Sunday, July 17, 2016

post birthday weekend...

Isn't this a great sign?

Saw this sign in a Hallmark store and thought it was perfect...
 I feel this way a lot 

Now that our birthdays have past, we're having a pretty lazy Sunday. As you can see, it fits right in with our 4 cats' idea of 
how one should spend the day.

Lazy Sunday napping...
Julie prefers to do her napping on the counter... with her toys close by

I did however plan to make a fresh peach custard pie this weekend, but since we have birthday cake left-over in the frig, figured that we didn't need any more sweets at the moment. 

So-oo not wanting to throw away my already defrosted fresh peaches, I decided to make 2 small fresh peach tarts - and freeze them for another time! 

peach tarts

And here's an update on the feral cat situation: 

DH was looking out the back door this morning (counting heads) and suddenly said, "Oh no..." I came around to see if something was wrong and he said, "Look by the side wall" which I did. At first I didn't see anything unusual as there are always mama cats nursing their kittens there.

Then suddenly I realized that the kittens were "white" (actually Siamese markings). Apparently this was a new mama and she had 3 kittens (2 Siamese and 1 black) nursing. I immediately told DH, "we definitely have to take that wild-life sanctuary sign off our gate!"

new kittens???

and on a sad note: I dropped my iPhone into the sink this morning (and yes, the sink was filled with water). Snatched it out and looked for rice to dry it out (didn't have any) so took off the protective cover and put it all in front of a fan. It's still working, but there's a smudgy film around the sides. DH went off to get me some rice...


  1. You don't really have that sign out, do you? You know Siamese can read. :-) Hope your iPhone makes it. :-(

    1. Yes, it's a National Wildlife Federation sign certifying that our yard meets all the criteria to be registered as a Wildlife Sanctuary. When we first put it up, we worried that some people might dump their animals in our yard, but now I think the animals find it on their own. But you could be right about them being able to read...

  2. The feral and stray cat situation seems endless and hopeless, but thankfully there are those like you and so many others who help, however they can.

    I LOVE that sign, btw. I'm back to napping on the weekends if possible, now that the former adjoining family has moved. I used to nap in my 20s and 30s, when possible too! Being up at o'dark early means I'm pretty tired by mid-afternoon. Or at least that's my excuse. :-)

    Good luck with your iPhone, hope it dries out okay!

    1. I just checked my iPhone. It's still working, but there seems to be water damage - as around the sides of the image are water smudges. I'm leaving it in the rice hoping it will dry out...??? eventually.

  3. Ahh, for the days when phones were firmly attached to the wall and could not reach into a sink area. Oh, no. Does that show my age?

    1. I really can't believe I did this. My phone is not usually anywhere by the kitchen sink. But I was taking pics of my peach tarts and laid it down too close to the water... (and yes, I know phones didn't use to take pics either)

  4. Oh Dear. I know from experience that word spreads quickly that your house is the place to drop off unwanteds. Good luck.
    Great news that the phone is still working. Rice is good to have on hand just for that.

    1. I really don't think they were dropped off. Mama Feral brought them... and there are 4 kittens, not 3 (hopefully that's all of them). Actually we recognize the mother, she's been here before... but apparently she decided it was time to introduce the kittens to our yard.

  5. Good luck with your phone - I hope the rice dries it out enough to rid it of the smudges.

    I love the sign! I've taken to taking having a nap on weekend afternoons. So looking forward to retirement so I could do it every day.

    Good luck to the ferals too. Thank goodness for kind hearted folks like yourselves.

    1. Thanks, Eileen. I'll pull the phone out of the rice tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed!


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