Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Tribute to White Face...

White Face and 2 of her 3 kittens

Our tribute to White Face, a young feral mama cat who lost one of her 4 babies 2 days after birth during a rain storm. The solid white one disappeared without a trace when she was moving them from the yard to the porch during the night.

She may have lost a second one this past Sunday night when a coyote attacked in the yard and more than likely she was defending her kitten. But she was killed in the process. It was quick as we only heard her scream once.  But she was such a good little mother. I like to think that she is now joined again with her little lost white kitten somewhere. 

We searched and searched for the other kittens all day Monday, with no luck. But this evening we saw 2 of them poke their heads out of the bushes on the side of the house. So we added some food and water there... and hope that will give them some nourishment. The bushes are thick and deep, so they should be safe for tonight. If we can get hold of them, we will take them to the safety of the Animal Adoption Room at our local shelter. 

Thanks for all your kind comments. White Face has been hanging around since her mama first brought her when she was about 6 weeks old. This was her first litter and despite it all, she was a very good little mother. She never would let us get too close to her, but she knew to come to the door if she wanted cream or a treat.

And although we have several ferals that come and go, she, Squeaky, and One Eye were buddies and often lay around or played in the yard together. She will be missed.

Hugs (virtual),



  1. My heart is broken for Whiteface and her sweet, feisty babies. But I'm very glad they got the love and generosity they needed from Rian, the Feral Cat & Critters Lady. ♥️🙂

  2. That's a lovely regal pose for the good kitty. Glad she enjoyed some times due to your kindness. All Dogs Go to Heaven; cats too. Linda in Kansas

  3. What a sweet little girl. My heart aches for her and her kittens. I do so hope with time you'll be able to capture the two little ones.

  4. Nature can be brutal. I am so sorry for the sweet cat and her babies that we got to know by your posts. I am glad you have at least sighted the remaining two and hope they can get some benefit from the food and water you left them. Hope you can eventually catch them.

  5. such a beautiful kitten with lovely markings, i hope the others will be ok. this is a sweet tribute to her!!

  6. Thank you for the wonderful picture of White Face and her kitten. Hopefully you will be able to help the two remaining little ones. My heart goes out to them.

  7. I do not like feral cats in nature as they can be so devastating to birds and other small animals. They are not a normal native predator. We have one in this neighborhood that is loved and fed by our neighbor. She looks extremely healthy and since there are no feral males she is not going to reproduce. We will miss her if the local fox takes her to feed his young, and as you say, it is the natural order of things, but does not ease the pain.

  8. Thank you Rian. White Face has the sweetest look. So glad you found the two kittens. At least they have each other and hopefully will stay safe.


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