Saturday, July 30, 2016

TGIF... and pie and cats!

It's a hot dry Texas day and I really have nothing special to blog about. This morning DH and I grocery shopped and this afternoon I made him a blueberry custard pie. But that's about it. So I thought I'd just show some of my favorite pics.

Ghost's profile
Like so many of us, I have tons of pictures of my cats. This just happens to be one I really like.  Ghost has such a great profile.

Ghost and toys
And this one shows up the green of her eyes! 

Julie relaxing on my kitchen counter

This is one of my favs of Julie. She is such a silly little cat.

Ghost (as a kitten) jumping on Julie

This is another pic I like and have it on my kitchen wall. Ghost loved to play with Julie when she was a kitten. 

Studious Tux as a young kitten

Tux (Julie's brother) is a laid back quiet cat... even as a kitten. He let Jack (his brother - now deceased) take the lead... and he followed him around like a 2nd appendage. We worried what would become of Tux when Jack died. But he's done well. 

pensive Tux

But Tux will never be a leader. He tries to take Jack's place as the alpha male, but he worries a lot and needs attention. He is always in my lap and is easily annoyed if my attention wanders - by my picking up a book or cell phone. 

Tux in the towels

But he is a sweet cat, doesn't fight, and loves being close. We named him Tux when he was a kitten as he had the typical tuxedo markings, but sometimes we call him "Smudge" for the smudge of black on his left cheek.

And then there's Rose, our 21 year old kitty. She spends most of her days now sleeping by the Aga, but does sit in the windows occasionally.

Well, that's about it. Nothing too earth shattering, but at least a bit down to earth and calming after the last two weeks of political craziness.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Replies
    1. You know, Joanne, she is. And it's strange, because she's got a perpetual frown.

  2. I loved seeing the cat pics (of course). Love the one of Ghost beside her toys and July draping on the counter by the sink. Ah, such a tough life! :-)

    And isn't it amazing how tough and resilient Rose is? I can't imagine my boys making it into their teens, let alone 21.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    Purrs from my two!

    1. I tried to find pics that capture their personalities; Ghost is serious, Julie is silly, Tux is quiet, and Rose is... guess resilient is good for Rose.

  3. Glad nothing earth shattering. I would much rather see your beautiful cats. It's so
    hot here, too, today. Time to head out and water my thirsty gardens again.

    1. Enjoy your garden, Deb. And continue to share it with us... and the cats too of course! I wrote a poem about gardens and cats once - years ago. I'll have to see if I can find it among my "clutter".

  4. Lovely photos of all the cats. I especially love the one of Julie by the sink...what a silly girl.

    A peaceful day sounds terrific. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Julie is a funny cat. She loves to play and when she occasionally needs loving... she'll climb into my lap... but it doesn't happen often.

  5. Lovely pictures of your pretty cats. I always love to see that one of July on the kitchen sink. :-)

  6. Replies
    1. I knew who you meant, DJan. And I know that I've posted that one before - because it's so... Julie.

  7. Great photos of the cats, I like the pensive Tux.


  8. Phew, thanks I needed that after the past couple of weeks. Julie relaxing cracked me up. You have a grand family.


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