Tuesday, October 11, 2016

private thoughts on public matters...

I was looking recently for 'something' that helped me express how I feel about this coming election. Not sure if it's the candidates involved or the media hype or the huge amount of cyber mechanics involved, but this election certainly has me 'on edge'.

And I've been through quite a few elections at my age. However, this one is 'different'... in more ways than one. For whatever reason, the outcome of it scares me (no matter which way it goes). Maybe it's because people are 'so divided on the issues - as  well as the candidates'.  And both sides feel the other side is so very wrong. 

How can this be? Are we really a nation divided?  If so, we need to fix this... but don't ask me how. And don't say that if we put the right person in office, it'll all be solved because it won't... half the country will still be opposed.

And yes, like so many of you, I already know who I'm voting for and why... and no, I'll not say it... as I believe that it doesn't help anything and a person's vote should be private. And no, I'm not afraid or ashamed of it. I'd shout it to the world if I thought it would do any good. But it wouldn't. People have their own opinions and that's not likely to change because they know mine.

But something I do know - or maybe again it's just my opinion - is that to post and re-post ugly things about either candidate does not help anyone's cause.  In fact, it has the opposite effect... kind of like a person being ugly to his or her spouse in public, it belittles the one doing it. The media can get away with it - for whatever reason, but individuals need to realize that it doesn't help.

My thoughts now are that it will all be over soon and God willing, people will accept what is to be. My job is to vote. Beyond that, it's out of my hands.  And I will do all in my power to respect the office of President (whether man or woman) - as I think it belittles our country to do otherwise. 

So I guess this post is really to get this 'unease' off my mind once and for all. I've always felt that putting it down on paper (or in print as the case may be) helps de-clutter my already cluttered mind. Not likely to work, but it's a start... at least I'm not writing it at 3 am in the morning. 

no worries here...


  1. Well said, Rian. As a Canadian I have no say in the outcome but like a passerby to a car accident one simply cannot help gawking at the spectacle that is this year's election. I've watched the presidential debates, the attack ads, and read many articles. We thought our last election had its ugly moments (and it did) but the U.S. election has been over the top. I hope that when the decision is made the divisions within the country don't widen but the politicians find some way to bring them back together.

  2. you have spoken very wise words, and love the cat and pumpkin at your doorstep.

  3. Thank you for such a measured and polite post about a really ugly time in our country's history. And you are right, we are more divided than ever, certainly not a United States at this moment in time. But it can all change for the better. Sending you and the cats lots and lots of love. :-)

  4. I have really noticed the almost complete lack of lawn signs for either candidate around here. Interesting that the atmosphere is so divisive that we don't even want to be associated with our country's political process. The rest of the world must be holding its breath.

  5. Scary times. I've lived a long time but never seen us divided this badly. Even in my own family. Hopefully which ever way it goes, violence will not be a byproduct.

  6. Oh my I think you have nailed this election. Like the first comment, as a Canadian I have no part in the deciding (thankfully)but what ever the outcome, we watch because it DOES affect us. It has been an election campaign that has gone on for years ... Your kitty posts are wonderful to read.

  7. Thanks for all your comments. I really just had to vent. Thought about putting comments off... but don't really know how to do that.


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