Sunday, June 5, 2016

awake AGAIN at 4am...

...but I refuse to say I'm sick...

Here I am again... awake at 4 am! Mind too busy to sleep. Missed a graduation party yesterday and that may be part of it. I hate to miss family events. Wanted to go, but haven't felt well this week - headachy and tired. At first I thought it was just the weather. Sometimes when it rains for days, the barometric pressure causes my head to ache. But when I checked my temp Friday, I had a little fever... so I guess something else was going on besides the weather.

Anyway, I've had my tea and toast, sat with the cats a while, and decided that I might as well catch up on some of my blog reading. Thought about re-watching my recorded Stephen Hawking's program, but decided that would make my mind work overtime and I'd never get back to sleep. Have any of you watched that? Here it's on PBS every Wednesday at 8 pm. The first one was "Why are we here?" and had to do with predestination, free will, and parallel universes. It's kind of Theoretical Physics for dummies. I find that understanding how people believed/or believe in predestination, free will, and parallel universes isn't difficult when you follow the train of thought presented. But although I can see the possibility of parallel universes, I find it hard to accept their reality.

OK, onto lighter subjects...

I am still watching Harry Potter. Just finished DVD #4 "Goblet of Fire". I had to post this pic of Weasley's family house. I love this house - and talk about clutter!

Weasleys' house

Also daughter's chickens are getting a major boost in numbers! Rian (my name carrying birthday chicken) has a habit of hiding her eggs. Daughter recently found a whole batch of eggs she's been hiding that are already starting to hatch. As of yesterday morning, there were 3 new chicks. When I texted her yesterday evening to see if any more had hatched, she said that she couldn't tell as "Rian was so mean" that every time she tried to look under her, she'd peck at her! (I actually thought this was kind of funny.)

Rian and 3 baby chicks

And another thing that I wanted to mention today is that although I am on Facebook (not Twitter), I don't post on it much. I do check it to see what is going on with friends and family, print out pictures of family, etc., but feel that it's much too public a forum to do more than read. And when I do post or comment, it's generally to say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Birthday" or  simply reply to a family member. But I never play the games, or get political, or ask others to share or repost... and generally don't respond when others do ask. What is your thoughts? I know that many use Facebook kind of like blogs, to communicate feelings and exchange ideas. 

New technology has given us these methods of communication and like everything else in life, their use can be either good or bad. There are no rules... besides common sense and etiquette. There are some laws that are coming into existence - such as *no texting while driving* (duh? that should fall under common sense... but ??) Etiquette would tell you to turn off your phone/silence it  when in a public place - (no one wants to hear your private conversation in a restaurant or grocery line... but ??) 

Surely the ability to have the answers to almost all our questions at our fingertips through the Internet is a marvelous thing! The ability to snap a picture and send it immediately to your friend or family member is fantastic! Having a means of communication for people who live alone and can't get out is a miracle! 

So... what's my point here? I guess it was to say that I do like and use Facebook as a different means of keeping in touch. Everyone is not comfortable with Blogs and everyone is not comfortable with Facebook or Twitter... or Linked... or even smart phones. IMO it's best to check out what's available and use what works for you... along with a little common sense and etiquette.

I sometimes think old school is better - like my preference for real books instead of e-readers -  but it's a personal preference, not an ideology that detests technology. 

And for no reason what-so-ever I'm posting a picture of our Cashmere Bouquet plant that is in bloom at the moment. DH's brother gave us some cuttings from his yard in Baton Rouge, LA years ago... and the darn thing is definitely invasive! (Pretty... but invasive!)

Cashmere Bouquet plant

Have a great week!

Oh, just got another pic from daughter. Rian now has hatched out 8 baby chicks!

Mama and her 8 baby chicks


  1. I enjoyed this posting. It is like an nice letter (old school) from a nice person. Not many really nice people left. I am watching the series from Stephen Hawkings also. I pvr it and have enjoyed it a lot. I love the little chicken photo. I do facebook but am more comfortable on my blog since I have been doing that for a long time. Have a good week, hope you feel better.

    1. Thanks for the kind comments, Nora. I do miss writing long letters (old school)and perhaps that's why I enjoy blogging so much. My MIL passed away this past December and she was the last person I had to write letters too. She was 98 and didn't use the internet, but always said how much she looked forward to my letters. I used to love to receive long letters from friends and family. Of course now we text or email... not quite the same, but good. Glad to hear that you are enjoying Stephen Hawkings too. And wanted to say that I enjoy your blog also. However, I don't always comment. Will try to do better there.

  2. Before you get overrun, maybe you should have the rooster relocated. Made me laugh! And I agree with you about all our wonders of technology. I use Facebook but not Twitter, and I never share my feelings there. I've got blogs to do that. :-)

    1. DJan, you may have a point about that rooster. And I think we agree on a lot of things besides technology. Looking forward to hearing more about your dream research...

  3. I hope you're feeling better soon. Perhaps it is time to see a doctor?

    I use Facebook to keep in contact with friends and family...and for the occasional rant though the latter are rare. (the latest rant was about a woman who tossed a lit cigarette out her van window into the dry grass on the side of the road.) I have, more recently, posted photos that eventually make their way onto my blog. I seem to have less to say and haven't been blogging as much.

    I'm chuckling over your namesake chicken's secret. She's obviously a very protective mom.

    Take care!


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