Sunday, December 22, 2013

only a few more days...

We went out to eat with youngest son and his wife and baby daughter last night.  She just had her first birthday last month and is quick to copy everything she sees.  I told them they'd better be careful what they say and do as she is definitely a 'quick study'.  You can see when she watches you that she's going to try to do exactly the same thing... and usually does (to some extent). After dinner we drove around in the car looking at Christmas lights.  I thought that surely she was too young to even notice, but she was entranced... watching all the lights and 'babbling away' the whole time.

Well, with only a few days left before Christmas,  the cookies for family and friends are baked, packed, and on their way.  What few things we did order online have arrived, and  what's left is to wrap a few gifts for grandkids.  I do however need to get some Christmas wrapping paper. Think I'll do that over the weekend. Since we are only having a Christmas Brunch, there won't be much cooking to do.  My plan is to make Chocolate Almond Danish, Cinnamon Coffee Cake, and Ham and cheese scrambled egg tortillas... with lots of fresh coffee and/or eggnog  (and I'll make all but the eggs the day before - so Christmas morning will be fairly free - at least that's the plan).

Have to mention that coming home from errands today I saw a man walking with his goat (yes, goat!) And it was a handsome goat too!  I was driving down through the subdivision and I did a *double take*.  The goat was a dark cream color and his markings (beard, ears, maybe tail) were a dark brown... very handsome. The reason I'm guessing that it was the man's goat (although it's kind of strange to own a goat in a subdivision) is that although the animal was walking about 3 feet behind him, when the man turned and spoke to it, the animal quickly caught up. I wanted to stop the car and take a picture, but didn't.

Merry Christmas!
(from our house to yours)


  1. That goat sounds quite like the goats of a friend. And he tells me all goats are like that; cheerfully following you about. House training, I don't know...

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family too!

    I remember a young man walking his goat on campus back in...oh, the spring? I think security or the local police put the kibosh on that, though. I can't remember the goat's name, it was young, male, their pet. It *was* on a leash.

    Anyway, we hope you have a wonder-full, joy-full holiday. All the best!

  3. Merry Christmas and lots of wishes for a wonderful winter season for you and yours, Rian! Love your video!! :-)

  4. A very merry Christmas to you and yours, Rian.

  5. Thanks for all the holiday wishes... and apparently goats must make good pets.

  6. Merry day after Christmas....the video made me smile...such a cutie patootie...and your have to be careful what you say around the little one's or it will come back at you :) I love seeing things like a man walking a goat in a subdivision....LOL


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