Sunday, December 15, 2013

only 10 days left...

our tree decorated... no garland and no topper
It's December the 15th... only 10 days until Christmas. The tree is done, except for ribbon or garland... or our angel topper... which we cannot find. It's funny, but every Christmas it seems like we can't find some of our decorations. One Christmas we bought 2 large wreaths to put on the front outside windows. After Christmas we put them away...  never to be seen again.  A mystery?? (maybe... or forgetful Senior Citizens)

If you will notice all the ornaments on the lower third are not breakable.  This is because we find them scattered over the house in the mornings. Apparently the cats who behave themselves during the day have a free for all during the night.

Molly (our 20 year old)  awaiting Christmas on her blanket.

The next picture I took as I was leaving class Wednesday.  The geese were all lying together in a no parking zone.  For whatever reason, I thought this was funny and snapped a pic.

Yesterday and today were "cookie" days as I'm baking cookies now to send off to family and friends this week. So far I've made whiskey balls, teacakes, and espresso shortbread. Tomorrow I will do the chocolate espresso delights, Mexican wedding cookies, and Pecan chocolate bark. I skipped the peanut butter reindeer this year, although if I have time, I may resurrect him... but time is getting short.  

The kids and grandkids were over yesterday for pizza and cookies. Grandson had played with his school band in a Christmas parade earlier.  This grandma didn't have time to cook since she was making cookies all day... but luckily... they are always happy with pizza!


  1. It can be easy to feed grandchildren if there is a pizza place near enough. Funny how all houses with cats have mysterious movements of ornaments on lower branches.

  2. I'll take any cookies that have booze, thanks. :-)

    Your tree is so lovely--huge! And how wonderful to have a real tree.

  3. I know missing ornaments all too well.
    Our cat has perfected climbing up the trunk to the top. Nothing breakable on our tree.

  4. I think it's a cute picture, too. They are definitely illegally parked! :-)

  5. That espresso shortcake sure sounds interesting. I think I'll google the recipe. As for the Christmas decorations, we did not put up a tree this year. I did have two large poinsettias that one of the "kittens" has managed to destroy. Never had a cat do that before but we have had the missing ornament scenario.

  6. The cat looks like she's just waiting for you to go to bed!

  7. I got a chuckle with the geese laying in the no parking zone...and those darn cats...LOL....I bet Christmas is their favorite time of year :)

  8. Cats and Christmas trees just don't mix in my experience. :-) Good luck with the cookie-baking. They all sound delicious.

  9. The photo of the geese parked in the no parking area is great.
    It made me smile.


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