Wednesday, November 27, 2013

3 am...

It is 3 am Wednesday morning and I am here reading blogs and making lists.  I woke up a while back and my head was so busy with things I need to do today (not to mention class this morning) that I decided it would be best to just get up and *do* something. So now the green beans are cut, blanched, and ready to cook. I had planned to also bake the yams while up, but may wait on that till this afternoon.

Our Thanksgiving dinner is almost always the same: Smoked Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Jalapeno pecan dressing, Bourbon Sweet Potatoes, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and Green Bean Casserole (this year it's Caramelized Onion Green Beans with bacon and toasted walnuts). We have occasionally tried a new side dish, but almost always end up back with the basics. For dessert we're having a chocolate pudding cake with a baked cookie crust and Kentucky Derby Pie (which is pecan pie with chocolate chunks and bourbon).

And of course there will be Birthday Cake as our little grand daughter will be One on Thanksgiving Day! We've decided to break out the good china, crystal, etc. and go back to having a formal sit-down... which we abandoned for a few years when the little ones started coming as it was hard to keep them seated... so rather than having to pop up every few minutes, we went buffet-style.

The cats love to check out the formal table setting, so they will be *put up* in a safe place during meal time. But don't worry, they will get their fair share of turkey (outside ferals too!).

It is now 2:45 pm and cats are enjoying a sun spot.  Yes! It was cold this morning (28), but it's warmed up and the sun is out! I've already been to class and run some errands.  Yams and other potatoes are cooking and our desserts are made.

Now I just have to change sheets in the guest room and put some fresh towels in the bath.  Hopefully most of the cooking will be done or almost done by bedtime tonight. Our turkey will smoke overnight and I can put the finishing touches on the vegetables, set the table, etc. in the morning.  It will be nice to have everyone home together sharing a meal.  I pray that most people will have some time with their families this Thanksgiving... and I also pray for all those stuck in airports or on the road in bad weather.... that they will arrive at their destinations safe and sound.

So Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 
We have so much to be thankful for... 
and know that I am thankful
for all of you.


  1. Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family, Rian. And of course that includes those turkey-lovin' kitties. Hugs, Deb

  2. And I am thankful for all of MY wonderful blogging friends. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, best wishes to you and yours, Rian. Hugs! :-)

  3. I so wish I could beam over and sample your wonderful food. LOL.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family -- maybe Canada could do two Thanksgiving holidays, our regular one in October and yours too! :-)

  4. How sweet they look all curled up in a patch un sunlight.

  5. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving after your middle-of-the-night preparations. Your menu sounds delicious.


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