Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cats and cookies...

Tux's silly face

I forgot to put this pic on the last post.  Tux is all over me when I sit by the fire (or when I knit, or read, etc.). Well, try to take a picture while he wiggles his face in front of your every move. Here is one shot that shows his antics well.  If I didn't love him so much, I would have to strangle him (but he is cute, isn't he?... and he knows it).

Really too cold today to do much.  Did some holiday cleaning, baked chocolate chip Peanut Butter cookies... sat by the fire again.

Texted with my daughter in San Antonio a little while ago. Apparently it's too cold to do much there either.  They usually spend a lot of time outside with the horses, but not today.  She said that they are sitting by the fireplace eating home-made chocolate chip walnut cookies.  What's that song?.... "teach your children well..."


  1. They are in the midst of a storm in her part of the country. We are enjoying sunny skies and cool weather, and I've stayed inside today, too. Just needed a rest. :-)

  2. MMmm. I can smell those cookies and feel the warmth of the fire.


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