Friday, June 29, 2012

Our backyard sanctuary

Looking through our backyard arbor into the greenback beyond...
We don't go back there much anymore.  We did once when we first moved here and the kids were young.  We spent a lot of time down on the lower patio by the creek, lying in the hammock, talking,  and drinking wine.  But now it's pretty overgrown, and English Ivy covers everything (which is pretty, but can also hide copperheads and water moccasins).  The feral cats, raccoons, possums, and box turtles love it!  I keep thinking that one day we will reclaim the yard... but so far, we haven't.  (Another big problem that keeps us from enjoying the area is West Nile Virus, which is prevalent here in Texas.)

One of the box turtles that live in our yard.  He comes up to eat the catfood and figs

This pic is of one of our Mama coons and her 5 kits having supper

We do enjoy watching the wildlife. Like our cats, they make us laugh... and sometimes cry.  But we do what we can for them and look upon it as a way to 'give back'.  But I do worry that one day as we get further into our retirement years, we won't be able to maintain them.  And I do believe that if you can't 'maintain' an animal (give it the food, shelter, and health care it needs), then you shouldn't have it.  I read the question on another's blog once (and I think it was meant to be rhetorical), "Is there such a thing as too many cats?" And I have to say, "Yes!"  We now have 6 inside and a host of ferals outside, and for the moment we are able to maintain all of them.  But there will come a time in the future where it may not be possible financially (or even physically as we age). This does worry me.


  1. That would worry me too. Are there any nearby wildlife rescue/relocation organizations? Or someone else who could step up to the plate? What about a TNR group for the cats? Just something to keep in mind down the road. I don't know how far removed from "civilization" (lol) you are. :-)

    -Kim (Musings on a Small Life and Fuzzy Tales)

  2. We are not removed from civilization at all. In fact, we are in the middle of a subdivision that happens to back up to a creek and a flood plane.. and a golf course. We're just the only ones interested in providing shelter, food, and water to critters in the area.


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