Sunday, May 26, 2013

Weekend surprises...

daughter's horses

Our doorbell just rang and our next door neighbors had come to tell us that they planned to put their house for sale and they wanted us to know before the sign went up. This was a decision that they had just made although they have been 'considering' it for over a year. They hope to move to a nearby Retirement Village. We were surprised, but not.  I knew they were considering this, but didn't really think they would do it this soon. They are wonderful neighbors and we have been friends for a very long time (they were here when we built our house in 1985).  So if they sell, and if they move... we will definitely miss them.

Personally I can't imagine moving... at least not in the near future.  Our house is convenient, and comfortable (could use some touch ups, but whose house couldn't?).  And the cats are used to it... and who would feed the outside ferals?  It has an upstairs where guests can stay as well as 'returning kids and their kids'... so why move?  Maybe one day it will become financially efficient to move to something smaller, but right now, we're getting by fine... not great, but fine.

We just had what my son called "Memaw's  IHOP breakfast" Eat all you want! chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs with cheese, biscuits, sausage, and fresh blueberries and cherries! Later this afternoon we are all going to watch the movie, "The Guardians" and eat Smores! Sounds like a good Sunday to me.

On a sadder note - apparently San Antonio area had a good flooding yesterday. We got a text from our daughter early Saturday morning that their house on the acre lot that they rent was "totally under water" and that their place on the 7 acres was "fine, but leaking... and the barn was under water". So they are in the mist of clean up.  What a difference a day makes.  When I was talking to her just Wednesday after all the storms and tornado scares around here, she was just saying how strange that they (who are south of us) had no storms  - that it was just plain HOT.

front yard of daughter's house

And I will mention that I've updated my Facebook status lately... due to some correspondence from family members and from high school friends who attended our 50th HS Reunion (the one I missed while on the Alaskan Cruise). In the past I've only checked into Facebook maybe once or twice a year... but I've promised to do better in order to keep in touch.

I'll continue with the last part of our Alaskan Cruise (Ketchikan, Alaska) soon.  Had to take this 'personal day' here.

Ghost saying, "Do you want something?"


  1. That last picture just made me laugh out loud! Ha! :-)

    1. That's one of the great thing about cats... they DO make you laugh.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your daughters problems awful ...true what you said...what a difference a day makes.
    I am sure your friends will keep in touch but it is sad when good neighbours move.
    On a lighter note ...I love that horse shot ...hope they are not eating what they shouldn't.xx

    1. I 'think' they're just drinking from the stone pond.

  3. Your ghost looks like my Lucy including the expression. :) Sorry to hear about your daughters flooding issues...what a terrible mess to have to clean up. Her horses are beautiful as is her front yard. Hopefully you will still be able to visit with your neighbor friends as they will be nearby and that new neighbors will be as nice as them. :)

  4. Thanks, Dee. Ghost always looks 'put out' - even when she's not. It's just her face.

    As for my daughter's house, it's fine... just had some leaks. However, the one she used to live in and is renting out needs a lot of work due to water damage. The renters had to move out and it is being worked on.


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