Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Tiny house plans, she sheds, and stuff...

Tiny House Plans

I happen to be surfing through Pinterest the other day and came across this adorable tiny house: 

and so I went a little further to check to see if any others looked interesting... and found this:

...may not be as charming (although definitely cozy) as the first, 
but pretty cute all the same.

It seems to me that if you're going to go tiny, having a second floor would be best... however, if you are of an advanced age, stairs could present a problem.

Also interesting to note, apparently tiny houses are now being bought and used as Airbnbs. 

Next on my surfing... was man caves for women... or she sheds! Now this I would like to have!  (a place with lots of light to write, do pottery, and paint...)  

If you google or go to Pinterest, there are dozens of images. However, this is the only one that seemed to have lots of light. We have room in the back for something like this, but of course it is not a priority... but one can 'dream'.


Today is Monday, but I'm not going to post this until Tuesday as  I'm trying out the Garlic Chicken Fried Rice recipe tonight and will report on it tomorrow. 

Saturday night's Irish Stew recipe was good! The meat (chuck cut in 1 inch squares) was tender and the slight Guinness taste in the stew was good too (and the recipe was easy - which is always a plus).

My veg trug came Sunday and DH put it together today. He said it was an easy construction. Next I have to think about whether I want to plant this season or wait. Guess I'll check out some planting info and North Texas planting dates.  Here's a pic of the trug.

It's 6 ft long, and 30 inches deep

I would like to plant bell peppers, lettuce, garlic, onion, parsley, and basil as these are what we use a lot of on a daily basis. And I like young mustard green in salads too! (Have I mentioned that I LOVE salads!) But I'm not familiar with which of these things are spring or fall plantings. I will google it, but if you know, I would appreciate any advice.

* Garlic Chicken Fried Rice Monday night was very good.  Definitely will make it again and will post the recipe soon. *

Wishing everyone a wonderful week... cool today here in North Texas, but apparently going to warm up as the week goes on. 

*Getting ready to send off to Amazon for Proof Copy of second book in Annie's Story. Once that is approved, printing will start (finally).*

And thanks again for putting up with all my silly ramblings...

Hugs (virtual), 




  1. I am claustrophobic so I don't think tiny houses are for me. And sadly two story ones would be difficult too. I agree that light is an essential.
    I am glad that your recipes turned out well - and happy planting.

    1. Well, she sheds might be more useful, but a tiny house as a 2nd home or short time vacation stay somewhere isn't a bad idea.

  2. It's always fun to read your "ramblings," Rian. And I do look forward to that new book... I love those tiny houses, too. It would be easy to see myself in one, if I had lots of money and a maid. :-)

    1. "lots of money and a maid" - things most of us don't have, but that's OK... it's fun to think about. I'm happy to have a good outlook and a good imagination.

  3. Your tiny houses here look a little too dandy for my taste, but I do love the ones with the industrial finish! They shouldn't make these so difficult to own with building codes etc. There are definitely buyers for them, if they had a legal place to put them. Well Rian, I'm looking forward to that garlic chicken recipe! Your stew sounded good too. 😋

    1. "too dandy"... an expression I'm not familiar with... but I think I get your drift. The she shed with all the open space is my favorite though.

  4. At one time, several years ago, I seriously considered whether I could live in a tiny home in retirement. However, I really don't think I could manage in something that was 8 feet wide. Plus, I'm not exactly a minimalist. LOL. I can do small, but not tiny.

    I like your planter, it's huge! I've never heard of "veg trug" before. It will be great to have fresh veggies, whether you do it this year or next.

    Congrats and good luck with the book!

    1. Can't wait to start planting in my veg trug... but since it will take a lot of soil and we just had both our washing machine and AC fixed, it may be another month before I can get to planting. We'll see.

  5. I'm not sure I could live tiny, at least not for long, but a she shed would be a nice option for hiding away for a little while.

    I don't know about Texas, but here in Saskatchewan, our growing season is very short. About end of May to the end of August. I grew peppers, basil, and tomatoes last year (grown from nursery plants not seeds), and lettuce, peas, and green onions from seed. I didn't end up with a lot of produce but enough to enjoy for a few meals. My recommendation would be to find a local gardeners group on FB and ask your questions. Good luck!

    1. I will check with some of the local nurseries around here as well as a farm store that is down the road. If I get a chance to plant this spring, it'll probably have to be starters and not seeds... and things that will tolerate the Texas heat.

  6. I could do tiny (should be a breeze to clean) since my real house isn't all that big but I would have to have at least an acre like I have now. As long as I have room outside, I don't mind not having much inside. Leafy greens are usually cool weather crops.
    Looking forward to your new book. Will there be a Kindle version?

    1. I'm not sure about living in a tiny house for a long time... but as a airbnb or a vacation home for a few weeks... that would work I think.
      And yes, there will definitely be a kindle version...


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