Sunday, July 1, 2012

3 am...

Jack sitting on the counter this morning with my DVD series

Yes, it was one of those 3 am wake-up calls.  They don't happen a lot, but do on occasion... and last night was one of those.  So I made a cup of hot tea, and the cats and I watched "Pie in the Sky". Then I went back to bed at 4, and slept until 7.  Not too bad. Had read somewhere that if you wake up in the middle of the night, you shouldn't force yourself to stay in bed... that if you're still awake 20 - 30 mins. later, to get up and do something.  So I did.

Anyway, I was also reading Chippers post about 'being silly' this morning.  He's right.  We forget how to have fun as we age.  To be honest, I can't think of many ways to have fun.  People party for fun. I've never been a party-er.  Guess I cook for fun, work on the pottery wheel, take pictures, read books, write stories... but most of these are solitary actions.  They don't need a crowd... or even other participants. I would love to learn to fly fish (but again, this can be done alone). When I try to think of fun with others, all I can think of is 'going out to eat'. We do do this. And I guess 'taking classes' qualifies as a fun group activity...  It's all very subjective.

Wrote up a list of my favorite things the other day (actually it was while I sat at the DPS waiting to renew my TDL).   Will figure out how to add those somewhere on my blog page. Which reminds me, my "spell check" here on blogger doesn't seem to work... any ideas?


  1. I never was a party-person, either, even when I was young. Always been solitary and introverted. I enjoy the company of a few friends, but really hate being around a larger group of either strangers or acquaintances. And as I've gotten older and life has brought more cr*p, as it does to most of us, having "fun" and being "silly" have fallen by the wayside. It's not healthy, but it is what it is.

    Can't help re: the spell checker, hope it's just a temporary Google Blogger glitch. You can always check the Blogger help forums. I've posted questions a few times, when I've been having problems, and have managed to sort things out with a bit of help.

  2. Thanks. I will try the blogger help forum. It seems to me that the spell checker worked at one point. I wonder if 'I did something' that de-activated it?


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