Saturday, May 13, 2017

New baby chicks!... and baby kittens, etc.

Daughter sent me this pic this week of newly hatched baby chicks at her house. Says mom is a new mom and being a bit mean and overprotective.... but they are precious. If you look closely (may want to enlarge the pic), you can see that one is dark, one is light, and the one on top is 'silverish'. I love baby chicks and chickens, but with all the feral cats around here, we could never have them.

Mentioning feral cats, a young mother showed up at our back door just this morning with 5 little black kittens. They look about 5 weeks old. They ate, played on the porch for a bit, then disappeared. I imagine she's got them someplace on the property or at a neighbor's.

DH and I walked at the mall this week and came across this hanging plant arrangement. 

We thought it was really an attractive display. This pond area also has ducks and turtles. The kids love it!

BTW, my friend and I went to see "Beauty and the Beast" yesterday. It was her birthday and she wanted to see it. I hadn't heard much about it myself. But it was very enjoyable and Emma Watson ('Hermione' from Harry Potter) as Beauty and Dan Stevens ('Matthew' from Downton Abbey) as the Beast did a great job.

And here's a pic of a neighbor's front walk with her yellow day lilies:


Well, that's about my news. Perhaps I'll close with this pic of my youngest grand daughter trying on heels at Macy's.

She's a hoot!

Have a good weekend... and Happy Mother's Day!



  1. Good thing most animal mothers are protective, babies need all the defense they can get

  2. Happy weekend and happy Mother's Day to you, Rian.

    Those chicks are adorable! So is your granddaughter. Look at her in those heels. :-)

    I saw the early to mid-90s animated version of "Beauty and the Beast" and thought it magnificent, wondered how this version would compare. Dan Stevens was in the Masterpiece version of "Sense and Sensibility", not that many years ago. I have it on DVD, like as it as much as the 1995 Emma Thomson movie version. But off I go on a tangent!

    Your neighbour's walk way is stunning with those day lilies. Just gorgeous. Does she have gardens in her back yard? Some people just have the knack!

    Take care, enjoy whatever plans you have for the weekend.

    1. Kim, I can't remember if I saw the early version, but I remember the basic story, so I may have. This one was done well, perhaps with a bit more poetic license. I had no idea who the beast was being played by until he changed... and then that smile said it all. In hindsight, those blue eyes could have been a give-away.

  3. The chicks are cute! And I love the photo of your granddaughter in the heels. She's a cutie too!

    Your friend's daylilies are gorgeous. My neighbour's are up about 6 inches and she only has the one plant.


    1. The day lilies are gorgeous right now. Too bad they won't last...

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you and all your critters. I love the new chicks and glad to know the mama cat is introducing her babies to a safe place: your back yard. I always enjoy coming to your blog. :-)

    1. Thanks, DJan. Happy Mother's Day to you also! And yes, mama cat continues to bring her babies to our yard to eat and play.

  5. That is such a pretty hen. I love the way baby chicks sit on their mom's back. I didn't realize that I had missed so many of your posts! Hope you've had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  6. Mama hens and their chicks are favorites of mine.I love to watch the mamas tend their young . Kittens too ! This is the time of the year for little ones of all kinds. We have lambs, gosling, chicks, and of course young grandchildren. Grandchildren are the best, aren't they ? The picture of your cute little granddaughter trying on heels is priceless.


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