Tuesday, May 12, 2015

a link to the past... in my mind's eye

View of Bailey's Cove

See this little cove and the house in the distance. This is a place DH and I actually saw in Maine back in 2002. From it I created *Bailey's Cove* - my home away from home - or place I retreated to 'in my mind's eye'.  

To start at the beginning, back in the spring of 2000, I won a trip to Hog Island, Maine.  I was then a member of the local Audubon Society and a week at an Audubon workshop on Hog Island was the prize. It was a fantastic adventure for me. Besides the fact that I'd never traveled on my own before, my daughter had just recently gotten married in March and after all the hoopla over the wedding, this trip was a god-send. Hog Island is not far from Damarascotta, Maine which is where I stayed at The Captain's House B&B both before and after the workshop. I loved it... all of it. It felt so comfortable - like this was where I belonged - and after I returned home, I began planning how our family could enjoy more of Maine in the future. 

So in 2002 DH and I made another trip there. My hope was that he too would be infatuated with the place and the people. But it was not to be. He didn't care for it.  This saddened me, but since I knew that I'd never be able to survive a Maine winter, I hadn't really planned on moving there.... just thought we could spend some summers in the area. But with this hope dashed, I decided to do the next best thing - create a place there 'in my mind's eye' that I could retreat to whenever. So I did.  I created Bailey's Cove... and a dog (Toby) that would remain there even when the cats and I retreated back to the RW (real world).

It's still there... although I don't visit as often as I used to. But truth be told, it's *virtual existence* comforts me.  Anyway, I was thinking about it just today and decided that maybe some of my readers could use Bailey's Cove. You are certainly welcome to visit anytime. Key is on top of the door frame and Toby loves company! There's a large screen porch and a rocky cliff.... good for reading or napping. And there's a beautiful cove, an old rowboat, and fishing gear around somewhere. 

Or you might consider creating your own place - maybe not on a cliff overlooking the ocean, but perhaps in the mountains, or seashore... or where-ever.  Some of you may be lucky enough to be living (in the RW) this dream existence (which is wonderful in itself), but for those of us who are not, I find "Bailey's Cove" a good substitute.  Feel free to share it with me. 

In some ways, I probably should have posted this on my new website, Mulberry Days (since it is a place I retire to - even though Bailey's Cove was created way before retirement).  But I find it still a good place to go when the Real World starts to get me down. And why not? I can get there in the blink of an eye... (or in this case, in the stroke of a key) and return just as quick. 

(Have any of you ever watched "Waiting for God" on PBS? In this British sitcom Tom is always *going off* in his head to some place he'd rather be... not a bad idea in my book.) 

Anyway, have a great *rest of the week*week and do virtually visit if you feel the inclination! 

I'm closing this today with a picture of Rian (my little chick that was born last year on my birthday). He is almost a year old now and as you can see from this picture, loves to be rocked. Talk about spoiled chickens...

Mama chicken and Rian (the chick)  last year
Rian (1 year old)  being rocked
Rian sneaking into the dog food container 


  1. I have lots of imaginary retreats, the baby chick is so cute.

  2. I recognized the Maine coast instantly. HaHa...the fog always gives it away, but it is pretty when you can see it.


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