Wednesday, October 26, 2016


DH and I voted this morning. So glad to have that over and done. We both feel relieved to have done what we could. Now it's just a matter of time will tell... and praying that we all have it in our hearts to accept whatever the outcome may be. 

There's no need to comment. I'd turn comments off if I knew how. But just wanted to say how glad I am that this election campaigning business is coming to an end. 


  1. Even though it won't make a difference in my state due to the electoral college, I'll be voting early. Much easier than waiting hours to vote

  2. I agree it will be a relief to see the end of this election cycle. We are waiting to vote on the 8th and will anxiously watch the numbers that night.

  3. I wish we had early voting here in Kentucky!


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