Tuesday, February 5, 2013

remembering a kindness...

A recent blogger mentioned "simple acts of kindness" and my mind flew back to years ago... and rather than reiterate the story here, I'll just link up to where I wrote it on an older site. This is the story.

As you can see, a kindness was done to me... and my unborn child 'passed it on' 22 years later. Some would say it was simply coincidence, but I prefer to think that it's all *linked*.  We are all *linked*.

I think we should all 'pay it forward' as the saying goes.
Kindness is contagious.
Do something *kind* today!


  1. Oh, such a wonderful story! And that poor man, so uncomfortable with a woman's tears! Bless him for being so kind, yes, in his clumsy way. Didn't matter, though, did it.

    As I've gotten older and have lost my shyness, though not my reserve, I sometimes will compliment a woman on her hair or colour of article of clothing, etc. Even that, so simple, can make someone's day.

    I'll tell you, Meghan at the vet clinic, who has taken Toby ("my" stray) has done a supreme act of kindness, IMO. Young though she is, she's an angel of mercy, no matter what happens going forward.

    And I happen to agree that we all are (all Beings, IMO) "linked," are One.

  2. That was a lovely story. You are so right. We need to be more conscious of kindness.

  3. How true, Rian. They also say, "what goes around, comes around". I find it more enjoyable to be kind to others whether it comes back to me or not~~~

    Adorable photo :)


  4. And you are doing a kindness to me, by continuing to show photos of your adorable red-headed Grand. :-)))))))))))))))))))))

  5. What a lovely story ...Real acts of kindness like those are rare. I love that photo. xx

  6. I read somewhere as a guide to behavior: Always be a little kinder than necessary.

  7. Thanks to all of you that commented on this subject. I'm sure there are millions of stories out there about the kindness of strangers... but we hear so much more on the news, in the paper, etc. about acts of cruelty, hate, or just plain meanness. It's sad.

  8. beautiful testimony of kindness and a reminder to pass it on. ♥

  9. I've also received the kindness of strangers. I(t is a wonderful feeling to realize that our world, which can feel so uncaring, is really filled with good, kind people.

  10. I love your story, Rian, and you're so right. Kindness is enormously important - one of the big virtues and one we should all try to practice as often as we can. A small act of kindness can make such a difference.


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