Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bacon, egg, spinach popovers...

Tried a new recipe  with Popovers last night!  I didn't get a picture of the recipe completed as it was one of those things where you had to assemble it rather quickly to make sure everything was hot when served. But it was pretty good.  You bake popovers, then steam a little fresh spinach, make a little cream sauce to add to the spinach, fry a little bacon, and pan fry a few eggs in a non-stick pan. Then you slice open the popover, add the cream spinach to each hollow side, place the fried egg on top and 2 slices of bacon over that. DH liked it and we have quite a few popovers left over for breakfast or tea.

And I took these pictures of outside critters today:

Look closely... I think he's smiling.

This is Socks, one of our outside kittens.  She is a sweet thing.

I used the pictures in the extra large form.  Let me know if this causes a problem with any of you readers.  I can always use the smaller form and they can be clicked on to be made larger. 


  1. The pics look great in extra large form. Your blog is wide enough to do that.

    Those popovers are making me hungry. Is it lunch time yet? :-)

  2. Popovers, yum. Haven't thought of them in years.

  3. They look delish. I love anything like that but it would be minus the bacon for me. I like the large photos and Socks looks like a fine one. Hugs, Deb

  4. The pictures were perfect for me, Rian. I enjoyed them very much, both small AND large. :-)

  5. The size is great...I was not aware extra large could cause problems with other blogs. I have never run across that. Hopefully someone would let me know if they have problems with mine.

  6. The pictures are fine for me too, Rian. I now feel hungry and had better go and make lunch..... :-)


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