Monday, September 26, 2016

recent observations... critter and otherwise

a nightly visitor in the backyard

This little guy (or girl) comes by daily - usually in the evening, but sometimes in the morning or afternoon. Preference is the catfood, but will eat left over bread, cookies, etc. This one really has a sweet tooth. We had half of a canoli left over from company the other night and decided to give it to the coon instead of putting it in the trash. Well, that was one happy coon! He/she loved it! Obviously the best thing she'd had in a long time. DH said that he/she did her happy dance.

Box turtle and feral cat

These are visitors to our front yard.. I took this through the window early one morning, so it isn't terribly clear - but you can see one of the box turtles as well as one of the ferals in the front garden. The turtles like fruit, figs, strawberries, etc., but they seem to like the dry cat food best.

Julie and Jack napping on our bed Saturday

Ghost getting up from nap on our bed Saturday

Mini Pearl outside kitchen door yesterday

That ends the critter portion of my post...

Now I'm going to mention a few things that I've noticed lately. Being elderly or perhaps I should say entering my *Alpenglow* years (see DJan's post here), I tend to notice more carefully how things are done (scrutinize?). And lately due to my 2 cataract surgeries in the last few weeks and CAT Scan with Angiogram done Friday, I have been noticing how medical personnel  treat patients (perhaps treat older patients since this is coming from my perspective).

And I realized that although everyone I came in contact with throughout was efficient and friendly, some either put out that extra effort or perhaps simply were born to work in the health service profession. One nurse in particular caught my attention. She was efficient, patient, and extremely kind. Not only did she explain everything she was doing and why, but asked questions and actually paid attention to my answers. Even after her time with me was done, she dropped by after the procedure to check on me. DH and I were impressed. 

When I mentioned this to a family member who also works in the medical profession, I was told that this is how all nurses (and doctors) should be. I agreed, but we both know that this is not the case. Guess what I'm talking about may be considered 'bedside manner' - but whatever it's called, it certainly makes a difference.

And possibly part of this is due to me. In the past when put into such situations, I tended to be silent and do as I was told... thinking this was best... don't interfere, just follow their instructions. But now for whatever reason (perhaps it's age-related), I tend to interact and converse more with the person working with me... or try to. I find it makes the whole process less stressful.

Anyway, for the most part, all this is over for a bit. I will get the results of my CAT Scan (hopefully in the next few days) and with a little luck, all that's left to do is normal annual exams... which we generally schedule in the Fall for insurance reasons.

Hope everyone had a great weekend... and wishing you a lovely stress-free week!

PS: I made a bacon and leek pie today. It was from a recipe I saw on either the Pioneer Lady or Farm House rules... can't remember which (cooking shows I record). But I'd never used leeks before. We use a lot of onion and garlic, but never leeks. It was really good... similar to a quiche, but no cheese.

Oh, and I discovered another show to record thanks to my daughter who recommended it - "Fixer Upper" with Chip and Jo-ann. They take old run down homes in the Waco area of Texas and fix them up. After you watch a few, they're kind of addictive. Chip is a bit crazy, but seems to do great construction and Jo-ann definitely has a flair for decorating. (I don't watch TV during the day, but find these great to record and watch during those occasional 3 am wake-ups.)


  1. First, as always I love the critter and cat pics. The expression in the feral's eyes is hilarious! Wonder if that was related to you and the camera or the turtle! :-D

    Second, fingers are crossed for your test results. I'm glad the second cataract surgery went well, hope all also is fine with the CAT scan/angiogram. A good bedside manner is a rare thing today, I think. At least in my limited experience, and in listening to the experiences of others. I miss my former GP, who was terrific. Most techs I've dealt with for tests have been "meh," though a few have been chatty. Actually the woman who did my mammogram a week and a half ago was chatty. Not gentle, but good to talk with. LOL. (First time I've had bruises from a mammogram, that I can recall.)

    Third, "Fixer Upper": I've watched a number of episodes, though not many in 2016. I find Chip a bit much to take, but Joanne certainly does beautiful design and staging. Modern rustic really isn't my style, but her rooms are fantastic, no quibble there. They have quite the business...I think he was a real estate agent or still is? I can't remember. I Googled them when I first started watch the show, and read the blurb that HGTV had at the time, but I don't recall much. It's fun to watch the transformation, though. I always love "before" and "after" shows and articles.

    Take care!

    1. Kim, my last mammogram was awful, the worst I'd ever had... and I told the doctor so. And I've had a ton since I was diagnosed with BC 16 years ago. Someone told me to ask for digital tomography next time (?)

      And I agree that Chip from Fixer Upper is a bit *out there*... but does add to the entertainment. And although I haven't seen many of these types of shows, Joanne does do a pretty good job (which surprises me as people's tastes are so varied). I'm very eclectic - so anything that looks cozy - like English or French country is where I lean.

  2. I refuse to call myself "elderly". No matter how old I eventually get to be!

    Reminds me of an older friend of mine. Her minister called one day and started out by saying that they were organizing a new group at church and needed an elderly lady to lead it... LaVerta said she immediately started running through the list in her mind of older ladies that might be possible candidates. Then the minister continued saying "...and we thought you would be just perfect". She said it came as a distinct shock to realize that she had inadvertently (to her way of thinking) fallen into that category.

    I guess it happens to the best of us at some point.

    1. Yes, well, I love the story of your friend. But as DH mentioned last time we went out to eat and they gave us a Senior discount without asking, I guess it's obvious that we're seniors now (and since we're both 71, it should be).

  3. I agree, medical personnel are far more pleasant and forthcoming than my younger experiences.

    1. Do you think it's age-related, Joanne? Are they being nicer out of respect... or patronizing due to age?

  4. Thanks for the shout-out to my post. I wish every one I wrote was good like that one, but they vary in quality, depending on lots of things. And I'm glad you have all your medical chores behind you, hopefully. :-)

    1. They are all good, DJan... and give us a small glipmse into another life. Sometimes our lives are extraordinary, but mostly they are ordinary. And compared to some around the world, I'll take ordinary any day.

  5. Hoping you only get good news from the CAT scan and am glad the eye surgery is behind you. Time to relax and not have to worry about health issues. Let us know how it goes.
    Love your gathering of creatures. However I think Mini Pearl needs a promotion to house cat. She is so pretty.

    1. I too wish this for Mini Pearl, but at our age, our house is full with 4. However, one never knows what the world has in store.


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