can ever get some of the videos from my iPhone to my blog, I may post one or two of those. But for the moment, I can't get that to work (?). 

Have a great 'rest of the week'!


  1. What a fabulous weekend! The view is stunning indeed, and oh, I do love those frizzy chicks, so cute.

    Loved all the critter and bird pics, of course, and the photo of your daughter and granddaughter is wonderful. They both have gorgeous hair! :-)

  2. It was a fun weekend, Kim. The Hill Country is beautiful in the spring. We hadn't been there since her previous birthday - when we watched her sky-dive last spring.

  3. Those fluffy chicks are sure adorable! I enjoyed all the pictures and getting to visit right along with you. :-)

    1. The chicks are so cute... and they're so friendly... like to be held and petted.

  4. The view is spectacular, and I love the fluffy little chicks! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with your family. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    1. It is peaceful out there. The Hill Country seems to have it's own personality... warm, quiet, and friendly.

  5. That was a perfect weekend. Family and tons of animals. What's not to love? Wish I had chickens. They really can make delightful pets. I had friends who took their daughter's pet chicken with a slightly deformed beak on vacation with them.

    1. I would like to have chickens too, but with all the feral cats (and coyotes) around, I doubt that it's a good idea.

  6. what a wonder visit, the plant looks like mullein, it will get a tall stalk in the middle with yellow flowers and the finches love the seeds - it is medicinal and useful in lots of ways -

    1. Thanks, Linda. My SIL will be interested. He likes medicinal plants. However, the pictures they show don't look as *large* as this plant is. It's base is about 2 feet across. Does Mullein grow that large? I know they say the stalk gets tall (kind of like a century plant).


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