Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's day... Jan. 1, 2015

Tux waiting for me to come back while I take pic...

Yes, this is where I spent New Year's Eve... sitting by the fire either reading or knitting. Boring? Maybe... but very comfy.  The cats and DH joined me for a bit.  I always make my mother-in-law's fabulous home-made eggnog on New Year's Eve. DH and I toasted with it... early.... as we didn't stay up until midnight. 

The weather (all I can say is...) "nasty" (cold, wet, and damp). But I am happy that so far we haven't had any *icy conditions*.  But it's perfect for staying home and enjoying the warmth of the fire and good food.  We're having our annual pork roast, steamed fresh cabbage with bacon, garlic, and onions, and fresh from the garden (not mine) black-eyed peas! All are cooking on the Aga now... and the house smells wonderful.

New blue pot on Aga... Christmas gift
(notice cat reflections in Aga?)

That blue casserole dish on top right was a Christmas gift. Thought I'd christen it by using it to make my steamed cabbage today.

Some of you may remember that we bought a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer in October as an early Christmas present. I'd wanted one for a long time and when they went on sale as well as had a *gift with purchase* (a large glass mixing bowl) we ordered it. And I do love it! However,  even though I filled out all the necessary paperwork to get the glass bowl, it never arrived.

Well, by the end of December we had pretty much given up on ever getting it. Then this past Monday we got an email from Kitchenaid thanking us for our purchase and asking us if we would like to buy a replacement warranty for 1,2, or 5 years. I decided to email them back saying that since we never received the glass bowl promised, we weren't too sure about Kitchenaid's customer service...

Guess what was sitting on our front porch Wednesday this week? Yes, the Kitchenaid glass bowl! Now I don't know if it would have arrived like that with or without the emails Monday, but either way, I'm thrilled! How's that for Customer Service?

Oh, have to tell you a funny story before I close here. As you know from my blog pictures our cats like to hang around the kitchen... usually the Aga or the refrig. Julie's favorite place is the kitchen counter. 

Anyway, Molly (who is one of our two 21 year old cats) can't hear very well, and moves slowly... but otherwise does well for her age. She tends to hang around the refrig wanting cream. Well, our refrig has a problem. The door doesn't stay closed well. So to keep it closed, we have a heavy glass water bottle shoved against it. Whenever we close the refrig we have to push that heavy water bottle back against it.

Well muscle memory being what it is, my foot automatically reaches out and pushes that water bottle against the refrig several times a day (without looking). The other day when I did this, I was aware that the object my foot had pushed was neither heavy nor hard. I had pushed Molly against the refrig. She didn't seem to  mind... and  I gave her some cream... after I stopped laughing. ; )


  1. She probably thought it was worth it, Rian. Cream is the prize.

  2. Ha! Now that's funny. Isn't it amazing how we get those automatic movements into our minds and it doesn't matter whether or not it's still a valid thing to do, we still do it. I'm exactly the same. :-)

    1. I know, DJan... it's muscle memory. It becomes habit and your body automatically does it... like go to a certain place where things *used to be*, etc. We used to laugh at my mom who always went to the left... no matter what. ; )

  3. That cat is forgiving! Mine would still be hiding somewhere.

    1. Molly is very forgiving. Now... if it had been Tux, he would have been offended and given me the cold shoulder for a bit.

  4. At first I thought poor Molly, but then I realized she got what she wanted. I wonder if she's figured that out, LOL

    Your evening by the fire with your book, knitting, cats and a loved one sound perfect to me. Happy New Year!

  5. Molly seems to be the volunteer water bottle.


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