Sunday, July 5, 2020


 This is my new reaction to the the number of Covid cases rising daily in our county. Saturday's new cases was 1105 in Dallas County. Yikes!!

That's it. Beyond that we follow all the regulations; wearing a mask, social/physical distancing, avoiding crowds (actually avoiding anyone not within our house-hold), washing hands, etc. 

And then I try to forget it.

No one needs to set regulations or mandates telling me what should be done to try to curtail a virus. Any mother knows how to keep a sickness from spreading within her family. After talking (zooming) with my pottery group this morning, we basically agreed that apparently common sense is not so common. 

But if we have to live like this for the next 6 months (or more)... then, we need to re-create our lives.

We can live without eating out
(I miss it, but I can cook)
We can live without getting together with family and friends
(I miss this very much, but can Skype, Zoom, text, and phone)
We can live without going to classes 
(online for pottery doesn't work - one needs a kiln)


Can we live without exercise?  
Too hot to walk outside during Texas summers 
AC Malls are closed

Guess we could do indoor exercise? 
Can't imagine it, but possibly...

If this situation continues for the next 6 months or more, do you have any plans on how your daily life must change?

My thought is that the scary part of all this is not so much the virus itself, but that we don't know what tomorrow is going to bring... physically, economically, or any other way. And IMO it always helps to have a plan...

Again, thanks for reading my rambling thoughts. I probably shouldn't share them with you, but sometimes it helps just to get them out of my head. 



these days

and neither of us 
like fireworks...


  1. It's better to get your thoughts out of your head! I can't comment on the state of things in the US...Here in our little city in Ontario, Canada, masks have been made mandatory in all *indoor* places (stores, malls, taxis, transit) and I'm GLAD of it. People do lack common sense and consideration for others, even here, and I'm truly relieved to see everyone around me now wearing masks in stores, not just a few of us.

    As for where to exercise...don't even mention it. I never was a gym person, obvious when you see my body (lol), but the extra COVID weight probably means I'll never get out of sweats again. Hahahaha.

    Take care; stay safe!

    P.S. Ghost has the right idea, a face plant into a comfy blanket until this is all over. ♥

    1. Kim, I'm not a 'gym' person either. Tried it once and was not impressed. I do think exercise is important though... would rather do it by walking (around nature if it was available - or in an AC mall).

  2. I am always glad to see where you are during these trying times, Rian. I don't like fireworks, either. Especially when they go on for hours! I thought it was bad here with Covid, but where you are is even worse. :-(

    1. Lucky for us, we didn't have a lot of fireworks this year (at least our neighbor who generally shoots off tons from his back yard didn't for a change - it upsets the cats and I'm always afraid that it'll start a roof fire - not to mention it sounding like we're in the middle of a war).
      And I got busy this morning re-arranging the kitchen and doing a bit of un-cluttering. Hopefully I didn't hurt my back moving things around... guess we'll see.

  3. It is frightening to think how bad it is, and may continue to be for some time. We've been lucky here in my part of the world, there are no active cases in our area (reported) but I'm still taking precautions.

    Exercise? That should be a four letter word, IMO. All joking aside, I've read other blogs about the bloggers are managing exercise at home, in one case sit-down exercises with weights.

    I agree with Kim, Ghost has the right idea! Take care and stay well!

    1. We'll have to figure out the exercise thing somehow. Maybe if we walk late in the evening - which is usually when I've retired to the sofa for TV and crocheting??

    2. I still go out for walks along country roads or woodsy trails and distance is easily maintained. My son sent me a link to a site -- Do Yoga WIth Me -- that I have been using ever since studio classes were cancelled. It has a wonderful range of classes and I have made noticeable progress using it.

    3. Sounds good, Olga. I may check out that Yoga site.

  4. My youngest son is a nurse and has been nursing the covid patients, I'm pleased to say that there are no longer any cases in his Hospital, but it has meant that we have not had a hug from him for ages and will continue not to hug for a while longer.
    When it was bad here in uk we still went out in the car and sat safely and observed nature or people, staying in entirely was not an option, we would have gone mad.
    The virus is not airborne so if you are not near people then you are safe. How about going for a walk about at night when everyone is indoors.
    It's here and possibly will not go away any time soon so to worry about things is pointless.
    As for exercise, I hate it but must admit that we have not been walking like we normally would and now that we are able we are noticing a difference in our fitness.
    I try to think of worse scenarios and that makes me feel better.
    Our pubs and cafes are just opening up again so we will see what happens next.

    1. I know what you mean, Briony, as my daughter-in-law is a a nurse working with the Covid patients here in Dallas (hospital beds are full here). Because of this (and my husband's recent radiation) we haven't been able to get together with them (7 year old grand daughter included). And I do so miss their hugs. But we do what we have to do.

  5. I really hate this rise in cases almost everywhere. I can easily live with the new rules, just hate a bit being out of control and no knowing what lies ahead.

    1. It is scary not knowing... but I do believe that we have the ability to win this fight - if everyone would just work together.

  6. I think that the hardest part about this whole virus is the "not knowing". So much about it is totally new territory with new information regarding exactly how it's spread, whether there is any immunity provided if you've had it and, if so, how long it will last, can it be spread asymptomatically and with new symptoms being recognized as we go along------all this information has come along incrementally making diagnosis and response more difficult. All of these uncertainties make it hard to know how to take care of yourself and certainly make it terribly difficult for businesses, workplaces, schools to come up with plans and implementation which may or may not provide a safe environment for us all. The lack of federal guidance and proper modeling of sensible and reasonable behavior have lead to a piecemeal reopening with, it looks like, dire results. Add to this the unwillingness of a large segment of the population denying that this is a real health emergency and refusing to take sensible precautions and you have a terrible situation for all of us to deal with.

    Cases here in southern Indiana are holding steady but we have a major university here in my town and a huge population of students are expected to arrive in late August. That certainly creates a lot of anxiety for me concerning my health and the health of my family.

    Enough! Kick that soapbox out from under me :o)

    1. No, it's fine, Vic. Everything you say is true. All we can do is what we think is right... and hope/pray that it's enough.

  7. Those fireworks were awful last night. I never saw the cat.
    In many ways I am reminded of the forties and fifties. We did not go out to restaurants and visited only with relatives.

    1. We luckily didn't have too much fireworks by us... thank goodness. As for the 40's and 50's, I was born in 45 and don't remember going out to eat much - only to a restaurant on the lake to have boiled crabs on Friday nights occasionally).

  8. Not a huge fireworks fan. But this year I would have like to see the big one on the mall. Our President loves spending our money on celebrations. I do feel sorry for all the animals, as many people stayed home and set of lots of noise.

    1. The animals certainly don't like the fireworks... and I don't blame them.

  9. Okay. "Yikes!" Now I'm moving on ...

  10. You and me both. Altho my lifestyle hasn't changed that much, and I must admit, lately, I've been like a spoiled kid...tell me not to do something, and I wanna do it all the more! I miss dining out most I think. I've been searching online for new trails to walk that won't have a whole lotta people...but, I think those whole lotta people are doing the same. My living ways may soon be all online shopping. Who knows.

    1. My online shopping has certainly increased... not that we shop that much. But now I order groceries, stamps, yarn, etc. online. Never did this before. So it has been a learning experience.

  11. i think your rambling thought are similar to everyone elses!!! i am so lucky to be able to knit/crochet alone. it is a lot more fun in a group, but i am lucky to have hobbies i can do alone. you also, you knit, you could focus more on that!!

    i am fine, i am happy...i feel lucky to have all the wonderful amenities that i have. my life has not changed all too much. i miss my day trips and our special overnighters, and i miss eating out, i really miss eating out and now i sound like a spoiled brat!!

    i miss my family but i love having the hubs all to myself!!!

    1. We are fine for the most part too, Debbie... only we don't get out as much as you. We used to walk at the malls, then they closed - may be open now. Not sure if deserted malls would be safe to walk. A bit hot to walk outside much around here now.
      I do miss going out to dinner with the kids and grandkids... but hopefully that joy will return someday...?


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