Tuesday, July 14, 2015

at a loss for words...

This past weekend our 3 kids and their families put together a Surprise 70th Birthday Party for DH and I.  We were under the impression that we were going over to our son's house for a Bar-b-cue  -  but when we arrived, about 25 people yelled "SURPRISE!" ...   and we definitely were... surprised that is. We had no idea that they would do this as none of us have ever been the type to do surprises - or even to give parties. We generally celebrate low-key with just a family dinner or get-together.

After getting over the initial shock, it was great fun. The house and decorations looked lovely and there was an abundance of food and drink. The best part is that they actually took tons of family pictures.  I haven't seen the pictures yet, but hope to do so later this week. Once I get them, I will post a few.

It's hard to put into words what a lovely thing it was that they did... even though if they'd asked us if we wanted a party, we'd probably have said no (maybe they knew this and that's why the surprise?). But non-the-less, we love them for taking the time from their busy lives to put this together.  Although totally unexpected, it meant a great deal.

My daughter sent this collage she put together last night after they returned home to the Hill Country.

DH and I with grandkids

(youngest grand daughter kept bringing me her kitty... so that's what I have in my hand - upside down)


  1. "Happy Birthday, Rian and DH" I love when someone is genuinely surprised. :)

  2. How wonderful! I laughed when I took a look at the upside-down kitty. Congratulations on having raised such a wonderful brood, you two! :-)

  3. Happy birthday to you both. That was a lovely surprise, well done family :)
    Lovely collage of the cats.


  4. Happy birthday, what a great surprise for you both

  5. Happy birthday to you both! What a wonderful celebration! I thought at first you meant you had a real kitten in your hand, then looked closely at the photo. LOL.

  6. Happy Birthday to you both! What a sweet family and such a lovely surprise.

  7. Deb, DJan, Diana, Linda, Kim, Eileen - thank you for the birthday wishes! It turned out to be a surprising week of activity...

  8. What a wonderful faily. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your day.


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