Thursday, August 15, 2013

getting it done...

As you can see I started painting the inside of my cup cabinet today. I'm not sure if it will take 2 coats to cover, but am waiting for first coat to dry at the moment.

I figure that if I paint one shelf a day, it'll only take 3 days to finish.  Now if I need to do 2 coats... well, we'll see.

The whole thing could be done easily in one day, but then I would have to find more space to put the displaced china.  At the moment I have relocated them to an upstairs bedroom dresser. Letting them lie about on open counters or tables is not an option when you have 6 cats chasing each other around the house.... at least not if you value your china.  This way I will replace the china on the dry finished shelf and start removing the cups from the next shelf.  There is a method in my madness... although DH doesn't always see it.

*Request:  My nephew's son was in a serious car accident 2 days ago.  He underwent surgery yesterday and is still in critical condition in the ICU.  Please say a prayer for him and his family.*


  1. I'm sorry to read about your nephew's son. The family must be devastated. I'll keep them in my prayers. I think your cupboard will look very pretty and much brighter. Deb

  2. I am sorry to hear about your nephew's son...I am praying right now. The back ground color looks nice.

  3. First, purrs and purrayers for your nephew's son; we're keeping our paws crossed for him.

    Second, if you used primer first or have a paint with primer, maybe one coat. Otherwise we say two will look better. :-)

  4. Thank all of you for your prayers for my nephew's son. He has come through the first 48 hours in ICU, so we are hopeful. I believe thoughts and prayers are powerful, so please continue to think of him.

  5. I do hope he will be all right. Thank heavens he's made it through the most critical time. I'm praying for him also. And your china needs to be protected, for sure! The project is looking good, Rian. :-)

  6. I am so pleased to read that your nephews son has got through the first 48 hours ...will add my prayers for him.
    Just had a catch up of your posts that is what a popover is ???...looks a bit like a very puffy Yorkshire pudding....yummy
    That colour has lifted the cupboard ..I expect you will need two coats ....cant wait to see it all complete. I know what you mean about cats and china. I love things out but they either knock them or some think that the rather nice bowl is a private toilet ....just for them .....grrrrrr. xx

    1. Angie, I believe that popovers and Yorkshire pudding are made of the same ingredients... although I have never eaten Yorkshire pudding. It sounds delicious.

  7. Love the cabinet. The blue hanging cups will really show up well against it once you get to that shelf.

    Sorry to hear about your nephew's son. Hope he is doing better.

  8. I love the cabinet. The blue hanging cups will show up really well against the green.

    Sorry to hear about your nephew's son. Hope he continues to improve.

  9. So sorry to hear about your nephew's son, Rian. I will indeed pray that he makes a full recovery.


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